Vested Interest

I have sent the following postcard to Larkin on June 24th, followed by a letter two days later:

June 26. 2015

Dearest Larkin:

When I said in a recent postcard that you have a vested interest in keeping me healthy, etc., what this refers to is: my last will and testament mentions how badly you’ve treated me, and have kicked me out of the local gay bars (by falsely accusing me of being your stalker) which I planned to use to promote my novel, that could result in my book taking off. Then I could (once the money comes rolling in) open my home for severely disabled LGBT veterans, as well as provide you with high quality health care and other good things.

Whether I become desperately ill or injured, or perish as a result, I have arranged that you, Larkin Kelsey, will be noted to the public as a hostile contribution towards my demise. If such should occur, you will end up being the most hated person in the gay community, since Daniel White. No gay bar (or other queer establishment) will allow you to enter their premises.

With much love and sincerity,

Zeke Krahlin


2 Responses to Vested Interest

  1. Eleanor Cooney says:

    You are an incorrigible scamp, Zeke!!! Your handwriting looks eerily like mine.

    • ZekeBlog says:

      Ha! Just two days ago, Larkin and I had a fantastic, funny encounter that I’ll soon write down. So I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of my “scampy” letter. The postcard should arrive Monday. Then comes the letter two days down the pike.

      Our handwriting looks eerily similar? That’s intriguing!

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