The Ultimate Joke

And by “ultimate” I mean one which finally breaks down Larkin’s poker
face, which he’s very good at sustaining through even the funniest
scenarios. As if he wore a mask of cement.

The Big Challenge he’s presented me, of course, is to keep fighting
back until the day finally arrives when the tables completely turn in
my favor. This means that he must continue to screw me over till
that day arrives…that day when no matter what he does to fuk with
me, karma will make it backfire, each and every time till Muhammed
Himself returns and puts the kibosh on his antics.

Obviously, that day has arrived, the day he was 86’d from all gay
bars–but one, one which I permitted, as a compassionate exception–by codifying his expulsion as New Rule #1.

But there are also various components to this Big Challenge, one of
which is to get him to crack up in my presence, because my joke is so
hilarious, he can’t help but ROTF&LHAO (roll on the floor and laugh
his ass off). Though most of my quips are utterly guffawlicious, I
believe I now have come up with The Hiroshima Bomb Of All Witticisms!

Not that I haven’t previously quipped lines equally funny, but I have
concluded that uber-success relies not solely upon quality of jape,
but of delivery and timing as well.

I have also decided to post this joke as an image to Twitter and Facebook, as well. It’s that good. IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion).


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