Art at Jane Warner Plaza

It was a gray, overcast day in the Castro when I stumbled upon these excellent art pieces that brightened up Jane Warner Plaza like butterflies and neon. Surely a glorious and spirited way to honor the memory of our beloved lesbian peacekeeper, recently passed on. Two videos and ten photographs:

Click on any image below, for a larger view.

8 Responses to Art at Jane Warner Plaza

  1. johnofphilly says:

    Is that by the old round-cornered bank building with arched windows across the street from the Twin Peaks fishtank bar, by the entrance to the metro?

    • johnofphilly says:

      I just answered my own question by clicking on “Jane Warner Plaza”. (yes) Didn’t they formerly call that Harvey-with-a-smirk plaza?

      In this particular case, change is good.

      • ZekeBlog says:

        No, not quite. Harvey-Milquetoast Plaza still stands. Jane Warner plaza is that space in front of Orphan Andy’s where they have the streetcar turnaround. It’s been segregated by large concrete-potted plants. Really, it’s a rather teensy area. Search Google Images for “Jane Warner Plaza,” and you’ll see. Oh, and thanks once more for viewing, and commenting on, my latest blog entry.

  2. johnofphilly says:

    I can’t believe, looking back, what garbage I used to eat at Orphan Andy.’s. It’s a wonder I ain’t dead yet.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      You know, Marvin used to work there as dishwasher. I would drop over, order something cheap (like coffee and toast), so we could schmooze about this and that. One day, he lifted a large pot of sliced and boiled potatoes, and accidentally tilted the pot so all the potatoes fell to the filthy floor behind the counter. He quickly scooped them back in, and signaled a “shhh, quiet” to me, with a finger pressed against his lips. Ummm, good eating. I just stuck w/toast and coffee.

      • johnofphilly says:

        And that’s merely the tip of the iceberg, the root of rampant invasive growth projection, a hairline crack leading to a major tektonic plate fault. You could see in his spacey eyes that he wasn’t long for the world. You might even wonder if his spirit lurks around Collingwood Park.

        • ZekeBlog says:

          This is getting spooky, John. But, you’re right. MORE ON JANE WARNER PLAZA:

          I think I caught scabies sitting down on one of those metal-grid chairs. It’s become a daytime haven for grizzly hobos who stink like rotting carcass, and puke and cough up bloody sputum in the potted plants and just about anywhere else. So basically, it’s a duplicate of Harvey Milk Plaza, where they foolishly restored the benches, to the delight of every skanky, homophobic transient in this sorry old burg.

          But, in light of all the elitist queers who think their shit don’t stink, and that their inherited wealth sets them above others on this planet (and they don’t give a damn about their own socially disadvantaged and poor, though they’ll fuck ’em if they’re cute…but their money will go elsewhere, such as gay bars and luxury cruises where they can mingle among their own arrogant ilk):

          this may be fair justice.

          • johnofphilly says:

            Philly can’t afford to restore benches. Along Kelly Drive, perhaps the most beautiful riverfront portion of the big city park, featuring college kayak races, they removed all the picnic tables. The concrete slabs remain, but you have to bring your own folding chairs and picnic table.

            I’m alright with it. No accomodation for black families. Boys still jog through the park.

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