Can R2-D2 Do This?

This is my new, portable washing machine that I purchased for $52.88. It washes and rinses all clothes and other fabric except large or heavy items such as winter coats, blankets and sleeping bags. I have used it twice so far, and am very pleased. It takes small loads of course, but is the perfect solution for those living in small spaces and hate going to laundromats, or they’re too far away for frequent use. Use cold water only, which you can either hook up to a faucet with the hose it came with, or just use a bucket. In my case I use a 2 quart saucepan, because the sink is too small for a bucket…besides which a saucepan is much easier to handle. The washing machine holds up to four gallons or a tad more. Liquid detergent is best.

Click here to see it in action during wash mode.

The dial on the left has three settings: wash, spin and off. The dial on the right is the timer, which can be set for up to 15 minutes. The appliance uses only 200 watts, and is not too noisy. I rather enjoy hearing the clothes slosh around in the water, and later the unobtrusive “whir” of the spinner. After the first wash, I run my clothes through two rinses. So that means first draining the appliance, then filling it up with plain water each time, and running them on “wash” (minus detergent) for five minutes or so.

I was able to fit three large T-shirts, three boxer briefs and six crew socks into one load. I had to divvy them into two portions for the spin cycle, which uses a small, soft plastic basket. It only takes five minutes or less to spin each load, whereby they’re still very damp, but not enough to cause any dripping when hanged to dry.

Click here to see it in action during spin mode.

I have yet to wash any longsleeve shirts, dungarees, light jackets or sweaters, but I imagine I should limit myself to one pair of denim pants at a time (for example). Or three shirts, or two jackets or two sweaters, in each load. The entire machine wobbles when in spin mode, but not so much it moves, or falls off the milk crate upon which it’s set (so the water can be fully drained into the bucket).

In the photo above, you can see the drain hose on the other side of the washing machine. There’s a little hook to keep the hose pointing upward, which is necessary for the wash cycle. When the wash is done, lower the hose into the bucket, so the water can drain.

Here’s the inside of the device, with the white disk on the bottom that does the spinning. It has a bump in the middle, with four ridges radiating out, so you can snap the spin basket into place.

After the clothes have been washed and twice-rinsed, I wring them out a bit and place them into a tub. Then I snap the basket onto the spin disk and load it with around half the soggy laundry.

Here’s the basket before I pack in the washed items. Once it’s filled up I then snap the plastic lid in place, to keep items from escaping.

And voila! My clothes are now hung out to dry, on a nylon cord strung from one corner of my room to another. I’ve learned it takes 1-1/2 days for the briefs and T-shirts to dry fully, and 2 days for the socks. I will plan my laundry schedule accordingly.

2 Responses to Can R2-D2 Do This?

  1. I’m looking into getting one of these! I’m so pleased you have one! 💙

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