Raven’s Flight

A lovely video of a raven taking off from a streetlamp by Ocean Beach, San Francisco.


6 Responses to Raven’s Flight

  1. johnofphilly says:

    Nice to be a free individual.
    I’m glad I didn’t waste my options to be that in the past.
    And maybe one day before (already old & grey) I get the shakes, I’ll be it again.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      {{ And maybe one day before (already old & grey) I get the shakes, I’ll be it again. }}

      That is precisely how things will go down for you, John. I’m cheering for you, old friend!

  2. johnofphilly says:

    My phone went dead. They’re supposed to fix it tomorrow. I’m at a wifi cafe, Barnes & Noble. I just downloaded D-Fend Reloaded. Now I need to know how to download the new DPA, the one from the link you sent me (obviously lost due to stolen computer), the one that opens with dpa . exe rather than the old one that opened with da . exe. When I get it downloaded, then I guess I have to unzip it. I guess that’s also another unzip program to download. And then, I have to place the DPA directory either under D-Fend reloaded alongside DOSbox or under/within DOSbox. Then, somehow, I have to add it into the D-fend Reloaded entry list.

    Confusing shit.

    An unzip program I tried to download just tried to put malware on my drive.

    I tried to send this e-mail to you, and it came back undeliverable, saying I was “blocked”. I don’t know what gmail is up to.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      I’ll see what I can do re. dpa.exe, tonight. Just tested Gmail by posting a test msg. from my gay-bible.org mailbox. Nothing was blocked, came through just fine. I suspect problems with Barnes & Noble’s wifi. Just a guess.

  3. johnofphilly says:

    Good guess. Just sent one from home, went through without returning.

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