Good Riddance, Alternet!

Alternet logo.

As a gay activist and blogger, I really appreciated Alternet’s equal and frequent inclusion of gay rights topics…something which way too many progressive organizations continue to ignore, though things are gradually improving. For that reason, I finally decided to create my own blog on Alternet. Then one day, after, oh about two months of blogging, I find that my blog site has been utterly wiped out! No warning, no explanation as to why. Now, I am accustomed to this or that homophobe attacking me on the Internet, in their sometimes-successful attempts to shut me out. It just goes with the territory…and often, I have absolutely no recourse, suddenly made invisible and silent against my will. My blog here was:

Now, my articles are often blunt, aggressive and/or stridently anti-heterosexist…but no way are any of my articles worthy of being censored by any truly progressive venue. See for yourself, at my other blog, where I publish the same articles I have on Alternet:

I’m afraid that your service has caved in to one or more homophobic ranters…or even perhaps, you have one such in your ranks! I am sorry to say, I will no longer participate in your forums, as I have for several years, nor will I bother to read anything more from your site. Your gay support leaves some things to be desired, I conclude.

Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 17:20:20 -0700 [17:20:20 PDT]
To: Zeke Krahlin
Subject: Thank you for your feedback

Dear AlterNet Reader,

Thanks for your sharing your thoughts and impressions today.

We very much want to know what you think about our new site. Our staff will read every comment submitted — every single one. We’ll do this because we want to build the best possible website we can. You are the reason we exist; over the years, we have incorporated valuable reader suggestions and comments into improving our organization.

Thanks again for your feedback, and especially for your support.


The Editors

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