Mendocino County’s Own “I Hate Zeke” Fan Club

In February of 2019, Marco McClean, radio host of “Memo of the Air” in Mendocino County, discussed my controversial presence on the MCN listserv, describing it as a witch hunt. They may be the first “I Hate Zeke” fan club, but I’m sure many millions will very soon follow! Animosity towards yours truly is bound to go global, as my star rises later this year, in one, ginormous gay whirlwind of hetero outrage!

Please note that Marco is incorrect about some things he’s described about me, such as my health (which is excellent, not bad at all), and I was born in New York, not New Jersey. And I DON’T have a history of deluging chat groups with my comments. MCN (Mendocino Community Network) is the one exception. Besides, I don’t do chat, I do mailing lists (such as MCN’s), forums and social media. I ABHOR chat rooms, they are tedious and a big waste of time, in my opinion. Nor do I have scads of friends all around the planet…in fact, I have only four, maybe five, and all of them are online allies whom I’ve never met face to face, but for one. As for any SECRET admirers, I’m sure they now number well over a billion. At least, that’s what the I Ching coins tell me. :P

And I stopped calling in mainly because I felt spooky-weird after my call was over, returning to the dark of night in my personal reality of living alone in this world in a crappy SRO…which calling in to a radio station only served to stamp that harsh reality more solidly into my heart, by contrast. Things have since improved for me in that aspect, and a few weeks ago I emailed him with an offer to resume my call-ins. But Marco hasn’t bothered to respond to any of my several recent posts. So I have NO idea what’s up with that! For a little while–from late December to mid-January–he’s resumed narrating my latest tales, but that seems to have come to a halt, as well. Honestly, I’m stymied.

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