I Don’t Remember Taking This Video

I use a cheap smartphone to shoot videos of my pups, but this one’s a mystery, as I have no idea why I would take this rather pointless shot. Which I discovered while cleaning up my phone’s video folder. It looks like Flaco jumped off my lap, but it is not my habit to have the video recorder running, when she’s seated atop my legs. This video suggests I may have shoved her from my lap, but I would never do that, as I’m always gentle with them both.

It also sounds like someone else is in the room, talking…but it’s actually my android tablet playing a web radio station that’s a mix of ambient music and San Francisco’s police and fire dispatch communications in real time. What was I laughing about, in that video clip? I have no idea. In it I seem to say “Oh gods, no!” And even that is probably incorrect, as I’ve never used “oh gods” in any of my exclamations, either in real life, or in my writings. Maybe Flaco had attempted to jump upon my work station’s riser, where I also eat my meals? That is quite possible, but I really have no idea. I nonetheless find this video a curious one, worth keeping.

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