101 Hyde

June 17, 2014

Date: Thu, 12 June 2014 14:07:22
101 Hyde
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Eleanor

It’s a post office in a seedy part of town, the Tenderloin. However, there exists a corner donut shop right across the street with a clear view of the PO. Just as I had wondered (how copacetic). Don’t know /when/ he picks up his mail, I’m guessing 11:30-ish, as he parties till late at night, and walks dogs, plays pool, drinks starting in the mid afternoon.

So mayhaps I’ll hang out at that Donut dive for an hour or so each day, and see what’s up. Oh if only they had wifi! Then again, the neighborhood is thick wih thieves.

Meanwhile, one postcard returned thus far, from The Mix. Doesn’t mean no one’s read it, and the gossip hasn’t sparked a flame that will rapidly spread and consume all the Castro hooch joints with Zeke’s spiritual fire! Or it may fizzle out like a wet cherry bomb. This is the card upon which I taped a small printout on the front, in which I suggested Larkin may be a drug dealer. Well, my jumbo postcards to the manager of each bar, should have been delivered by now…more likely, yesterday. Let’s see what my cage rattling will accomplish, eh, El?

– Zeke

Date: Thu, 12 June 2014 20:15:04
Re: 101 Hyde
From: Eleanor
To: Zeke Krahlin

Eleanor wrote:

{{ Doing your bit to keep the U.S.Postal Service alive!!!! }}

And I have Larkin to thank for /that/ one, too! Most incredible man I’ve ever met. He’s given me so many opportunities to utilize old-school letter writing and posting. Which has only served to increase my appreciation of the USPS and its incredible history. But I’m tellin’ ya, Ellie:

If Larkin doesn’t do something really /spectacular/ for me on my birthday, I’m gonna go postal all over his sorry ass!

{{ That postcard’s a beauty. Pearls before schweinhunds. }}

I’m sure they’re all having a good laugh at my expense…while preparing my surprise birthday party coming up very soon.

On the side I scanned is a tiny image of Manannan mac Lir, the Celtic god of the Irish Sea. Looks rather like Larkin. I’m no longer surprised at such things, just delighted.

[ Goodly Reader: total of 12 jumbo postcards I’m mailing out to Larkin along with the small cards. Dispersed over a two-week period, that is: till the end of time…er, I mean “June.” Click on any image below to view the accompanying super hero. ]

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