More Twitter Mischief w/Gay Jebus

April 24, 2014

This piece is a sequel to my original post “Twitter Mischief w/Gay Jebus.” Included are three variations on this theme: “Gay Jebus,” “Jehovah’s Queer Witness,” and (my favorite) “Gay Zombie Jesus.” Notice that in most cases, inclusion of the tweet immediately prior my own is necessary for the sake of context. 35 silly sacrilegious Twitter pranks in all:

Due to image width limitation for this particular WordPress layout, most tweets are truncated at the right margin, so just click for a full version. Sorry for the inconvenience…but I think I’m so witty it’s worth the hassle. Besides, you need to slow down and relax. Dr. Zeke’s orders.

[ Or you can simply click here to view them all at once without the hassle! ]

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