Twitter Homophobe Alert


My name is Zeke Krahlin. I’m a devoted gay activist of many years. My web site at [ ] gives evidence of my record and achievements.

Since 1997 my activism has increased ever more in cyberspace, where I’ve grown accustomed to regular threats and attacks by homophobes, in order to shut me down…no matter which service I use. The latest is Twitter, and the tweets above show the first salvo against me, by two pinheads.

I’ve gotten suspended seven times in just the past two weeks. And the Twitlords never tell me why, but do let me back on within a day, or even within two or three hours. But I’m required to notify them first by filling out a standard form and sending it off.

However, I now conclude that my Twitter access is likely being sabotaged by anti-gay horses asses. And Twitter is not taking proper action by searching out hateful threats against LGBTs. Seems easy enough to do, by running a subroutine to find words like “fag” and “faggot”…then checking them out to be sure if they are threatening or (rarely) not.

There has of course also come to my mind, that Twitter may likewise harbor a homophobe or two within their ranks…and could be part of my current dilemma. No surprise from this queer renegade, seeing as anti-gay dogma remains the most rampant and violent bigotry of them all. And it’s worldwide.

Can anyone(s) on Twitter help put an end to this, else the attacks will increase to the point where I’m no longer a frequent denizen of Twitterville? Or even worse: this hatred grows and spills over into meatspace, to cause me even worse threats and even bodily harm.

And legal support? Hacker assistance? Thanks for your considerate attention…I know there are many excellent and brilliant souls wandering Tweetdom. Who far outnumber these perverted troglodytes.

Sinqueerly yours,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

PS: I live on a disability stipend only, so cannot possibly afford to pay attorney fees or whatever other aid I might need (should it come to that). I just self-published my first novel, but it will take quite some time to actually generate any profit, if ever. You can check out my novel by clicking on the book cover image below (chapter 1 always free to read), or this link: [ ].

UPDATE January 12 2014

This past week, I’ve been banned from Twitter five times, and got back on in less than a day, sometimes just two-three hours, and last time only five minutes after emailing Twitter my outrage. But I finally discovered the truth about why I’m being bounced around. After startpage‘ing the absurd accusation of “multiple unsolicited replies”, I found this page:

What exactly is meant by “unsolicited replies or mention”?

Turns out many left-wing tweeters are blocked by spiteful
“conservative” types. This then alerts the Twitter overlords who see
fit to instantly comply, rather than look into matters. This indicates
a strong bias by Twitter against progressive and for right

This of course does not bode well for leftie queer activists like
yours truly. Though I do find Twitter an excellent medium for
promoting my gay activism, including my book. So I’d rather fight
than surrender. Maybe I’ll wind up suing the fuk outta Twitter and
walk away with millions. Now:

Read the three excerpts below that I culled from that site, which
answers the question as to why I keep getting excommunicated:


It has been my experience twice, when all of a sudden I am attacked by a conservative gang of tweeps and they start bullying me…if I defend or counter attack, they report me as me harassing them…and sending them unsolicited reply or mentions….its a trick based on the culture war but tweeter does not take enough time to properly investigate and trace the dialogue to see who is harassing who.


It seems twitter is controlled by nervous conservative types who would rather suspend people from communicating than check the facts. Considering the parameters of rules, the arbitrary nature of suspension means it’s chaos.


Me too! Twitter suspended my account and I had to agree to abide by their rules before being reinstated. Ummm… except I didn’t do what they accused me of? They’re basically accusing me of spamming…or mass tweeting. Ummm… but if you actually look at my account, you’ll see that I retweeted articles but they aren’t addressed (@ or #) to anyone. So what am I doing wrong again? What fascist didn’t like my comments today?

Meanwhile, I’ve found two Twitter channels dedicated to calling out homophobia whenever it occurs. Hopefully, this will help. I am considering a project to make Twitter, Inc. cease with ignoring anti-gay tweets, as well as getting them to drop their #fag and #cunt hashtags.

After all, there is no #nigger or #breederscum hashtag (for examples). I therefore accuse the Tweetmasters of willfully spreading homophobia and misogyny across Twitspace.

UPDATE January 13 2014

Just got this second email from a Twitter employee, and it’s BS. Read paragraph 3, and you’ll understand; I highlighted it in bold (and my questionnaire replies in dark red):

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: adrianacarter
Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 3:55 AM
Subject: #15876431 Twitter Support: update on “Receiving violent threats –
To: EZ_Krahlin

##- Please type your reply above this line -##


*adrianacarter, Jan 13 03:55 AM:*


If you feel you’re in physical danger based on the Tweets or the behavior of the account, we strongly encourage you to follow up on the issue outside of Twitter. Take the time to contact law enforcement or other trusted individuals to determine if the threat is valid. To do this, you should consider taking the following steps:

  • document the interactions with print-outs or screenshots
  • provide specific detail on your issue (What other Tweets or users are involved?
  • How many times has this happened?
  • What was said?
  • Determine if this is someone you know offline or if this is happening on other websites, so that you can assess the scope of the problem and take appropriate action.

We’ve investigated the account and reported Tweets for violent threats and abusive behavior, and have found that it’s currently not violating the Twitter Rules.

Though you may feel differently about the outcome of the decision, you should still seek help if you truly feel you’re in danger. If you choose to reach out to law enforcement, we can work with them and provide the necessary information for their investigation of your issue. You can direct local law enforcement to this page for more information:


Twitter Trust & Safety


*EZ_Krahlin, Jan 11 01:40 PM:*

What username is causing the issue?: @CodySpacely

Tweet I am reporting:
Please provide the specific time mentioned: 10:33 AM
Please provide the specific date mentioned: 11 Jan 14
Please provide the name of the person mentioned: EZ_Krahlin

Blocked user(s): Yes
How many times has this happened?: Three
Further description of problem: He is making homophobic remarks to me, I am a gay activist. He threatens to hurt me.
Your full name: Ezekiel Krahlin

I understand that Twitter may provide third parties, for example the reported user, with details of this report, such as the reported Tweet. Your contact information, like your email address, will not be disclosed.

Twitter username: @EZ_Krahlin

UPDATE January 23 2014

Seems that Twitter is no stranger to looking the other way when it comes to homophobia and other bigotries (now that I’ve done my homework):

Homophobia Doubles on Twitter

Homophobic Tweets (Huffington Post)

Twitter Slammed Over Racist, Homophobic and Anti Semitic Abuse

Tom Daley Endures Homophobic Abuse on Twitter After Coming Out

Homophobia Tracker Finds ‘Faggot’ On Twitter Nearly 1 Million Times Per Month

2 Responses to Twitter Homophobe Alert

  1. Eleanor Cooney says:

    That got posted before I could finish the thought….

    Cockroaches, scuttling and spewing.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      And my light of Gay Victory is about to drive them into the darkest recesses of Hetero Gehenna. Funny how this crisis has popped up in the midst of the one with Arwyn! Yuck, my life sucks. Just wish it would suck in all the right places for a change.

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