Fetching Veitch

Link to Charlie Veitch's web site and blog.

His name is Charlie Veitch, who claims to be your pure anarchist and worshipper of 100% individual liberty. He neither votes, nor is a member of any political party, as he correctly perceives them to be nothing more than the vulgar dupes of a sociopathic cabal. He hails from England, and is such a darling-handsome fellow, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve already pleasured myself thinking of that glorious face of Celtic Brilliance, since I discovered his activist videos on Youtube only three weeks ago. Mr. Veitch’s confrontational and theatrical street theater activism is quite reminiscent of the mischievous types of dissent that were the hallmark of the 60’s Free Speech Movement.

Since viewing–and later, meditating* upon–fourteen of his more recent flicks, my life has drastically changed from a most boring and difficult journey (including my entire childhood, sad to say), to one that celebrates every new day, and every frggin’ minute that day contains. Coincidence? I don’t think so…in fact, I do believe I’ve just uncovered one of this planet’s very-near-future respected activists and beloved 21st-century visionaries. Possibly, as President, Premier or King of the New Celtic Nation, which will include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall and Brittany…and perhaps several other slices off the European mainland.

Here is his most recent video, which I surmise may be one of his very best to date (you’ll also get to see his lovely little doggie, a Jack Russell terrior I think):

Video: Why Weed Made Me Smarter

Here’s another Veitch video, almost as recent, likewise excellent:

Video: Psychological Warfare & the Police

Finally, last but not least:

Video: Psychological Warfare & the Police

Don’t forget to subscribe to this wonderful man’s channel if you believe, as I do, that he deserves the world’s most respectful and devoted attention. Charlie numbers among the relative handful of heterosexual activists, who is in solid and aggressive support of gay equality. I pray to the Great Spirit every eve, every morn and every mid-day, that Mr. Veitch will miraculously morph into 100% homosexual cravings, and find me the most handsome, fun, hot, and sexy lover in this entire, infinite universe.

And I don’t think I’m the only person (and far from the first, most surely) to harbor such a fantasy about this rockin’ Brit dude of great courage, heart and orgasmic convulsions off the Richter Scale.

* If you regard jacking off as a valid form of meditation, then yes, I was meditating. A lot. :P


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