How You Can Save My Life

[ Spacefaring Reader: by “save my life” I mean that my living and financial situation is quite precarious at this point. See my piece, “Obamacare Defecates On The Poor” to understand. Has to do with Medicaid now demanding I pay $518 monthly share of cost on a sparse income of just $1,243; which will (possibly) make me homeless or starving in short shrift. Not to mention going blind because I can no longer afford checkups and treatment for my eyes. In addition, my living arrangement is on the line, due two extreme prejudice against Yours Truly for being a homeless advocate. Which includes having some of my street pals visit my SRO in a large apt. building filled with antagonistic residents. These selfish occupants have nothing better to do than scapegoat me, while enjoying their affluence often provided by coddling mommies and daddies with 6-digit incomes and up.

I recommend that everyone who supports My Noble Mission distribute far and wide, the following visual jokes which originally were posted to Twitter and Facebook. (Please keep in mind that every time you point a person to my achievements–no matter how humble–you make a major strike on behalf of LGBT Rights.) For these catchy memes include my name, and the URL to my site. Which is one of my promotional tactics to get more folks to visit my home page, where they will see the image of my bookcover for “Free Me From This Bond.” Click on that image, and you will be taken to the online version, with links to purchase the book in paperback, hardcover, or ebook. One must be particularly innovative when one is barely a step above dirt-poor, and on the verge of passing on to The Other Realm, thanks to President Obama’s (and the Democratic Party’s) unprecedented betrayal of the poor and disenfranchised.

Necessity is the mother of subliminal advertising.

I certainly encourage you to share my joke memes as often as possible…for in so doing you are saving a life, literally. MINE! To download an image, right-click over it and select “Save picture as”…or equivalent command for whatever browser used. 16 jokes in all; there will be another batch comin’ down the pike in due time: ]


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