Laurel’s Dream

Laurel Norris’s gift/paraphernalia/kitchen/apparel/board games/puppets/dolls/cards/toys/body care/everything-else shop in the Inner Sunset, San Francisco. 1377 Ninth Avenue (between Irving Street and Judah Avenue). “Great Stuff” will close some time around February 2013. So hurry on up and check out this absolutely unique and fantabulous store of fairytale ambience!

Don’t know why I never dropped into this store until quite recently (late bloomer that I am). But so glad that I finally did! Until this excellent lady closes shop early next year, this will be my only one-stop gift shop and glorious-knicknack emporium. In just two days, Laurel will hold her very last annual bargain day: 25% off any store item, including those currently on sale at a reduced price.

Ms. Norris explained to me why she holds this annual sale each May 11 (which is also her birthday). She is so grateful to be running her very own little shop of delight, instead of working in some office downtown. “That is one thing I’m superstitious about,” she remarked. “Someone could walk into my store with an open umbrella, and it would not bother me one bit. But I must hold my annual 25%-off sales, as my thanks to the universe.”

She first opened her eclectically eccentric variety gift shop in Sacramento, back in 1984…and moved it here to San Francisco approximately ten years ago. Thus is her dream fulfilled: to run her own darling shop in our City by the Golden Gate. I am so glad I finally bothered to walk into her most excellent fantasy emporium (albeit at the end of her business run with less than a year remaining). For “Great Stuff” is truly a delightful milieu in which to dwell, and find that perfect gift you know will delight your beloved recipient.

It will be a sad day in San Francisco, when Laurel closes her shop for good. Sadly, there will be no sales day on May 11 2013, or any year thereafter. In my haste to post these videos and pictures before The Final Sale, I neglected to ask what her plans are, once she shuts down this wondrous shop. Perhaps, Laurel, you would enjoy placing a comment below, to tell us what they are! And thanks so much for allowing me to feature “Great Stuff” on my humble web log.

Six walkthrough videos and seventy-six photos:

[ Video 1 ] [ Video 2 ] [ Video 3 ] [ Video 4 ] [ Video 5 ] [ Video 6 ]

Click on any picture below, for a larger view:

2 Responses to Laurel’s Dream

  1. johnofphilly says:

    It looks as though Laurel picked up where Star Magic’s market left off, after the Noe Valley novelty shop closed its doors for good.

    • Zeke Krahlin says:

      Yes! I remember Start Magic. You always enjoyed dropping by that sweet little shop. Sorry to hear they’ve closed…haven’t been strolling Noe Valley for some years now.

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