Preordained Blog Entry


4 Responses to Preordained Blog Entry

  1. Eleanor Cooney says:

    “How does this explain all the malnourished, tormented children of the third world….who suffer and perish w/o any sort of fulfillment you describe?”

    Bravo, Zeke, for having the courage and brains to pinpoint the exact fallacy at the heart of “New Age” blather…..

    • ZekeBlog says:

      Thank you, El! It has also been my observation that those who promote the “Intelligent Design” theory, seem to believe in a creator that is not very intelligent at all. You may quote me on that, or wait until the book comes out and buy a hundred copies. :\

      However, I am a bit disappointed that your Morticia alter ego did not leap w/gratitude from her satin-graced bed of nails, grab me tightly in an iron-maiden embrace, and rattle my bones profusely over the concept of utilizing ECT devices to kick up kindergarten recess a notch.

      * sigh *

  2. Eleanor Cooney says:

    Please excuse my egregious and execrable omission!!!!! Rug rats tasering themselves and one another is a lovely image indeed! The pitter-patter of little bodies falling to the asphalt! Electric dog-collars, perhaps?

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