Dearest Readers: the following is a guestbook post to a pro-gay author, which book was presented to me by D.J. (a.k.a. “Darin”). For your delectation:

Hey, Skillman (great name BTW, is it your birthname, or something you came up with? Last name “Hunt” is kewl, too)!

I’m a gay street activist of many years, here in Baghdad by the Bay. One of my street buddies found your book “Quackery of the Straight & Narrow” in a free box (I suppose). There is a yellow sticky note attached to the title page, that says:

“Hi Stephen – a friend of Mora Gotsharl (sp?) might
enjoy my work. Would love to have your feedback.
415-513-xxxx. SH.”

Since my friend is a hustler, I certainly hope he didn’t steal it from you, or Stephen. In which case, I’ll gladly return it. :)

This friend BTW, is featured in one of my recent blog entries at:


FYI, I’ve written many pieces about my adventures as an LGBTQ street activist on my blog at:


and web site:


I also have several books online, my latest is likely to be published in the conventional sense some time next year. But it’s always free to read online at:


I’m only tooting my horn, because I think you’d very much enjoy my writings, including this one (“Zeke’s Last Supper”):


Which is a scathing parody of Christianity. :)

I’ve only read a few pages of your book, but am already impressed on what you have to say about gay rights, outing, etc.

Well, I’ve blabbed enough. I, too, live in San Francisco (since 1973 in fact), and have recently been asked by certain folks if I’d consider running for supervisor of District 5 in the next election (2015).

Sinqueerly yours,

Zeke Krahlin

PS: Dear readers, Mr. Hunt’s book “The Quackery of the Straight and Narrow”, is one of the very best expositions on the evil of homophobia, and the dilemma this widespread global prejudice has burdened our LGBT family with. I strongly recommend his eloquent opus to anyone who wants to refresh his or her knowledge of the gay story in these modern times, as well as to any hetero open-minded enough to learn the truth. Kudos to you, Skillman! And thanks so much for the signed copy; I will cherish it forever.

I nominate Skillman Hunt for the Nobel Peace Prize!


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