Blue Roses Blossom

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 11:31:55
Blue Roses Blossom
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Eleanor Cooney


Larkin was trying to bump me off via 3rd party, or at least get me
badly beaten. This is the scenario he created the day he shoved me in January 2013, almost slamming me to the concrete. Telling bartenders and patrons alike that I’m psycho, and his stalker. But what I believe is really going on, is that a secret organization within the SF Gay Community (the Blue Rose Militia) is creating a great adventure, in which I play hero. In other words: they are all in on This Astounding Prank.

And it is up to me to figure all this out by piecing together the jigsaw puzzle which parts are scattered across more than eight years of struggle, defeat, broken hearts, insight, and sometimes victory. I discussed this with Hollywood, and offered a copy of my “Elephant Man” postcard, to hand over to Larkin. Though I do take the Buddha’s tenet “we have no enemies, only teachers” to heart.

My loyal soldiers will see to it that I come to no harm, nor does Larkin. But some intense scenarios have certainly been of the “close call” type. Though it seems at this point, the scary parts of my role have come to an end. I shall not perish; in fact I will flourish, with vision restored to 20/20, my teeth repaired, and so forth. They will bring me so many delectable males, I will most likely swoon into their arms every time a new one is presented me. Ejaculation never had it so good!

Since Larkin’s attempt to wipe me out reflects upon the SF Gay Family at large, the militia must bust their balls in order to establish my path to victory. I explained to Barbara of CVS, the brilliance of his script. For My Benevolent Brontosaur is the mastermind behind it all. I am Larkin’s hero, as he is mine. This astounding dilemma that he manifested, gave me the extraordinary opportunity to prove my courage and devotion.

Remember my “Thracian courtship” description in that piece, “Hilarious Respite?” How in ancient times in that corner of the world, courtship between two male warriors involved attempts to destroy each other. If their partnership was blessed by Zeus, no harm would come to either, no matter how violent the actions. This macho courtship would last for several months or a little more…but in rare cases, much longer. For my particular destiny, the destructive overtures have been going on for an extraordinarily long cycle: more than 2-1/2 years to date, and still persisting! But there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow: for the more prolonged the courtship the more rewarding the marriage.

Though honestly, El (I have to admit) I am as exhausted by now, as Sisyphus after a thousand years of grunting.

I should also mention that I’ve taken a lot of flack for posting my “Obamacare Defecates” manifesto on Facebook and Twitter! Most folks are too brainwashed that the ACA is a blessing on the poor; they accuse me of being a right-wing infiltrator. For instance (from a discussion on Daily Kos; and this a mild form of vitriol relative to /other/ hateful responses I’ve received):

* [new] Millions will die… (1+ / 0-)

Don’t be such a drama queen. Millions will not die due to ACA. If you so loath everything you listed, get the hell out of the US to another country where no one will give one shit about your situation. Anyone with the small bit of intelligence required to read, can have Obama care and thrive on it for a small premium. We can’t fix stupid. Possibly you are expending all of your energy and brain cells on hysteria so you don’t get it?

by leonine46 on Mon Jul 13, 2015 at 08:40:52 PM PDT

Harvey Milquetoast Was No Ally To The Gay Cause

The chief reason I despise Harvey Milk, is this: he repressed me from participating in the gay activist movement here in San Francisco. Thus setting back our liberation by almost thirty years. Other reasons I dislike the idiot are discussed in essays I wrote years ago, but care not to bring up right now. And by extension, other noted LGBT activists have perpetrated this unholy jihad against me…and Goddess only knows how many /others/ whose contributions /could/ have won our freedom at least two generations sooner! All because Mr. Milquetoast rejected his liberal base and kissed up to powerful conservative factions, especially the Irish Catholic.

And who assassinated Him? Dan White, an Irish Catholic! The dark side of Harvey has been swept under the carpet by the Queer Elite; they even made him a saint.

In completing this email, I want to end with a magnanimous THANK YOU ELEANOR for being such an amazing ally and sounding board for This Queer Straggler. Without you, none of these astounding events would have taken place in my life…and by consequence, LGBT rights would never blossom into This World’s Liberation, as shall soon occur. Who says hetero folks can’t be staunch supporters of Gay Rights? Bring them to me, and I shall smash them into the ground. Somewhere in Iowa.

All my love and more,


PS: As it turned out, on Happy Whatever Day (July 25th) I wound up dropping off the booklet “Scooby-Doo and the Vampire’s Revenge” in the gated doorway of an apartment building on a side street by the local library. In good faith it will find its way into Larkin’s hands, as that is the residence of a miniature poodle that My Goofy Godzilla walks daily.


[ Cantankerous Reader: the title “New Rules” is based on Bill Maher’s Real Time segment by the same name. While most impressed by his confrontational stance against right-wing dogma, I was put off one night while watching an episode where a guest turned from his chair to give Bill a hug. To which Mr. Maher pushed him away and stated: “Don’t touch me, faggot.” I guess he thought that was funny.

This faux progressive has from time to time, expressed support for LGBT Equality, yet numerous times he has denigrated The Cause by declaring it over the top. Ergo, I conclude that this celebrity is not a true ally of Our Struggle. For this reason alone, I refuse to watch any more of his shows. Nonetheless, I find it most gratifying to steal his thunder by claiming “New Rules” for my own. ]

Mailed to 5 gay bars in The Castro (and Larkin), July 17th:

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2015 15:44:32
Very Close to the Home Stretch!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Carlyle Lambourne

Revolution is /just/ around the corner, as you can clearly discern from current news events. This one’s a real sizzler:

NATO Commander Wesley Clark calls for internment camps ‘to deal with radicals’ in the US and Europe

And that is why I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Larkin shall
assign a branch of my Blue Rose Militia to see to my safety, protection, and places to go into hiding (while also possessing a gorgeous environment with equally gorgeous Thracians).

– Ezekiel

Mailed to 5 gay bars in The Castro (and Larkin), July 20th:


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