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March 7, 2014

The Castro Biscuit is the newest gay rag here in San Francisco…and focuses, obviously, on the Castro a.k.a. “Eureka Valley.” Sharing with you today, my three latest comments addressed to that newspaper:

[ Here is a hateful email to yours truly, regarding my outrage at an employee associate of the Castro Smoke House wearing a surgical mask ’cause he’s in a queer locale. You may read my letter to the editor about this debacle here: Flu season or anti-gay season?. Since it’s an image scan of a news clip, you should enlarge it for an easy read. ]

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
To: F P
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 10:35:11
Subject: castro tobacco shop

On Tue, 11 Feb 2014 07:40:01 posted:

{{ You are a total drama queen, it’s time you kill yourself, shove a carton of your cancer sticks up your butthole.

Anonymous Asswipe }}

Obviously, you’re a typical Castro Clone…never anything good to say about anyone outside your own selfish little clique, just full of himself and Mommy’s bank account. Ho-hum.

– Zeke Krahlin

[ Reputable Reader: the following post is my response to a murder recently perpetrated at our annual Pink Saturday celebration. You may read the article here: Pride Weekend Assault Perp Found Guilty ]

Dear editor:

The whole point of doing away with Halloween in the Castro was to keep super-large gatherings /out/ due to homophobic violence. Then what do the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do a few years later? Start /another/ grandiose party here in the Castro, called Pink Saturday. And once again, violence ensues. Lest we forget: a man was shot to death at this same event several years ago (almost right below my window).

Yet they /also/ promote the “Stop The Violence” project…where shop owners can display this poster indicating them as a safe space for queers to seek refuge from homophobic attacks. I wonder how much of Pink Saturday is the allure of money over compassion. So the Sisters look like the epitome of peacefulness while promoting a fag-bashing event. I do paraphrase:

You can’t have your cock and suck on it too.


Ezekiel J. Krahlin

[ Now this third post reflects my disgust at the latest “wimpy” upgrade to our beleaguered gay neighborhood. Read the full article here: Free Wi-fi hits Market St. from Castro to Downtown ]

Dear editor:

I am greatly disappointed at AT&T’s lousy new “free” wifi here in the Market Street corridor in the Castro. I live in direct line of their reception, residing as I do with my two SRO windows right over Market Street between Noe and Castro…with five bars of robust signal.

Yet most of the time I can’t connect, or when I can I am still hobbled by ridiculously slow page loading and response time to email, tweeting, videos, downloads and Facebook posts. Often I am abruptly disconnected and forced to use Windows 7’s network troubleshooter. Usually with no resolution.

I use my laptop at various coffeehouses throughout the city with no hassle whatsoever, and very fast connections. So I know the problem does not lie with myself or my computer. Obviously, it is AT&T’s own brand of crappy service…for which reputation is well documented by many of their paying subscribers.

Living on a low income, I cannot afford my own broadband…just dialup. But when AT&T arrived to my neighborhood, I gladly dropped dialup under the stupid assumption that their wifi would be reasonably efficient. And indeed it was…but only on their opening day where they celebrated their free service with great fanfare at Jane Warner Plaza. I was very pleased that day, with such robust access that I could perform my online gay activism with ease.

But after day one, it all suddenly deteriorated. And what’s gonna happen with the various wifi connections provided by local shops that are at least reasonably useful, if not downright fantastic? They will drop their Internet expenses, assuming AT&T now covers what they once purchased to please their customers.

Seems that any “improvement” in the Castro turns out rinky-dink. From the Harvet MIlk Library “upgrade,” to the creation of H. Milk and J. Warner Plazas, to Pink Triangle Memorial Park, to the now-defunct queer homeless services by Collingwood Park…and on and on it goes.

It’s as if “Gay Mecca” really doesn’t give a flying fig for its low-income gay residents, but licks the ass of the wealthy homosexuals that come here in droves.

I depend on the Internet to promote my gay activism, including a new novel I just self-published which includes /many/ true tales out of the Castro. And was at first delighted that AT&T established free wireless right beneath my window. But as it turns out, their provisions are even /worse/ than old-school dialup.

So I will resume my 56kbps modem service (at a mere $10/month) in order to get /some/ important work done while at home…albeit with a bitter taste in my mouth for AT&T’s lousy contribution to the local LGBT community.

Only affluent gays can afford to live in SF any more. And that is certainly part of the problem. As an LGBT activist of many years here in the City (and living on SSDI w/o any other income), I feel like the last of the Mohegans barely keeping a roof over his head thanks to our pitifully weak rent control…and without any friends since draconic rental prices skyrocketed and drove them all out.

Fuk you AT&T, and fuk you San Francisco. But most tragic of all: fuk you Eureka Valley. Your weathy queers (whom I facetiously label “homo-owners”) don’t give a shit about our lower income brothers and sisters, but spit on them with your elitist upperclass arrogance. You are just as ugly as the homophobic society at large. With /rare/ exception.

But goddess bless those too-few LGBT’s with disposable income, who /do/ use their money to elevate those less fortunate. You’re just too few and far between to turn the tide! Extra kudos to Tommi Avicolli Mecca who has always spoken stridently on behalf of the gay downtrodden. Who seems to be more of a /token/ to appease our LGBT wealthy, than a real warrior…though I could be wrong. Only time will tell, but I am sure ignored, in spite of my /many/ years of gay activism here in Baghdad by the Bay.


Ezekiel J. Krahlin

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