My “No PrEP for the Poor” letter PUBLISHED!!!

Not in either of the two major gay papers here in S.F. (Bay Area Reporter & SF Bay Times), but in a relatively newborn neighborhood rag, The Castro Courier. THEY PRINTED IT IN FULL, taking up a full quarter page on page 4. This is unusual, because newspapers rarely print a letter more than two paragraphs long, if that. (Note: I sent my letter to four local LGBT papers.)

I think that the BAR and the Bay Times fumbled and missed out on a groundbreaking expose that may rock boats beyond the local pond. So kudos to the Courier for recognizing a newsworthy item of great import…definitely a feather in their cap. They changed the title of my letter to “PReP for those with Money,” but it doesn’t appear online yet, I checked at:

But what is peculiar in a hilarious and self-aggrandizing way, is that the first two letters on that page are mine from past issues! I’m sure you’ll get a laugh when you see what they’re about.

Today is a celebratory day for Zeke. So extra cream cheese on my bagel.


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