Skellington III

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 1: Chapter 11]

In fond memory of my neighbor-down-the-hallway’s dog, “Skellington the Third” (nicknamed “Skelli”). A darling papillon who passed away in 2009. These thirteen videos are dated 2004. A delightful period in my life when his guardian offered me his doggy’s company most every evening for an hour or so. When came the day to put down his sweet papillon, Skelli’s keeper gave me the honor of seeing him one last time, in which I promised that I’ll never forget him, he’ll always be remembered with great joy. No sound in any of my Skellington videos, as the digital camera I purchased back then lacked audio.

NOTE: There is a very fine email exchange that starts below the last video…don’t miss it!

Subject: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
To: Moe Fleisher
From: Zeke Krahlin
Date: December 25, 2020 at 3:14 PM


I just spent a heartwarming three hours setting this up on both Youtube and WordPress. I didn’t plan this; it was just the strike of sudden inspiration’s lightning. I’m not one to celebrate Exmass, but some wonderful things have been happening to me these past few weeks, which timing with the holiday season is unexpectedly synchronistic…though certainly unplanned. But if I were the type to celebrate Exmass, I can’t think of a better way to spend two or three hours on that day, doing something like this.

Nonetheless, I’d choose to celebrate this time of year in a non-Christian or non-commercial manner…preferring to call it “Winter Crossover” or “Exmass” (both of which terms I’ve invented just yesterday).

I have recently created a spanking new Youtube channel I call “Brindlekin Tales,” and it is dedicated to the love of Canis familiaris:

The Skellington Videos are mixed in with other doggy videos on my channel (in my “action videos” play list). But you can view just the Skelli ones via my WordPress blog:

Though you can’t appreciate the cute title I’ve created for most of the videos, as the WordPress-embedded videos conceal the full appellation.

Brindlekin Tales will also become my next novel, as I compose one blog after another, around this doggy theme. FYI, “brindlekin” is also a word of my creation.

I guess this is my (unforeseen) Winter Crossover greeting to you, that arose spontaneously in my latest, and most profound, creative cycle. BTW, I’m not sure of the year Skelli passed on, so I stated 2009 in my videos, and in that blog entry. Feel free to correct me on this, and I will make the change promptly.

Your sometimes-but-rarely-annoying neighbor of many years,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

PS: How about replacing Christmas with a NEW holiday, to celebrate the sweet, healing nature of little doggies? And call it “Brindlekin Fest,” or “Brindlefest” for short? I think it’s a great idea whose time has come!

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: December 28, 2020 at 8:22 PM

Thank you for taking vids of Skelli all those many years ago. It’s sweet you held on to them and created a Skelli YouTube channel. You might recall, Skelli had a stuffed Santa named Kill Santa.

That was an unexpectedly heartfelt reply, Moe! I feel honored for such a personal revelation.

It is an immense pleasure to have brought Skelli back to you in this way. These are tragic times, and I hope somehow, some way, you find an anchor to restore your crumbling sanity. You are certainly not alone in this. In fact, I also felt the same, crushing deterioration under Trump’s thumb and worried how I’ll ever manage to go on, especially since I’m in my winter years (70 now!). But remarkable changes have suddenly descended into my monk’s SRO cell, and my heart…that has wiped away all this horrific grief and anxiety. And I’m sure it is happening to others, here and there, like little dots of light across the planet.

I am not proselytizing here, though there does appear to be Christian-like overtones in my present tales. However, my ideological persuasion is all pagan, with a strong infusion of Celtic lore. What has so abruptly stumbled into my life (as it feels more THAT, than my stumbling into it), has given me keys towards inspiring others, no matter their beliefs, including those of atheists…through my writings and talks (presently via a radio station up north in Mendocino County, but soon due to expand). But because we live in a Christianized society, I largely incorporate symbols and stories from that religion, that I may reach as many folks as possible. Understanding–and explaining–full well that the Christ archetype has a deeper origin which far predates even Judaism. If truth be known, he never existed anyway…and America is in deep doo-doo for allowing itself to be run over roughshod by fundamentalist maniacs. Oh the price we now pay for failing to truly keep state separate from church!

And I DO make it quite clear, now and then in my writings, that I speak from a more universal perspective, incorporating many other world views including Native American, Celtic, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Vodun, existentialists (wow!), efilist, antinatalist, taoist and so forth. This eclectic resume is a meshing of my studies at college of cultural anthropology (and continued lifelong studies in that field), and the teachings of a most compassionate doctor, Carl jung…along with his GREATEST disciple of all time, Joseph Campbell. Not to mention the RECENT influence of brilliant Youtube videos created by today’s outstanding thinkers who are not part of the mainstream (many of them quite young and thus, a true inspiration).

At any rate, I am telling you there IS light at the end of the tunnel, so please hang in there, no matter how battered and exhausted you may feel. You have a GREAT friend for a housemate, and a darling little doggy for pure love. And the light I speak of is not the light of religious malarkey, but of a growing awareness of humanity…severely under pressure from disastrous and deadly global issues such as this pandemic, economic collapse and rapid climate change. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS…and become much better caretakers of each other, and the world at large…including for those precious little pooches that truly make the world go round, more so than any other factor.

One thing I’ve learned about the loss of a loved one, is that GRIEF SUCKS. And survivor guilt may greatly delay or even sabotage recovery. But one MUST go through this ordeal no matter how hard you try to find some kind of happiness to pull you through. This is obviously especially challenging when we are all forced to isolate ourselves as a result of this plague. My mother died over a decade ago…a terribly prolonged senility that reduced her to infancy. My father hung on two more years, but with much grief and loneliness. I could not be with them for any number of valid reasons. One of them being my only sibling, a brother four years my senior, is a raving, right-wing lunatic who thinks Donald Trump is the cat’s meow! I was fortunate in that I was never close to my small family, and relieved to finally move 3,000 miles away from them, back in 1973. Funny thing, though, both my mom and dad were Democrats, so I’m surprised my brother turned out so militantly Republican. We never speak to each other, he’s a royal asshole.

My very intent of my tales (for the most part) is to assist those in great grief, to find some solace and joy, that they may eventually rise above their presently dark reality. I do use whopping doses of humor in many tales, as a healing balm. And this is why I rarely write horror, though I am talented enough to compose some very frightening pieces: my time is more wisely spent on my mission to restore sanity in others. As a survivor of borderline schizophrenia and bipolarity, I know well the ravages on the mind such wicked conditions impose…I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. However, overcoming these maladies (and without any medications whatsoever) has given me a powerful spirit to convey to others who’ve likewise suffered, ways to get through it. I have a small fan base who very much admire my tales, some of whom have indeed overcome mental challenges akin to mine.

Which challenges have cleverly guised me with the cloak of a fool in the eyes of many others. MUCH to my frustration…and it clung to me for decades, like a gorilla on my back. But such a difficult burden is part and parcel of a process to bring me to where I am today. However, even THAT is lifting as I forge ahead with saving the world as best I can, in my own unique and highly creative style. It is my incredible good fortune to realize I will number among those authors and thinkers in our history, who have elevated the human condition through their books and teachings. Who have also, in their own way, saved the world as best they can. And you know what, Moe? IT ALL ADDS UP, eventually. It snowballs, and we, as a species (not as just two people, you and myself) are just starting to emerge from our long-incubating cocoon.

As regards the nuisance caused by my homeless friend, Deek, I didn’t resolve very well a matter you brought up. And that’s when he stubbornly persisted in camping out right in front of our building. I did NOT move him from the ATM nook to just below your window, with some vengeful thought to dump his disturbances closer to you, than myself. The agreement was for him to NEVER hang out around 2306, but just to stop by a little while and move on. In exchange, I’d help him out as best I can, and hang with him elsewhere. Then, some time after his own mom passed on, he became obnoxious, and that’s when he decided to make our home his home, too. When I told him the ATM outlet is a bad spot for lingering, not only because it disrupts the residents, but because of the riffraffs and drunken barflies that often hang out there, attracted to the light like demon moths…and could do him harm. So he said okay, he’ll move.

But a few days later I saw he had decided to park his ass at the corner instead of the ATMs. I told him he’s still hanging out around my building, which is breaking our agreement. But Deek decided to play the pest and insist he was not “by” the building, because he’s further away from the front gate. You just can’t argue with him; you have to find more subtle ways to persuade him…and it can take weeks or even months. Your email to me, complaining about his noise and garbage, was what turned the tide, thank god. But in no way did I ever intend to deposit him below your own residence, because many years back you brought noise pollution below MY windows by getting Wells Fargo to water-blast the ATM station. Yes, I hated it, and hated you, for bringing that horrid cacophony into my world, so early in the morning. But I NEVER used Deek as some sort of retaliation. I’m glad I could finally clear up that part of our email exchange, in this missive.

As for letting your Skelli #2 run and play along the corridor, chasing a laser light: it’s still safe to do, regarding COVID-19. See this:


Disease experts say the chance of your pet catching the virus from you or another pet in the neighborhood or at the park is tiny. If they do, the chance they get sick is smaller still. And the chance you catch the virus from your pet is close to zero.


You may not be able to let him be pet by other humans, or mingle and visit with neighbors, but it looks perfectly fine to give him back THAT little joy two or three times a day. Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t caught up with the latest findings about pets and novel coronavirus…they still believe dogs can spread the virus, which they do not.

I remember once you said to me, years and years ago, that it’s not all about me. This was during the time we were going through that long-drawn-out lawsuit, which greatly increased gossip against me, because some of those involved in the suit resented my inclusion…despite the fact they needed my participation. Well, now’s another time you might say it’s not all about me, but in truth, for a time it is, and will be even more so, as my popularity as an author grows. Ha, ha, gotcha there, Moe! I am not one to feign humility…I KNOW when I got something good going! But I also know I would never have become the outstanding human being I am now, without the support, sacrifice and love of MANY people. Therefore, I recognize and acknowledge with blatant honesty and gratitude the heroic and compassionate angels who’ve stood backstage but feverishly toiled to get me here. I am a PRODUCT of a selfless mission by many (most of whom I don’t even know), far more than I am a self-made anthropoid. I don’t even understand much of it, this pheomenon called Zeke. In a way, I’m just here for the ride.

Maybe some of my tales will give you SOME solace, in this painful part of your life. However, I am not looking for yet another admirer or fan…I am sincerely offering you what I can offer, and what I know HAS tremendously helped others in one kind of misery or another. If you choose not to read any of my tales, so be it, I will not hold it against you, or respect you any less for that. I just know I’m GOOD at what I do, and tooting my horn about it. Until others pick up that horn themselves, and toot it for me! Which is destined to be very, very soon…like maybe upon the ringing in of the New Year.

Your sometimes-annoying-but-rarely neighbor of many years,

  • Zeke

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Moe Fleisher
To: Zeke Krahlin
Date: December 30, 2020 at 1:18 PM


Regarding your email of today: Mother Nature is one gorgeous, grand, great, Bitch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I thought you knew Weeze (Skelli 2) died Labor Day weekend 2018. During his first vet visit, I was informed he had a rare condition that was fatal. I was honored to care for him for just less than two years.


Thank you for your reply, concern and encouragement. As for my state of sanity and worldview, it predates Covid by several years. Then humanity gave us Trump as well as 73 million who voted to re-elect a man more insane than Hitler. Half of this plagued ravaged country want more Trumpism. The human proclivity to happily repeat historical horrors is beyond my ability to grasp. Human willingness to walk into ovens, defies comprehension. In our paradigm, nothing will get humanity past racism, war or religion. Instead, as society crumbles it tightens its embrace of ignorance, protection of the wealthy, and religion.

  • Empires die hard.
  • Humanity is, in itself, an empire.
  • I envision Soylent Green, sans Edward G, around the corner.

My predictions for 2021 and beyond are:

  • Civil War in this country by 2024.
  • Scattered Civil Wars globally, shorty thereafter.
  • When the dust settles, nothing will be the same.

My singular wish is that aliens come and put humanity out of its misery thus saving the universe from human expansion.

Congratulations on your success and future success. Your energy should endure.

peace – Moe

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: December 30, 2020 at 5:37 PM

Sorry, I thought you knew Weeze (Skelli 2) died Labor Day weekend 2018. During our first vet visit, I was informed he had a rare condition that was fatal. I was honored to care for him for just less than two years and offer him a sable world to be the chill sweetheart he was.

No, I had no idea! But yes, you gave another sweet doggy the best life possible, and that counts for everything.

And thanks for your insight re. Trumpism, and your prediction. Very spot-on, and quite well written.

My singular wish is that aliens come and put humanity out of its misery thus saving the universe from the human.

On a larger scale, the big picture and all that, efilism would claim that these aliens, too, should perish…along with any and all possible variations of living things. You’re probably aware of that philosophy, as you are likewise well informed. But in case not, here is a short video that says it all:

And the person himself, who invented the word “efilism” is quite famous (or infamous) in the YT realm. I find him to be impressively intelligent, doing a bang-up job of showing there can be NO rational argument against the underlying philosophy of efilism. His name is Gary, and he has two channels:

You might find him a helpful distraction to ease your grief over your ailing mother…in spite of the topic he deals in, which some would call gruesome. But I find that, regardless, the logic of his reasoning throughout each video is stunning. Oh, I forget, he also has a playlist on physics, also fascinating. It’s called “Draft Science.” He essentially poo-poos the foundation on which quantum physics is based…what an upstart! Just wish I had the time to seriously focus on those videos, ’cause you can’t grasp the stuff otherwise.

Congratulations on your success and future success. Your energy should endure.

Thanks! The fun has only begun. I feel quite weird finally reaching this pinnacle while everything else in the world appears to be plummeting into dark ruin. Story of my life.

  • Zeke

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: December 30, 2020 at 7:04 PM

Regarding your email of today: Mother Nature is one gorgeous, grand, great, Bitch.

The underlying physics upon which all reality depends, is impersonal and merciless. That IS the essence of efilism. I AM amazed, however, in myself, that is: how once I delved deeply into efilism (starting around two years ago) and all my greatest fears wound up occupying every cell of my brain, to establish their new, and permanent, homes…that I somehow managed to forge ahead with my creative efforts, in spite of powerful urges to collapse in utter despair and probably wind up killing myself. The Trump Era was no help, either, to say the least. How can one really find happiness any more when one realizes it is all pointless, and that life is composed mostly of pain, often extremely horrendous pain? I did not find the point of existentialism at all satisfying, even in a minor way, that is: to imagine Sisyphus happy…that you can still carve out your own meaning. Nonetheless, I finally came out of the dumps recently, with this newfound enthusiasm and greatly increased talent as an author! An unexpected shock, but more welcome than anything else I can imagine.

I may have pulled off the greatest mind trick on myself, than anyone could ever achieve…for someone who does not believe in a god, afterlife, and a spiritual world of any sort. IOW: the illusion (if such it be) is solid, and shows no sign of abatement for any time soon…for the rest of my life, in fact. And I’ll take it!

If this is yet another manifestation of my borderline schizophrenia, then I am “suffering” from the very best variation of this malady, possible. And that is, indeed, a blessing in its own way. It’s kind of a psychological version of Schrodinger’s Cat. At least that’s the best understanding I can make of it.

  • Zeke

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: December 31, 2020 at 11:25 PM

I just realized that the image you attached did not get through…it only appeared as a text title as part of your email, like so:


Perhaps try again? I’m guessing it’s one of Weeze.

  • Zeke

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Moe Fleisher
To: Zeke Krahlin
Date: January 1, 2021 at 1:26 PM

Click here for a larger view.

Save The Redwoods –

Re: Skellington III: now on wordpress and youtube
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: January 1, 2021 at 1:35 PM

Beautiful! A little starburst of a doggy!

Subject: Do you still have my original email from Dec. 25th?
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Moe Fleisher
Date: January 19, 2021 at 5:37 PM

I like to archive all the conversations I have online that are worth keeping…like a scrapbook. I don’t just archive them to my emailbox, but to the hard drive…then to an external hard drive…then back them all up to remote storage, for an extra layer of security. So when I went to do the same for our incredible communique over the holidays, I discovered that the very first email in that series is missing! Quite unlike me to lose some important e-stuff, but there ya go. It’s happened before, but rarely. And it IS possibly due to a glitch in my Chronic email server.

It is the email I sent on Exmass Day, announcing Skellington III’s appearance on WordPress and Youtube. If you do still have it, could you please send me a copy? It’s the only one missing in the entire conversation!

If you don’t have it any more, that’s fine too; just thought I’d ask.


  • Zeke

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