No Heteros in Space?

Here’s a recent comment I made to another Common Dreams poster, which I believe is worth featuring as my latest blog entry, all by its lone some (you can read that poster’s comment, along with all comments and the original article, by clicking here):

Brad in SoCal queried: “Why is it so hard to find a true Christian in Christendom?”

Because what compassionate folks exist on this sorry planet (and whom you tag as “true Christians”) are mostly pagans, atheists, and hot, horny gay men. Let go your stereotype view of Christians (that a “true” Christian is the ultimate perfection of man), as that is simply mental detritus spewed by their own particular brand of dogma.

“End the Empire.”

You start by shutting down all churches…which in reality, are nothing more than blood sucking leeches on the body of humanity. For the nonce, they remain immeasurably powerful in their abuse and decimation of noble concepts such as democracy, individual freedom, civil rights, wholesome environment, happy children and universal health care. No church here in Amerika has ever respected our laws as superior to their own religious prattle.

As long as these institutions of higher self-glorification remain outside the law, they will continue to cripple society with psychic bombardments of demon-spawning nightmares (including bigotry memes against blacks, gays, the poor et al), that result in ever-more-frequent and predictable psychotic breaks w/extreme violence, sparing no one within range.

Their first waves of obliteration will focus on homosexuals (as it did the Jews in the Previous World War)…as a sort of “test run” for full-out bombardment across the entire continental land mass.

It is possible they could lose their power in great measure (and almost like overnight) should a determined minority resist these massive telepathic bombardments and shrapnel. However, this seems highly unlikely, considering the incredible universality of anti-gay hatred shared by every single culture that exists at present. Homophobia is indeed the litmus test used by all known extraterrestrial societies, in order to discover the level of habitability of any particular planet. IOW:

Every planet needs to become totally homosexualized, before its occupants can begin to even think about leaving their world to explore the greater ones of outer space.

Uncontrolled breeding and tribal wars based on who owns whose vagina, cannot possibly be permitted to take off and spread like some bizarre, unstoppable, cosmic virus that destroys galaxies in its sweep. And that is why all Republicans need to be driven off our spaceship earth, as St. Patrick did for Ireland: expunge these Reptilian Morlochs from our sector.

4 Responses to No Heteros in Space?

  1. johnofphilly says:

    Well, one thing seems clear. Heteros are insecure.

    I was at a town gathering. In attendance were two couples, one parents of teenagers, the other grandparents of teenagers; both couples members of the same church, who’ve known each other over twenty years..

    This old Burl Ives was bellyaching about “gay month” at the local school, saying the agenda was subversive to Christian life. The other couple told him that the agenda was totally constitutional and civil, and then politely excused themselves from the gathering.

    Well, old “Burl” started pondering if they might have been gays who converted before he met them.

    My God, what community friendship loyalty. I laughed my ass off.
    No, I’m not going to go tell couple no. 2, but I think “Burl” is off his rocker.

  2. ZekeBlog says:

    Ha ha ha, an entire “gay month” in public high school. I would’ve been quite happy with just a “gay week”, a “gay day” or even a “gay afternoon behind the bleachers”. Girly-girl Burl makes me whirly-whirl hurl. You must witness so much hetero depravity out there in the Philly burbs, I’m surprised you haven’t purchased a shotgun by now. Or at least a can of Raid-4-Breeders.

  3. Eleanor Cooney says:

    I ain’t insecure! GayWorld? Bring it on!!

    • ZekeBlog says:

      Pot always helps soften the edge. Bless you, Eleanor, I am honored to know you and your absolutely fantastic significant other, Mitch. Kisses always. I am presently reunited with a former drug-addict client who has returned to me in utter benevolence. I am in a state of bliss already; the best has yet to come.

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