VAMC Interviews

[ Free Me From This Bond: Chapter 6 ]

Pensive Reader: It’s important at this point to note Randolph Taylor’s selfless act of fasting for 40 days in 1984, that Vietnam Veterans be represented at San Francisco’s Democratic National Convention of the same year. I would also like to point out that our then-mayor Dianne Feinstein, refused to support his noble fast, declaring it an act of self violence. Sadly, while the Democratic Party seemed to finally acquiesce to Randolph’s wish, they betrayed him at the last moment, and banned him or any other Nam Vet from speaking on the floor. This cruel outcome was largely responsible for Randolph feeling so disheartened, that he attempted suicide less than a year later.To view a news article about his fast, click here.

Okay peepulz, here is a snapshot of all 22 pages of my illegal interviews of Nam Vet patients at the VAMC Hospital in Washington D.C., way way back in 1985. If you haven’t read the previous chapter (“Latest Gift“) please do so now. This will save me from having to repeat myself in this article. Once you read Chapter 5, you’ll have a good grasp on what these interviews are all about.

Don’t know what took me so long to release ’em after Mr. Hinckle’s failure to follow through! Anywayz, here goes…you will definitely need to click on each page in order to enlarge the image and be able to actually read the contents:

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