You’re A Wreck, Lech!

Newt Gingrich dopelganger?

Anti-Gay Polish President Lech Kaczynski Killed In Plane Crash
A well done article, thorough w/supplementary videos.

BTW, Italy just rejected gay marriage. Among the western European nations, these are the most likely to remain homophobic: Italy, Greece, and Ireland. IOW, those cultures most hung up on maintaining macho attitudes…where foolish little men strut around like they’re God’s gift to women, and constantly fantasize about raping anything in a skirt, while being blessed by the Pope for their oozing manliness. Let us not neglect Turkey, in spite of its quasi-legal homosexuality, motivated mostly for the sake of sex tourism

As for eastern Europe: Poland, and just about every other country. Likewise, former members of the USSR (such as Estonia and the Ukraine).

The Caribbean nations have been growing increasingly homophobic over the past decade…yet ignored by the tourist industry because, you know, only heteros really matter. But now this violence has spread out to non-gays, so the tourist industry is providing warnings as to the level of danger in each Caribbean country. Yes, if only the violence had limited itself to f*ggots, all would’ve remained fine and profitable for (hetero) tourism.

The evil against gays is now a social tsunami encircling the globe. Heteros everywhere are being forced to take a stand, either pro or con. I predict that the majority shall remain pathetically anti-gay, and thus shall erupt further violence, civil war, and self-inflicted terrorism. This is simply how the conscience functions. When you commit grievous wrongs long enough, you begin to torment yourself, w/o even realizing it.


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