Still Use XP?

April 8, 2014

I’m sure there will soon pop up many web sites to support diehard users of Windoze XP…so don’t give up the ship! Meanwhile, the following free software will cover all bases in running a secure XP operating system, better than MicroSlut’s own products. Learn more about each application when you visit the site. I recommend you use them all, and disable MicroSlut’s own equivalent versions, if any:

Private Firewall

Avast antivirus

Malwarebytes Antimalware

PC Threatfire

Spyware Blaster


Smart Defrag

ADDENDUM (assuming you’ve installed all programs listed above):

  • !!! Turn off Windoze XP’s automatic updates !!!
  • Do not log onto the Internet with admin rights. Create a seperate user without admin rights. Employ a strong (and different) password for both user accounts. See “How to Create a New User Account in Windows XP“.
  • Please be careful to select the free version of each of the above applications. You do not need the bells and whistles.
  • Be careful when updating a freeware program, so as to not be tricked into clicking on an upgrade to the paid version.
  • Remove any other antivirus program once Avast is installed. (Avast may offer to do that automatically.)
  • Disable MicroSlut’s own firewall and defragmenter. (Free programs may offer to do that automatically.)
  • Malwarebytes Antimalware free version must be run manually; download latest update (and activate) weekly.
  • PC Threatfire is a must-have adjunct to any antivirus utility.
  • CCleaner frees your system from extraneous files no longer in use, and does same for the registry contents. Keep updated, run manually once a week.
  • Smart Defrag automatically defragments your hard drive while it’s not in use, and is superior to Window’s own defragmenter. No muss, no fuss.
  • There are many other excellent and free antivirus programs out there, besides Avast…click here to learn more.
  • The free utilities listed above make for a superb suite of security applications no matter which version of Windoze you own.

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