Postcards in May

[ Brachiocephalic Reader: this latest salvo of postcards to Larkin were all sent out in the month of May 2015. Seven in all. Just use your browser’s “enlarge page” command for a better read. ]

Sent May 18th:

The following four postcards were mailed on the same date, May 24th (please forgive the typos in the Tweety Bird card):

And these last two postcards were sent on the 31st:

[ Then at the last moment I decided to post him the following letter June 1st. In hopes of shocking him into some sort of sane realization…though my great expectations are pretty much dashed at this point. His housemate Zachary is quite a boring plain-Jane with no talent or bright spirit whatsoever; I am just being facetious. ].

Dear ex-friend Larkin,

You’re just another piece of self-centered Castro Clone shit. Guess you think you had to become like that, in order to fit in. Zachary is such a handsome, intelligent and fun-loving fellow, I’m certainly no match! My apologies for ever intruding in your life; I am just a homely old faggot whose dreams were bigger than his stomach.

Thanks for the ride, though: it’s more than I ever expected in my entire life. Guess I’ll send another salvo of postcards to the gay bars, just for the heck of it. For in truth: all’s fair in love and war and Castro Street tackiness.

Ever hear the term “Pyrrhic victory?” Look it up, ’cause it’s yours.

More sincerely than you could ever imagine,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


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