Thank You, Curious Raven

Curious Raven is a relatively new Youtube video creator who has recently joined its community of narrators. I discovered her only a few months back, and was very impressed by her reading style, so subscribed to her channel to hear more. She narrates original horror stories like a boss. So I figured to post two of my scary pieces to Reddit’s /nosleep sub, then point her to those links I just created, wondering if she’d enjoy reading these tales on her channel. Yesterday, she said “Yes!” and today, they are finally up and available for anyone to enjoy.

It was a fabulous read overall, though she did stumble several times. Be sure to read everything in the description box, because she also promotes my activist causes in it…but you won’t see it w/o first clicking on “show more.” I’m sure you will enjoy it immensely. Imagine that, my first stories ever to be presented on Youtube! There will certainly be MUCH more to come.

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