The Sweaters Have Arrived!

Received the package today, much to my delight. They’re a lovely fit, easy to put on and remove. and look fantastic on the doggies! There will be outdoor photos forthcoming, of the same sweaters on them. My apologies to the donor, but I lost your post, and your email address along with it. Sadly, that means I can’t thank you personally. But I know you’re from the MCN announce list, so you will likely see my announcement there of this blog post. Not the best quality, but it was nighttime and I used my cheap smartphone to take these shots…four in all. First pic is Wiley with the hood on, second is with the hood off, third is Taco, and the fourth is both of my darling brindlemutts. The blankets they are resting on in sheer canine rapture are actually two children’s sleeping bags which I think are much better than doggy blankets. Also donated by another kind person from that same mailing list. FYI all donations are from either the Amazon Doggy Wish List or my GofundMe “Help Me Help 2 Homeless Doggies” project.

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