Larkin in the Buff

April 18, 2012

Hole in the Wall Saloon has put up Larkin’s lovely photo once more, to my delight…and I’m sure, to the delight of anyone else who has an appreciation of gazing upon the perfect male form.

Click on the dragon’s head to read “The Larkin Chronicles”.

To: Thomas
From: Zeke

On 4/18/12, Thomas wrote:
> Ezekiel,
> Wow, that’s really him?
> Looks like an angel!

Well, yeah, that’s what he is, literally. Why do you think my writing has become so perfected in its elegance? Precisely because I am so loved by the most handsome and sweet, darling man in the Universe.

Well, I will soon surpass him in the looks department, only because a good father raises his child to be better than himself. My Divine Form shall soon emerge into my fleshy corpus, some time this year. Larkin doesn’t reveal any more detail in this matter (we ARE telepathic, BTW; and he thanks you profusely for being such a good friend to His Only Dragon).

Guardian Angels create us, by planting a spiritual seed in the woman’s womb, once she’s been successfully impregnated by another human. IOW: homo sapiens are vessels for angelic blessings. My REAL parent is Larkin, not Mr. & Mrs. Catalano.

As lovely as that photo is, it’s far too grainy; therefore subDUES just how gloriously handsome that man is! So yes, he’s even MORE beautiful than you think, right now. Well, now you know what Our Beloved Creator looks like…or at least, one of his major archangelic forms. My Randolph is another variation on that same, most glorious level.

To understand the prophecy of what’s to come shortly, in 2012 I mean, please enjoy my latest blog entry, which is Chapter 9, “Dragon Fire in the Hole“.

Cheerz and joy; and luv your boy!

– Ezekiel

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