Ess Oh Ess

Ran out of printer ink; too broke to buy more. Don’t even have lined paper, so I had to suffer the additional torment of tediously hand-printing my two-page appeal on blank pages. Not an easy task, what with my carpal tunnel in both forearms, and RSI in all fingers…along with a bit of arthritic misery. This is my appeal to Larkin, which until recently (before my economic “crash” some weeks back), I could have expeditiously printed out the whole damn piece and be done with it in seconds flat. Muthuh Fukkuh!

Once accomplished, I folded my letter into a legal-size envelope (upon which I spelled SOS with a Sharpie), and stuffed into a coat pocket. Then sought My Larkin…though with no success that day (yesterday). Just as well, because I began to have second thoughts:

Am I putting Larkin on the spot, unfairly? So what…he spends some time each week playing billiards, softball and bowling. Does that mean he doesn’t also do much good for many suffering souls already, that I have any right to suggest he “sacrifice” a bit of his leisure time to help me with my difficult homeless outreach?

And yet, I feel that it might be very appropriate that I inform him of my present tribulation, and that of my street friends hanging out at the local plaza. For Larkin seems to have rather excellent connections and allies that may indeed be more than delighted to answer my desperate prayer.

So I’m straddling the fence here, Kind Reader, pondering whether or not it is the right thing to present My Divine Comrade with this heartfelt appeal for the protection of innocent gay souls here in the Castro. I spent the afternoon at Ocean Beach, deliberating upon what I should do. So, here is The Golden Resolution I have come up with, after listening to the ravens‘ advice (who congregate in a fog-kissed oak grove near the shoreline):

Instead of handing this letter to Larkin, I should post it as a blog entry. Knowing full well that he is likely to read it soon enough. For I suspect that he’s been enjoying my online articles for quite some years now, though he feigns Internet illiteracy. There is also the additional benefit of realizing many other gay and gay-friendly souls do indeed subscribe to my blog, and always and faithfully read my latest tale. Thus, they may also show up at the Plaza, as protectors and new friends.

So please, Belov-ed Reader, permit me to pause for a moment and say: thank you so very much. My heart takes wing, each and every time a reader casts a sunny smile over one of my silly passages. And my heart’s sure been careening across the angelic sphere at supersonic rates, these past several and astounding weeks!

To let you know, Larkin (My Most Delightful Amigo): if you can’t participate in fulfilling my prayer, I remain absolutely steadfast in my devotion, appreciation, and joy over Your Wonderful Self. I do not underestimate God’s gracious ability to answer my plea, with or without your excellent leadership. In one way or another, the present wicked manifestation at Harvey Milk Plaza, shall quickly dissipate w/o anyone’s brave intervention. Though it would certainly be a bright feather in your cap (or anyone else’s), should you actually show up, and give succor to my lovely gay brothers and sisters who are stranded and struggling towards most worthy goals.

With greatest affection,

PS: Today (July 1st) is my birthday. I’m now 62 fukin’ years old, though I don’t feel a day over 19. In spite of my arthritis, which seems to have ceased afflicting me for the first time in over nine weeks. Thank you so much, Larkin and my street buddies, who’ve given me such incredible inspiration…not the least of which is this letter: a desperate prayer in hand-printed format.

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6 Responses to Ess Oh Ess

  1. franmcob says:

    you are way to funny tell me is the cup half full or half emty you just truned fuc—– 62 i was happy to make 61 in march look at life we made it another day why is the qa. for what ever the reason our work isn’t done yet. oh ya i can’t spell either

    • ZekeBlog says:

      Thank you /so/ much, “franmcob”. I had a beautiful birthday, thanks to all my street pals. The plaza seems peaceful once more, as additional street denizens show up, who are nonviolent. My prayer has been answered.

      • franmcob says:

        if i get up your way i’ll let u knowi bet we have more things that are the same my hub in the biker world had an hl pin “honorary lesbian” they would have given me the pin but i had fit in so to speak.

        • ZekeBlog says:

          > if i get up your way i’ll let u know

          Wow! That would be fantastic. I am a bit shy in this regard, though, only because I still live on a disability income, which does not allow me to eat out, except very occasionally. And I really don’t want to burden another by mooching offa them. However, I could take you to my favorite cheap-eats place that is also such a FUN and FRIENDLY hangout: Howard’s Cafe on 9th Avenue. I even have a chapter in my novel, called “Howard’s Cafe”. Learn all about it here:

          > my hub in the biker world had an hl pin “honorary lesbian”

          It is a great PRIVILEGE for any man to be awarded “honorary lesbian”…so tell your hubbie congrats for me! It is a way of telling a dude he respects women, and is not some stupid old machismo fart (like our last President). :)

          • franmcob says:

            p&j has always been a great one but we would have to go some place speical so i can take photos that is what i have now in my life

            • ZekeBlog says:

              Howard’s is just a short walk to the Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. Also, you can hop on the N Judah lightrail just a half-block from Howard’s, to get to Ocean Beach. Once there, it is a four-block walk to a shady oak grove where many ravens gather. I often go there to meditate. There are countless special places in San Francisco that would please you. Not the least of which are the Marin Headlands by the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Italian neighborhood of North Beach. Also, there are many ethnic and jazz festivals, counterculture events, and so on. If you’d love to photograph ducks, there’s Stowe Lake (again, in GG Park).

              You could also do a photographic essay on the many homeless in our town, including those I hang out with in Harvey Milk Plaza.

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