Zeke’s Hearty Split Pea Soup

This is a most wholesome comfort food that’ll warm your cockles on a chilly, gray day. Hey I know it’s July, but I’m speaking out to you from the briny clime of San Francisco!


1-1/2 cups split peas
4-1/2 cups water
5 large shallot cloves
5 tomatillos
1 medium size russet potato
2 level teaspoons black pepper
3 level teaspoons turmeric powder
5 level teaspoons cumin powder
5 tablespoons virgin olive oil


Rinse split peas with cold tap water, in a colander; set aside.

Pour water into a large saucepan; place on stovetop and bring to a boil.

While waiting for water to boil, slice potato into large, bite-size pieces, skin and all.

Once water boils, add split peas and potato; lower the stovetop to medium and put a lid on the saucepan.

Slice tomatillos and shallot cloves into bite-size pieces.

10 minutes after adding the peas and potato, add the tomatillos and shallot.

Let simmer at medium for 20 minutes.

Note: cooking time is an estimate. You want the soup to come out a thick goop, but not at all dry. If still watery, cook a while longer as you see fit. The potato, shallot and tomatillo chunks should all come out softer than al dente. If they aren’t yet, after 30 minutes, cook a bit longer; add more water if needed.

Once the soup is done, blend in all three spices and olive oil. Ready to enjoy immediately, or whenever. It will keep in the refrigerator, covered, for 3-4 days.

Note: turmeric has powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties. The pepper and oil maximize absorption of its nutrients. All ingredients are healthy; look up their benefits on the web.


Optional, or course, but I like to top it all off with one or more of the following: diced kimchee, tamari sauce, ground up toasted sesame seeds, chopped garlic and/or a tablespoon or two of nutritional yeast flakes.

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