Pepper Spray Prattle

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Accusatory's web page

Offending blog entry.

Original and Offending Image:

Replaced with:


2 Responses to Pepper Spray Prattle

  1. Minerva says:

    Allyn Giddens, nobody gives a damn about your silly photos. They aren’t recognizable; they look like hairspray cans. Who really cares about the copyright? The company, or the photographer? It’s not as though your image was being used for monetary gain.

  2. ZekeBlog says:

    Hey John a.k.a. “Minerva”, thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s a mystery WordPress’s comment engine decided to suddenly name you Minerva, but I’ll look into this (though I doubt I can resolve this glitch). Responding to your comment:

    Yes, Mr. Giddens is behaving like pud, so let’s see if he catches this /new/ blog entry wherein the “offending” image is now located. This time around though, I’ll fight it, as I know I am clearly in my legal rights, since the image in question is the /topic/ for this blog, thus protected under the “fair use” clause.

    Also, his gripe was directed towards an article located on my web site, not here on WordPress. It is actually a /copy/ of an entry originally posted on my now-defunct tBlog site. Giddens sent his trivial complaint to Online Policy Group, the foundation that provides my web space at no cost. Not a battle worth wrecking their generous service. Choose your battles wisely, eh?

    Remember my debacle with Charles Schulz’s attorneys over my Peanuts parody (which I won by legal default)? Thanks to that adventure, I was able to create an informative article on copyright laws. That would be:

    So yes, rather than append any explanation, I figured to let this article speak for itself: that it’s idiocy, pinheadness and capitalistic greed shine in the light of e-truth!

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