Letter To Joseph

March 25, 2013

[ Free Me From This Bond (the sequel): Chapter 3 ]

[ Benevolent Reader: don’t really know why all of a sudden I decided to toss this rather old letter into my latest novel. I guess perhaps, this is my desire to tell Joseph how much he means to me, in spite of his dumping me, then becoming one of the worst enemies I’ve ever known.

Joseph: if you ever read this chapter, please know that when I changed my name from Eugene Frank Catalano to Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin way back in 1996, (a form of witness protection that has nothing to do with you) I chose my middle name based on the sweet memory of our brief, but splendid, affair. Since then, the rare times we’ve bumped into each other, you’ve treated me like some sort of evil scum.

Thus, you never really gave me the chance to tell you how much I appreciate the good times we did have. Otherwise, I’d have never chosen your first name, to become the middle part of my new monicker.

Bless you, Joseph, wherever you may be right now. I’m so sorry things didn’t work out for us; but you must know that I sure tried to rectify our disagreements. Unfortunately, to no avail. ]

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