Neoliberalism & Hillary Clinton

Hillary would be a very bad choice for president. As far as I see things, Clinton will espouse a good income base for the upper tiers of the so-called “99%” and make it look like her projects are also a great boon to the lower middle class, the poor and the destitute. Thus devastating (and even spelling the death of) close to 100 million citizens. My Social Security will be further cut back, and already-exorbitant expanded Medicaid fees will rise further on those who, like myself, can least afford it.

The extermination of the poor by gov’t shall be mostly invisible, silent and unseen by the higher classes who are convinced that the lowest levels are actually being provided quality health care, economic assistance, and a mended safety net. She will do little, or nothing at all, to address the rising wave of homophobia, as increasing numbers of Republicans and religious zealots (both Xian and Muslim) call for the death of sexual minorities. Other (non-gay) liberal organizations and folks will look the other way as queers get further marginalized, terrorized and denied even the most basic forms of medical care and legal protection. We LGBT’s may soon have our own Kristalnacht.

Clinton’s war hawk ideology and corporate zealotry will destabilize our planet beyond any possible recovery. Carpet bombing the Middle East while supercell storms and floods rage on, and climate warming spirals beyond salvageable redemption (along with massive drought, global famine and collapse of one economy after another), will be the final outcome of neoliberal/libertarian “disaster capitalism.”

Many progressive and reasonable types see a Hillary win just as dangerous as a Donald victory. And for good reason. They will probably not vote for Trump; more likely they will just stay at home. Some folks reason that Trump would be a better option than Clinton, thusly:

Under Hillary’s reign, the Democratic Party will become stagnant, as left wing activists continue to be hobbled or imprisoned for blowing the whistle, and alternative energy programs will be shoved aside by fracking and nuclear power lobbyists. (Ms. Clinton is in the pocket of both Henry Kissinger and the Oil industry, may I remind you.) The GOP shall fight her every inch of the way, thus further destroying any programs that are progressive enough to restore our nation and this world into something sustainable and democratic.

Whereas should Trump gain the wreath, he may be totally ineffectual in any of his stupid, malicious goals. Thus providing a crack in the dome for progressives to hustle their asses to get more liberal representation in both houses, and in state legislature. And even win many Republicans over. Such would not be possible under President Clinton, for the crack would not crumble enough…thus the progressive movement not grow desperate enough. On a personal note:

Am I willing to sacrifice my life as a poor person, that progressive folks and ideas from the wealthier classes survive, in order to save the world? Am I willing to sacrifice my life as a gay man, that the world may be salvaged, though only heteros hold power in this NWO?


Am I willing to take it all down, rather than be sacrificed for a neoliberal/libertarian cause? Am I willing to foment the utter collapse of the upper and middle classes, since they have devastated the disenfranchised for their own perceived happy survival and security?


Not that I even possess any sort of power or influence to participate in the takedown, except perhaps through my words scattershot across cyberspace.

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