More Than A Hole In The Ground

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 1: Chapter 1]

Here is the corner where I’ve been meeting up with Deek and his pups for the last several months, ever since the Hohokum smoke shop goons drove him from my block. He’d park around the corner (across the street from my residence), where they can’t see him, and holler “Yo!” a couple of times. I’d then signal him from my window, so he knows I’m there…then I’d step out to see them.

A little closer up, and you can discern the hole that’s still there from five days ago, that Wiley dug up, then plunked herself into, and watched the world go by while partly hidden by several overlapping broad leaves. It is the last time I saw her and Taco, so far…but I’m afraid I’ll never see them again.

And finally, a closer view of that hole. To everyone else in the world, it’s just another hole in the ground. But for me, taking this snapshot is in honor of two of the sweetest little doggies I’ve ever met…and my prayer. There is not just this hole in the ground; there’s also one in my heart.

And it aches.

In loving memory:

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