Too Fabulous


2 Responses to Too Fabulous

  1. johnofphilly says:

    About the GOP Thomas, I think the snake is starting to eat it’s own tail. You’ve heard of this “Tea Party” bullshit. Corporate backed imposters pretending to be grass roots volunteers.

    Well, now a number of Republican House Representatives are working for the billionaire Tea Party sponsors, and have attempted to push a bill through to raise taxes on 160,000 middle class tax payers, while the billionaire 1% continue to reap their tax cuts. Many Republican Congressman in both houses opposed this bill. Of course no one has any faith in the Executive Office step-and-fetch-it to exercise his veto power.

    But even if this doesn’t expose the underhanded Tea Party scheme to all of the dumbest establishmentarian believers, it will awaken many conservatives to the fact that it’s the billionaires screwing them, not the recipients of entitlements.

    I’ve witnessed a bunch of elder church mice walking around in shell shock because they realized they’d been duped by Bush – who started and set-up the Wall Street bailout corporate welfare scam.

  2. ZekeBlog says:

    Brilliant synopsis, John!

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