Capture Those Bazongas!

Now, see? That’s exactly what I mean about you heterocentric cavemen! Using the female form to sell any product whatsoever, under the Sun and Even Elsewhere. This is a perverted way to think of Our Fairer Sex (whether straight or queer), 51% of our species Homo Sapiens…that is: The Not-So-Silent-Anymore Majority! These ads encourage a most ugly image of all women–every single female on the planet including generations as yet unborn–as whores, prostitutes for Amerikan Kapitalistic Dogma.

Now just look at that floozy advertisement: which a few frames I managed to grab off the Maximumedge (webmail) logout page. The actual ad is probably 10 or more different frames. (I first attempted to download it with the usual r-click, but alas it failed.)

Here we have your stereotype blonde bimbo, flashing her breasts up and down in a most voluptuous manner, while a dirty old man’s hand grabs hopefully at the Treasure Chest. The heart icon itself is simply a distraction to trick you into perceiving the ad as “innocent”. Or, more than likely, to give you the perfect excuse should you be questioned as to why you were smiling at the Cyber Siren. And should anyone really challenge you, you’d simply say: “Oh you’re making too much of this!”

What gives it away for me, is that hand. Not a young man’s hand by any means. Nope, it’s not even a hand possessing flesh. It is the hand of a skeleton. It may even be the hand of the Grim Reaper Himself! (Probably isn’t, but it may as well be, when one considers the karmic implications of this bitty bawdy babolicious blinking booby banner. Someone must have sold his soul to come up with such an ad. Indeed! They’re a penny a dozen.)

But is this not morally corrupt to regard any human being as solely (or most importantly) as a sex object? It would seem such objectification in a hard-core commercialized society (as Amerika has become), gives major influence towards male inspiration to intimidate, terrorize, bash, and rape, Our Better Half, The Feminine Majority.

This is beyond bad taste. This is brutal.

This is my gift for Mother’s Day 2010: My Salute To Women’s Suffrage and Lesbian Pride.

(Click on the misogynistic animation above to go to a much better place.)

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  1. ZekeBlog 2.0 says:

    […] your computer related jargon flies above my head but I love reading your poems and rants – (My Salute To Women’s Suffrage and Lesbian Pride) <~ Amazing. and […]

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