I’m Counting on His Hug

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 1: Chapter 2-b]

He’s never proposed hugging me before that magnanimous day when everyone was on the streets, celebrating Biden’s win. So I’m hoping that’s a breakthrough which will inspire him NOT to give up the doggies to a questionable fate. One that will NOT require my constant begging him to do the right thing (including switching from leash harness), though I will attempt to do that every chance I get. The problem is: he rarely gives me that chance. So I’m counting on that hug: that it is a sign he will answer to his conscience on this matter.

We had a nice discussion about various topics that day, and it went on for 20 minutes. Which is rare, much to my chagrin. Obviously, he fears being criticised, so either departs quickly after dropping the dogs off, or abruptly shuts down my questions or appeals. Which wouldn’t be so bad if two sweet dogs weren’t part of this potentially tragic scenario.

We talked about politics, he asked why people here are waving gay flags, if it’s about a presidential election. I said I don’t know, you’re right, it should be more about everyone. I told him it’s very complicated, and he said he hasn’t watched TV in years…and I said he could listen to the radio to get the news. Then he complimented me: “I do listen to well informed people like you, to learn.” Though actually he rarely DOES listen to me, or even care to discuss politics, but I take his kind remark as a win. Maybe the demon of Michael Savage will eventually be exorcised from his psyche.

We also talked about his dogs, what a soulful, sincere, kind, fluffy little quadruped Wiley is, and how she and Taco watch over each other. It was a sunny, slightly breezy day with some warmth in the air. An incredible day, actually, what with Trump’s downfall, Medi-Cal’s letter that share of cost is no longer a thing, and our excellent conversation, plus a sincere hug from Deek! All on the same, magical afternoon!


Around 15 minutes ago, Deek and canines showed up. They looked happy and healthy as usual, and REALLY went nuts greeting me this time around (as if they don’t already go nuts, but this was extra-nutty). I presume because they knew they’d return to my cozy sanctuary and out of the cold for another good while. But most important of all: we’re BFFs. Taco even spotted me way across the street as I waited for the light to turn green. Halfway across, they both started barking, standing on their hind legs and waving their chubbly little paws with glee!

Deek said he needs another break…if he doesn’t return around midnight, he’ll show up tomorrow. Who knows if that means in the morning, or later in the day, he doesn’t like to be tied down to a schedule. So I reassured him, as usual, that it’s all good, they’ll be perfectly safe, with me. I also told him “It’s an honor!” During this exchange, he dropped a large white plastic bag overstuffed with recyclable bottles and cans, and a small, plastic water bottle had spilled out…which Taco quickly grabbed between his teeth and started shaking his head back and forth, with the ferocity of a victorious hunter. Flung it about on the sidewalk several times, and snatched it back up to shake it again. The little growling sounds were priceless! But as we set off to cross the street, he dropped it. Maybe I should’ve taken it with us, for a chew toy to bring home; but I didn’t. Next time that happens, I will.

Deek appeared calm and happy, and as me and doggies started to cross Market, he called to them: “I love you! Behave yourselves, I’ll be back soon!” Wiley & Taco gazed eagerly in his direction, they are so devoted! Then I said, “C’mon!” and they were off to the races…tugging at the leashes in frenzied anticipation of another fun visit with Uncle Zeke. A young Asian lady seated outside with a friend at the burger joint smiled brightly at the doggies pulling at the leash in their urgency to get inside. No one can resist their cuteness!

So much fun once the gate closes and I release the hounds! Up the stairs they zip, Wiley way ahead as Taco hunts her down. Partway up the flight, Taco didn’t leap quite high enough and tumbled back down three steps. But quickly recouped, fleeing to the landing and beyond where I could no longer see him in hot pursuit of Wiley. But I COULD hear them quite well, their paws pattering up and down the hallways.

When I finally got to the second floor myself, there they were, zipping back and forth, tumbling over each other, yipping now and then (but not very loud; they really are quiet doggies for the most part…no barking, even when I leave them in my room to use the loo). Wiley likes to veer off into the small side hall by my room, where Taco soon catches up and pounces. Then Wiley zips away again, up the hallway this time instead of down (where it turns left for about 20 feet). Sometimes they’ll pause at my feet, in which case I urge them on: “Go! Go get ’em!” and the chase continues for another minute or so. Until Wiley decides it’s time to enter my hovel and enjoy the luxury of the cozy bedding, the warmth, and the fine vittles. She’s now in the habit of eagerly scratching at my door, when she wants in.

They patiently wait and look up at me with those loving, Dachsund eyes, as I fumble with the keys, and (voila!) we’re all inside! They either jump immediately upon the cot, or stand by the sink for me to pour a bowl of water and set it down. Anyway, I tried the jackets on…a little difficult because they refused to stand up from where they had just laid down. “Oh, c’mon, we just got indoors…we don’t REALLY wanna go back outside again, so soon!” But I managed to slide the straps underneath them, and attach the Velcro ends. Excellent fit!

Then I let them be, they were so pleased for the break from the cold outdoors. And a half hour later I decided to prepare them dinner, this time with a small handful of ground up, raw pumpkin seeds, and some canned food that just arrived today from Amazon (because the packet version was out of stock). Just to be sure they’re hungry, I opened the can and held it to their noses. Yep, they started to drool and wag their curly tails! So I placed a half-a-can in each bowl, added the pumpkin seed powder equally to each, plus two handsful of the kibble. They loved it…both licked their plates clean!

I had brought the two doggie jackets with me, in my backpack, when I stepped out to meet Deek, but decided to wait till he returns to pick them up. Hoping he’ll be pleased, of course. The two harnesses are due to arrive this Sunday. Don’t know if I can fit them under or over the jackets, if at all. Regardless, I hope Deek doesn’t give me a hard time about it, when I show up with the harnesses on them, some day soon. Actually, I have four orange harnesses with a bell at the chest part, that I put in storage from a bag of them he got at some SPCA gathering, after everyone dispersed and left it behind. This was almost a year ago, before Wiley was even a thought. He tried the harness on Taco, but he said he keeps slipping out of it. Perhaps, with the jacket on, the harness will stay put. We’ll see.

So I shot five brief videos of them play-fighting on the bed, after they ate…two are less than a minute, and two are less than two minutes. Didn’t have time to point my LED gooseneck lamp in their direction, as I wanted to capture the moment. But it’s better in a way, because their little, pointy teeth flash bright white as they “attack” each other. The movies give you a better idea of just how beautiful and elegant they are, than just snapshots. Flaco on the left, Lucky on the right Enjoy!

Doggies at Play (video 1)

Doggies at Play (video 2)

Doggies at Play (video 3)

Doggies at Play (video 4)

Doggies at Play (video 5)

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