Holiday Soldier Spirit

I am glad to suddenly have possession of some excess money (parents inheritance), in order to donate to certain causes. So far, I’ve received $2,900 from Dad’s refund of car insurance, fireman’s retirement, etc. My brother is collecting on all these loose ends, giving me 50% of whatever he gets. This is not part of the trust fund set up for me…which will not start for a while yet, maybe as long as three years from now. Trust fund should get me anywhere between $5,000-35,000…we just have to see. This includes the sale of their mobile home in FL, which will take at least a couple years to process (in light of this horrid economy).

So the money will not even be enough to repair my mouth, and get a set of dentures…considering how expensive it is in this country. Therefore, I feel good about donating some of it to worthwhile causes (which in my case are mostly gay causes). Two days ago, my favorite talk show host, Karel (the only gay one on the airwaves, who is doing a fantastic job) has announced he is in need of financial support to keep his show rolling…so he set up a “Karel Klub”, rather than start charging for his podcasts. You can donate $25 or more, per year. So I donated that amount…and will donate more later on, via his online store. See:

You can listen to him live BTW, Mon-Fri 3-6pm PST at:

Karel’s a hoot and a holler; you’ll relish every moment of his show. Plus, you’ll get to see the world through queer eyes, to boot! (Don’t think for a moment that–in spiteof his success–he doesn’t put his life at risk each and every day, in our tragically homophobic culture, by being such an openly gay, radio celebrity. Send this dude some love and gratitude, to counter all the email and cell phone hatred.)

This morning I donated $25 to Wikileaks, in order to support the very brave whistle blower, Julian Assange:

Notice this is a new URL, as gov’t and corporate pressure (via US, Sweden, France, Australia et al) is forcing closure of Wikileaks’ original site, as well as any other alternate sites that pop up. I plan to donate another $25 or so, later this month.

And tonight, I just donated $50 in cash, plus another $50 purchase of a “Courage to Resist” hoodie, to support Bradley Manning (another Wikeleaks activist BTW). He is the gay soldier who exposed the deceit of our war in Afghanistan…and may have to serve as much as 35 years in prison, for his courageous act. See:

It’s rare that I ever have enough money to donate to causes I believe in. This time around, I do. And it feels wonderful. I believe my Randolph’s spirit is behind this (his upcoming birthday is smack dab in the middle of the holiday season: December 30).

So, happiest holidays to all true liberals and pro-gay patriots!

Sinqueerly yours,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin (Jehovah’s Queer Witness)

Picture of the hoodie

3 Responses to Holiday Soldier Spirit

  1. JohnofPhilly says:

    Assange is truly a hero. They’re trying to go after him on a trumped up sex charge, but even the conscensus among his foes see it as such.

  2. Zekeblog says:

    I’m keeping up on all the latest events surrounding Assange, and these other two excellent men (Manning and Karel)…most inspiring and hopeful. In fact, I faithfully listen to Karel every weekday. They are just what we need to start the ripples for the next revolution. It also helps me from becoming too depressed, surrounded as I am by so many gays who are schmucks, losers and criminal souls…and who go out of their way to insult and intimidate yours truly. Where is the pride?

  3. Zekeblog says:

    Just posted the following comment to the Bradley Manning Support Network:

    Bradley Manning is gay…and the world knows. Inevitably, gay crime suspects are treated more harshly than their hetero counterparts. This also implies that even if innocent, gays are more likely to be judged guilty; meaning that jurors would dismiss all evidence to the contrary (any proof of innocence ignored, no matter how persuasive) in order to exercise a ritual gay bashing. Simply because homophobia remains the most universal of all prejudices…in fact, it may even be a major contribution to all wars, everywhere. This would explain Manning’s arrest, imprisonment, isolation and torture, by the US government…all extreme reactions typical of a homophobic response. It may also explain Wikileak’s hesitation to support Mr. Manning, wrapped in some plausible excuse (such as the attack upon their finances in an attempt to fund Assange’s cause; who is, may I remind everyone, blatantly heterosexual, as so boldly advertised by rape charges).

    It is therefore a great credit and selfless sacrifice of any organization or individual to explicitly support Mr. Manning (in money, words or deeds), against the horrid treatment by the military, government, right-wing media, and various other global influences.

    And: where are the churches in all this? Where is their support? Any Jesus lovers listening? Oh, wait, I almost forgot: It’s the homophobia, stupid.

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