Exciting Changes Continue

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 2: Chapter 13]

Re: Resolution regarding my complaint to the landlord
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Carlyle Lambourne
Date: February 1, 2021 2:56 PM

Sigh.. If he wants them back, I suppose that might be for the best.

Not on your life! Don’t you realize they are little doggies, who’d most likely DIE as a result of being forced back onto the streets, what with all the crazies out there, addicts and drunks and just no-good scum? Deek had been forcing them to be entirely exposed to the cold rains, and made them sleep on the concrete, shivering.

So, no, it’s NOT for the best to give them back to him. He was just scheming to squeeze $300 out of me, never intending to really sell them to me. So he figured to show up a week or two later, claiming I took advantage of him in a weak moment. Well, I took a video of our verbal agreement, which legally gives me ownership of the dogs. Lock, stock and barrel. I don’t see why on earth you would suggest I return them, Carlyle! They’ll get sick and unhealthy in no time.

Deek is BIPOLAR on top of being a meth addict. He’ll say one thing one day, and the opposite the next So I have to decide on which things he says to follow up on, and throw away the rest. He’d HATE me if he lost those dogs, after I hand them back to him. He’d BLAME me. So, in order to protect the dogs from both the harshness of the streets, and Deek himself, I’m taking good care of them, for the time when he gets his act together, has a roof over his head, and no longer is abusive. But if he doesn’t meet all those prerequisites, too bad.

You could still be their friend, and maybe even keep the homeless friend as a friend.

If I return the pups he will avoid me like the plague…I will never see any of them again. Besides, one thing about my “friend” Deek: he’s always coming up with horrific crises to get you wrapped up in them. He’s a walking disaster machine. I’ve had enough of that. The only reason I resumed our association two years ago, is that I saw he had acquired a lovely dog…and I knew that, without my help, he’d lose it in no time. Then, as more time passed, I saw he was abusing them. Not out-and-out violence, but bad enough.

I know that dog companions can be very important to homeless people who don’t have a lot of human friends, and find the dogs to be more loyal and dependable through thick and thin.

True enough, but many of the homeless are too mentally incompetent to care for a dog, let alone themselves. NO dog should be forced to live on the streets, period.

Reminds me of a Bee Gees song from “Mr. Natural”: https://www.flashlyrics.com/lyrics/bee-gees/dogs-28

It essentially romanticizes and excuses homelessness for our innocent canine creatures. And romanticizes homelessness for humans, too. Disgusting. Just HOUSE all the poor, period…then their dogs would have a home, too. What the FUCK is wrong with this country? I curse it to the ground.

  • Ezekiel

Re: More Exciting Changes in my Life!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 1, 2021 4:47 PM

Great letter.

I consulted my story cubes to get the product out. :)

So now we know Flaco’s “intact.” Lucky must have been fixed, otherwise he’d be on her like a…well, like a hound dog. Hope no giant horny mastiff catches a whiff and jumps on her when you’re out with them Though I know you’d protect her.

I’ve known that all along, just assumed you did, too. Remember when I worried she might be pregnant? Also, yeah, he’s fixed…that pic I linked my last message to certainly reveals that. No male dogs have seemed to be a problem during our walks. And I don’t think I have to worry about mastiffs on the loose, in this area…after all, this is not the moors of Baskerville! Speaking of which: the first chapter of Friendly Ghost Detective Agency will be called “The Hounds of Basketville”…Basketville being the nickname for a mental institution outside a small hamlet. And involves an ancient, sacred relic: “The Shroud of Dachshund.”

Though Flaco herself is a bit more aggressive, ready to bark at the drop of a bandanna…but that’s outdoors only.

Your stories of residents past are vivid and poignant. I salute your courage and nobility. And resourcefulness.

And it looks like the time has come for me to collect the dues. Who owes whom…landlord or tenant? I think we BOTH know the answer to that!

  • Zeke

Subject: A pic and brief video of Lucky & Flaco
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Chuck Kapinski
Date: February 1, 2021 5:43 PM

Video is just 15 seconds:

Re: Ah, America, Land of Christianized Violent Nut Jobs!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Carlyle Lambourne
Date: February 1, 2021 6:13 PM

Yes, tell it. The kooky Christians think that “The Left” is responsible for all the evils in the world, but they are really the ones causing most of the, problems that we have today, from the climate of hate, to the planet-threatening climate change to the environmental degradation, to the march toward dictatorship and destruction of democracy.

These kooky Christians are our taskmasters (or “bodhisattvas” so to speak, when thought of in terms of Buddha’s statement, “we have no enemies, only teachers”…and if we can’t overcome their brutal challenges and onslaughts, then our species should just perish.

We are supposed to trust the vote

I NEVER have trusted the vote…not since Prez Clinton signed DOMA and DADT. I dropped out of the Democratic Party as a result, and I DON’T EVER CAST MY VOTE for ANY thing, or ANY election any more. Voting in America is a RUSE, to soothe the masses into believing their vote holds any power, that our voices are heard. POPPYCOCK. There are many other, REAL ways one can shift society into a compassionate direction. In my case, that’s through my writings…as it is in your case, as well. My words are about to flood the market, and cause deep and profound changes that will make this world a MUCH better environment to live in…and not just for LGBTs (who will, though, be the FIRST to benefit from my creative outpouring), but for ALL oppressed minorities, for women, for the entire human race…as well as for all living creatures everywhere. A number of my pieces include our dialogues, using the pseudonym Carlyle Lambourne in your case, with the occasional exception. A great example is in the following piece in which you are “Grrrrrrr” and I am “Beel Zebub”:

E-mails from Beel Zebub in Some Future Time to His Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson ‘Grrrrrrr’ in the Present

So, kudos to your brilliant contributions, without which my struggles would NOT succeed anywhere near as well, as they VERY soon, shall. The Age of Aquarius has TRULY begun with our recent winter solstice…as indicated by the miraculous transformations in my life around that time (starting on the eve of Halloween, actually), and still going strong.

We are the ones who could have rightfully stormed the White House, or that sick excuse of a “Justice” Department.

And so we shall, just wait and see, Carlyle. And I guarantee: you won’t have to wait very long at all.

Children in cages is enough.

Yes, we SHOULD stop with children in cages…because, well, shouldn’t ALL children be in cages anyway? “Seen but not heard,” as the saying goes. I think W.C. Fields would agree with me on that one. As I like to say: “Let us not throw the baby out with the bath water…after all, water should be recycled!”

My gay sci-fi tale, “The Mask of Horus” opens with a scene of a factory worker and soldier, Horus, slicing babies in half as they slide down a chute from an assembly line. I think you’ve already read it, but that was years ago (1999). You can either read it again, here:


Or listen to Marshall McGee’s wonderful narration of it from his weekly show on KNYO radio up in Mendocino county…it’s in two parts:

I suggest, however, that you read the prologue and “Letter to the Global Lesbian & Gay Community” that introduces the written version of this story, which is NOT included in the audio version.

If the red states want to send violent nut-cases like Margorie Taylor Greene to Congress, then the red states would deserve it to be red with blood in the 2nd Civil War for which they are hankering and cannot imagine themselves losing.

Our revolution shall be both totally bloodless, as well as totally victorious. I actually think you know that, and have for quite some time…I’d say, even BEFORE we ever met in cyberspace…day 1 being some time in 1997. And that your occasional, seemingly naive, comments in response to mine are but serving the purpose to fine tune my own spiritual progress. For you ARE one of my guardian angels (or “bodhisattvas”) assigned to watch over me, for my incredible destiny as a global power that will first liberate all sexual minorities, then everyone else. I dare you to deny that!

Some day we shall meet in person, and oh, what a frabjous day that will be!

Your gay comrade in arms,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Subject: I Broke Down and Got a Second Smartphone!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 1, 2021 7:22 PM

Because I want one phone to carry outside with me, withOUT a SIM card, to use for taking pics and videos, calling 911, and public wifi. And I want a second phone WITH a SIM card, just for voice calls, texting, Amazon home delivery verification and 2FA (two factor authentication)…that stays in my hovel at all times, thus not vulnerable to loss or theft. I got the cheapest service, $5/month…no data, just 100 minutes of voice calls, and unlimited text. So I went for this one, which costs just $50, and is totally compatible with Tello cell service:

Re: Resolution regarding my complaint to the landlord
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 1, 2021 7:56 PM

Hear, hear!!!!

Woof, woof!!!!

I don’t know WHY Carl is talking like that…I’m rather disappointed. More good things are coming in from my Doggy Wish List: two harnesses, electric dog nail grinder, more canned food. Amazing!

My new smartphone arrived, and it turns out NOT to be compatible with Tello cell service. Strange, because it fits all the specs needed. No big deal, though, as my present phone IS definitely compatible, because its IEMI number is on their list. The dumb thing about finding out whether or not a smartphone is compatible, is you have to actually OWN the phone, to do that! This is a poor assumption, as I’d imagine not everyone wants to switch their present phone to their serve…more likely, they’re looking to buy a phone that will be compatible; but this issue is based on the phone’s IEMI number, which you CAN’T know until you have purchased and received it! So, even though my new phone meets all the specs, turns out the IMEI number does not match their database records. But it’s a good phone nonetheless, I’ll just use THAT one for my “outdoor” phone, instead of the older one. Well, I’m waiting on the delivery of my SIM chip, which should arrive in three or four days.

I’m enjoying the heck out of Amazon Prime’s movie library…presently watching a horror film that takes place in a museum. Not the brainiest or deepest stuff, but a fun way to relax with the pups. Last night, I watched another scary film, this one about a missing child in upper middle class suburbia. I just LOVE seeing the elite be terrorized, one way or another!

A few days ago I ordered 5 lbs. of USDA certified, raw, unfiltered Idaho honey for just $25! This is part of my struggle to stop going to Molden Produce health food sture, run by a Cambodian family that is not always friendly. They sell my favorite raisin bread (Alvarado Street’s sprouted whole grain), and Wild Mountain Raw Honey (which there, costs $15 for two lbs. a lot cheaper than the other brands…but not as cheap as my Amazon purchase). So, Amazon sells a different brand of raisin bread, Ezekiel’s, which is just as good, if not better. So, very soon, I can STOP going to Molden Produce for good. Unfortunately, however, Amazon delivery failed to get it here, claiming a problem with dropping it off. In SPITE of the fact my instructions as posted on my Amazon account, is just to deposit it in the lobby. I rarely have this problem with them, but it happens once in a blue moon. This is directly the consequence of smartphone ubiquity. Well, I’ll soon have my own smartphone number, which will take care of that for once and for all. And the 2-day delivery is excellent for my situation. The dogs and the pandemic and my living w/o a vehicle, make it MOST difficult to go to different stores to find what I need, including groceries. While there’s a Whole Foods just three blocks from me, I really prefer to avoid any and all supermarkets. You need Amazon Prime to purchase food stuff, and I now have it. They have MANY items I prefer, that I can no longer get elsewhere…such as almond and cashew butter, that I used to shop for at a Target near the private library I frequented (pre-pandemic). And for a very good price. Amazon’s price is identical. Final thought on brick & mortar vs. online shopping:

If local shop owners resent the brutal competition from cyber businesses, perhaps they should not take out their idiosyncrasies and stress on their customers that could drive them away! I’m GLAD to be done with that Cambodian family health food store!


Lucky ate his whole meal this evening…and they played like wild foxes afterwards. I guess Flaco’s estrus irritability is now calming down. So it looks like when SHE is feeling out of sorts, it impacts Lucky directly and immediately. Of course, my showing them much love and patience through it all, has no doubt been a boost for both their innocent souls. They are now resting on the cot, spread out across the pile of comforters, totally content with bellies full and hearts rekindled.

Flaco competes for my attention, to the point where, sometimes when I go to hug Lucky, she shoves herself right between us! But Lucky will just step back and start pulling on her tail, which makes her focus switch from me, to him. Ha, ha, so cute. Lucky is VERY kind, protective and patient to his sister. And he got her to start play-fighting again, after his many failed efforts that made him feel dejected and not wanting to eat. They are actually very affectionate towards each other, and I think one would perish from heartbreak if the other disappears. What an amazing turn my life has taken these days, eh, Wattson? Who’d have though just a short while back, I’d wind up with not one, but two, sweet pups in my life, while living in just a single, rundown room…AND NOT GET EVICTED for making the decision to be their guardian, without first asking permission from the building manager. Of course, so much shit has been recently dumped on me by some others in this edifice, and I’ve fought back so successfully, I don’t think even Ablahblah Realty wants to tackle with me!

My life has turned into a beautiful fairy tale that only gets better with each passing day…but STILL too much pre-Prince-Charming Cinderella, and not enough cowbell! So at some point (I wonder when that morning will be) I will wake up with a brand new set of sparkling, pearly whites without EVER have to see a dentist. That will surely be a most interesting day! I’ll be running around the Castro with the broadest grin ever, telling everyone I meet “A miracle has happened!” while pointing at my teeth. But, since no one knows me around here, I will suffer the same fate as Cassandra, in a way. For they never witnessed my rotten old teeth, thanks to the mask mandate!

In appreciative confidence, I remain your lifelong friend and associate detective,

Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin-Holmes, Esq.

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Fwd: People Injured By COVID Vaccines In U.S. Will Not Receive Compensation From VICP
From: Zeke Krahlin MCN
To: Discussion MCN
Date: February 4, 2021 12:56 AM

On 2021-02-03 22:24, Helen Tosser wrote:

Dear Zeke, it’s surprising to find you burrowing your head in the sand about childhood vaccinations. Why don’t you RESEARCH the issue?

Your IQ is too low to comprehend that I HAVE researched the issue, far more thoroughly than YOU have.

Peace and blessings, Helen

Listen, you old, hypocritical, anti-LGBT/anti-sex/anti-sex-ed/anti-birth-prevention/anti-women’s-rights witch: your own arrogance comes shining through in your very ignorant and self-righteous post that I’m responding to, right now. YOU are the one who has NOT provided even ONE shred of evidence for your antivaxxing conspiracy bullshit.

Subject: A little gift for Surely. <3
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 5, 2021 8:35 PM

2 smokin’ doggie porn videos he won’t see on my Youtube channel!

My room has always been an R&R depot for hot young Blue Rose Militia recruits (a private space for privates and their private parts), so why not for the pooches, too? First time anything heterosexual has ever happened on my bed…or anywhere else in my hovel, for that matter! But for the love of Canis familiaris, I’ll make that one exception. Cheerio, Wattson! And give some hugs and a few comradely “woofs” to Surely on my behalf. For as you’ve said in an email some months back (paraphrasing): “He’s the best little doggie a little doggie could possibly be.”

Amazing how I’ve met so many folks in the Castro/Duboce, thanks to others who adore little doggies. Very important that I finally get to be known in my neighborhood, after living here for SO many years. I tell each new neighbor I meet, to google “brindlekin” to learn more about how these two golden-cloaked darlings came into my life. Two days back, as I took them on their usual walk up Noe Street, several hard hats restoring a house paused to admire Flaco & Lucky. They were absolutely charmed by them, in spite of Lucky’s persistent barking, as a protective shield for his sister. “Wow!” said one crew member, “His bark is like a dog twenty pounds heavier!” To which I replied, “Yeah, I’m thinking about hiring them out for Disney’s next doggie film.” So now on my walks, I have a canine-loving group of dudes that will be an aid in helping the pooches socialize with other humans, besides myself and Deek. As for my across-the-hall-neighbor, Daniyar:

I’ve only seen him once since our fine badinage last Saturday, which was four days later. Dan and his almost-teacup chihuahua snuggled in his arms had just emerged from their apartment as I headed down the stairs. “Why, hello!” I cheerfully greeted…but not one whit of acknowledgement back at me; it was like I wasn’t there at all.

“Hmm, interesting,” I thought as I strolled with the pups through a shady, tree-lined side street. “Maybe he checked out my Brindlekin Tales as I suggested, and came across my ‘Letter to the Landlord (part 4)‘…and doesn’t appreciate my including him in it. Especially in the context of my current dispute with that Myrtle/Adisa duo in 208, with Dan and partner being potential witnesses against them, and, possibly, against the building manager as well.”

After all, I would think that–upon scrolling through the table of contents–the phrase “letter to the landlord” would catch his eye immediately, since he also resides in the same edifice. Hence, likely to be the first chapters he’d read (of which there are four so far, and hopefully no more). Be that as it may, my dear Wattson, I am prepared for any further ectoplasmic extrusions that may erupt around this case, no doubt exacerbated by the devilish spirits haunting this spookiest of Castro habitations. I have yet no idea of who or what these poltergeist are, but I assure you: I WILL get to the bottom of this, should I remain here or not…whence this astounding case will FINALLY be settled to the satisfaction of ALL parties involved, whether flesh or ghost. As for my cell service adventure:

While my Tracfone device IS declared compatible with Tello’s service, based on their IMEI number database–and I have received the SIM chip three days ago, and inserted it–the phone refuses to let me dial any number except 911. I tested numerous times by attempting to call my own land line, but only get a recording from Verizon that, if I want to make a call, I can do so via my credit card, or collect! But, since Tello uses Sprint only, I figured out that Verizon intercepts any unsubscribed phone in the ether, as a money grab. I posted my problem via Tello’s help request form page, only to receive a generic “have you tried any of these solutions” response. So I posted back, saying, yes I have, but none of them resolve the issue. What the heck is going on?” Still awaiting their next reply. Meanwhile:

Yesterday I signed up for a wifi based phone service, “Textfree Voice,” that gives you free calls in exchange for watching video advertisements (1 minute per 20-second ad). Well, I just play the ad with the volume off, and do something else…ha, ha. But even THAT’S not necessary, as I really only need to text, which is free and unlimited. Amazon Prime requires texting only (no voice calls), to synchronize package deliveries. I can also use texting exclusively, for 2FA (two-factor authentication) for my online activities. There is one question I have, though:

Will Amazon accept wifi-only phone numbers as equivalent to cell service ones? I’ll soon find out, I guess. But if they do, I can just cancel my Tello subscription. But if this Textfree service IS acceptable, I’ll gladly pay THEM $5/month for unlimited voice calls. What I’m ALSO wondering, regards 2FA’s reliance on a smartphone:

What happens if you should lose your phone, or it craps out? You’re really up a creek without a paddle, eh? This page has solutions:


Nonetheless, I intend to keep my Tracfone hovel at all times, and just use my new BLU Advance 5.0 phone, whenever I step outside. Which I can use for taking snapshots and videos, listening to downloaded podcasts, dialing 911…and, of course, to have Deek’s verbal contract (that I now own the doggos) available wherever I go, in the event any of his “friends” should challenge me. It hasn’t happened yet, thank Hera. So if THAT phone gets lost or stolen, my dialing/texting service (whether cell or wifi) remains intact, because only on my BLU device. Different topic now:

The bedbugs are back (surprise, surprise), so getting everything arranged for the exterminator’s arrival will be an especially difficult challenge, now that I have my furry roommates. Taking them with me to the laundromat is not something I look forward to, as it brings me deeper into that part of the Castro where I am more likely to encounter Deek or one of his allies. Plus: who knows what other dog may be brought inside, that may or may not cause some havoc; not to mention any crazy vagrant that decides to show up and be a gross disturbance! I COULD leave them inside, and just run back hovel after getting my laundry started…for both washing and drying. So, if I’m really fast when they’re done drying, I shouldn’t be gone for more than twenty minutes, probably less, as I will not fuss with folding. I think I’ll do it that way, as they’ve always been quiet and calm when left alone…I just haven’t done that yet, for more than ten minutes.

Well, that’s it for now, Wattson! I hope your day is going splendidly, and that you’ve made further inroads towards emerging from your prolonged crisis.

In all sincerity, I remain your friend and confidante:

Ezekiel J. Krahlin-Holmes, Esq.

Re: A little gift for Surely. <3
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 4:15 PM

Gracious goodness!!!!

Yes indeed…their ankles show in every frame, making the videos EXTRA racy!

Subject: Flaco in Blissful Rest
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 6:05 PM

Just a single, lovely little pic:

Re: Flaco in Blissful Rest (and URGENT update)
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 8:38 PM

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read the last two paragraphs of this missive, if you are too busy to read it in full, at this moment. Thank you kindly, Dr. Wattson!


These doggies never cease to charm me. Anyway, they’ve been eating very little these past two days…maybe a third of their usual consumption. And this morning, they refused to eat ANYthing! Even though their meals continue to be infused with ground up pieces of duck jerky (their favorite). Yet they seem quite unphased: content and cool, wet schnozzolas. However, some moments ago I started hearing little squeaky, grumbling noises coming from Lucky’s stomach. He’s just lying on his back, happy and unperturbed through it all. I’m wondering now, if the duck jerky is too rich to give them in the amount I use to whet their appetites. Then I notice this:

So I just posted it to Imgur with the caption: “This blue-green marking is located at the base of my neutered doggie’s wanger. Anyone know what this is?”

Do you have ANY idea, Wattson? Anyway, Lucky’s stomach grumbles ceased after several minutes. Furthermore:

I am concerned about the bedbug treatment that will take place next week. When it’s supposedly “safe” to return to my hovel (after three hours), everything is damp from the pesticide spray, so they’ll get their little paws wet immediately. Well, I’ll have to lay down newspaper everywhere before I even let them in. This treatment is supposed to be safe for canines, and we have many dog lovers in this building. So if it weren’t, I’m sure I’d’ve heard about it before now. But what choice do I have, as there is nowhere I can keep them for even another day or two! What a fragmented, antisocial culture is this city, and Amerika at large! When you’re poor, you’re fucked. Also:

I have since cancelled my Amazon Prime account, as their Whole Foods delivery includes “fee adjustments,” whatever that means. But when I was about to place my first order ($48), this adjustment came to an additional $9! Plus, a suggested tip of $5. What on earth is this adjustment…they neither explain it on the order page, or anywhere in their help files. Change in price of one of more items, right when I’m about to make a purchase? How convenient for them!

They also strongly suggest you allow a replacement option for any item you order, that is not in stock at the moment…so they can replace it with an “equivalent” product. Now what does THAT even mean? I like brands of jam that are sweetened with fruit juice, not sugar or corn syrup…will they comply with that, if replaced? And what about the cinnamon raisin bread I prefer, that is made from sprouted whole grains…would they replace that with an unwholesome white flour version, or a brand of whole grain bread that has unhealthy additives such as corn syrup (I’m thinking here of brands like Orowheat and Thomas’).

As for Tello’s inexpensive cell phone service: they have yet to get back to me, regarding the fact that, after installing their SIM chip and registering, I STILL cannot make any calls. So I’m ready to cancel them, too. But I don’t need them now, anyway, as the main reason for finally breaking down and using a cell network, was that Amazon Prime requires it.

The five pounds of raw, unfiltered Idaho honey I ordered for $25, STILL hasn’t arrived, after just one unsuccessful attempt to deliver on January 31st, with a claim they’ll try again soon. But so far, no further attempt has been made! I think SOME of Amazon’s delivery crew don’t even bother to drop off your purchase if they can’t reach you immediately via a smartphone. As if it were a Herculean task to just deliver the package the “old fashioned” way. It is RARE this occurs, which it has for me two previous times, in the 8+ years I’ve been an Amazon customer. So I sent a complaint to the seller, who hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but no doubt will answer with something like: “We have no control over the actual delivery.”

Then some other cyber problem popped up three days ago, regarding Youtube’s Premium Music service. I had accidentally clicked on their “free trial” button with a slip of my mouse hand. So I figured, well I can just cancel that. But in their customer settings, there was NO option to cancel, and they stated they’ll begin charging for my premium service as soon as the trial runs out…which was in ten days! I went all over the web trying to find a way to cancel NOW, and finally learned that it would be best to just shut down my payment setup for Google (since they OWN Youtube). But that meant I’d also be canceling my Google Drive account, to which I’ve subscribed only four days back, to give me 100 GB backup storage! Because I was dissatisfied with Idrive’s cloud backup, and my trial arrangement with THEM will end later this year.

But, as it turned out, I got my problem resolved with Idrive just this morning…had to do with running some Linux scripts, in order to be able to use their web based GUI, instead of running their confusing series of scripts to get anything done. I COULD go back to Windoze (my laptop is dual boot BTW), where their service runs hassle free, but I’m fighting that all the way, as backup services are the ONLY businesses that try to force you to use Microslut’s operating system (for the most part). Well, all is copasetic now, as Idrive is backing up my data via Linux Mint 20 as I’m typing right now. And, therefore, I gladly kiss Google payments goodbye!

NOW GET THIS: Between the previous paragraph and this one, I stepped out to dispose of some bottles and cans on the back porch bin, when I heard some serious yelling out of Myrtle/Adisa Haversak’s apartment! (You know, the mother and son duo who invited some teenagers to hang out in my hallway without wearing a mask, and disturbing the peace, and acting intimidating…as well as made a false accusation to the building manager that one of my pups bit Adisa.) The screaming voice was that of a young man, though it didn’t sound like Adisa, so I guess it’s one of his visitors. I’m not sure what the argument was about, as I didn’t stick around to eavesdrop.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my complaint about them to Ablahblah Realty and the manager, Kevin Bond, is having serious repercussions on their conscience. And that something else untoward is going on in that tiny studio unit, that has nothing to do with me, and started long before my conflict with them. I suspect that Ms. Haversak takes advantage of her petite build, as in “she’s so tiny and sweet looking, I could never imagine her being a nuisance!” So she probably gets away with a lot that others not so diminutive would not. At any rate, I DO hope that neither myself nor my doggies are further harassed, or even assaulted, as a result of their suspicious antics.

  • Zeke

Re: Flaco in Blissful Rest (and URGENT update)
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 8:51 PM

My first thought was that it’s a tattoo marking him as “neutered.” I looked at the comments, and it seems to be so.

Yep, that’s what it is, thanks.

Agh! pesticide sounds awful! Newspaper (harder and harder to find these days), and lots of it. Maybe plastic bags on their paws!

Pesticide is just a word; some are indeed harmless to mammals. After all, salt may be considered a pesticide when it comes to slugs. I get a constant supply of free newspapers just across the street, the Bay Area Reporter mostly…which is cool, I think, because a former editor there hated me, so decided on censoring me forever, from publishing my letters. He’s since died, and I’m still here, yet the ban marches on. As for bags on my doggies’ little feet: I’m sure they will not go for that at all. I’d like to keep them out for LONGER than three hours, but where can I go? Coffeehouses are all shut down.

Not to mention all the exhausting preparation this requires before the exterminator’s arrival…than all the unpacking and rewashing afterwards. So it pretty much kills an entire week before the dust settles, and I can proceed with my OWN interests again. Fuck ’em. And now I have two lovely doggies on top of that, to worry about all this disruption, and potential poisoning (which I think WON’T occur, but it definitely IS a concern).

It’s good that you are no longer uppermost in their minds (a word I use advisedly in their case).

Oh, but they remain uppermost in MY mind…how could they NOT be? They’re just down the hallway! I have a strong will, though, and a calm energy. Myrtle’s immediate reaction upon reading my letter to the landlord, was to accuse me of trying to get them evicted, which is blatantly NOT true. I was simply trying to put a HALT to possibly spreading COVID-19, as well as their guests being loiterers and a nuisance. I’ve noticed that Adisa is no longer bouncing that damned basketball late at night, as he walks the five blocks to Duboce Park. This was always around midnight, and all is quiet except for that idiotic ball being slammed repeatedly against the concrete, upon leaving and approaching our domiciles. But for the past week or so, no more of that pounding echo to grate my ears (and those of the pups, I should add), and I sure hope it stays that way.

Doesn’t he realize playing basketball is a stereotype for African Americans? I grow sickened whenever I hear about high schools providing late-night basketball for their black students. Why not other programs of an artistic or intellectual bent…or is that reserved only for Caucasians?

Anyway, let these despicable circumstances be but two examples of the ongoing bombardment of crises that we low income folks must put up with on a deplorably frequent basis. Once one issue gets resolved, there’s another that comes battering down my door! A big part of this is that many people go out of their way to harass and threaten those of us not enjoying an affluent lifestyle. And you’re a sitting duck when the manager of your own building plays this dark game, including (but not limited to) gossiping to other residents. A previous manager back in the 90s went around telling everyone what cheap rent I pay…which DID cause animosity by SOME of the newest inhabitants. And which also exacerbates my lifelong difficulty in forming new friendships, among OTHER unkind obstructions. I am a pariah in my own apartment complex! That is why I truly miss my neighbor Michael, who suddenly passed on after two-plus years living next door. He appreciated my eccentric style, and creative energies. As have several others who’ve lived here…but they are few and far between, and such a long time ago by now. At least ONE benefit comes of that, though:

At the outstanding age of 70, most folks by that time are constantly mourning one loss or another of a beloved friend or relative. But as for me, that is NOT the case. Hardy har har?

  • Zeke

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 10:10 PM

Lucky’s penis is stuck inside Flaco…I heard yelping, now I saw what was going on, so I’m having them stay still until he can remove it by himself. This is the advice from a veterinarian site…it will be stuck for a few minutes, maybe up to 20. I hope so, that is, that it gets unstuck. They say NOT to try to remove it yourself, as that could cause damage. I’m a nervous wreck!

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 10:36 PM

Now I’m wondering, should I be like some Puritan preacher and NOT allow them to have some sex fun? Or can I count on this stuck-wanger thing always resolving itself in a few minutes? Lucky is lying down like he’s shocked, like maybe Flaco caused him that pain. Or the other way around:

Flaco just growled at him, then sought my lap. Maybe Lucky feels bad for “hurting” her? Yet now Flaco is being most aggressive, growling AND wagging her tale…like she wants more of that! Now she’s barking at him, to play some more…just like Lucky’s been doing recently.

Anyway, things are better now. Whew!

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 10:48 PM

That’s how it is with dogs!

And now I know. :p

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 6, 2021 11:16 PM

Amazing that he can get that far as a “fixed” fella!

Yep. But it was quite a traumatic experience for both…hurt feelings all around! So group hugs and letting them know how much they are loved, and nobody’s at fault. When I saw they were stuck, it wasn’t until after they broke out in yelps and growls. Flaco tried to jump off the bed, but I got them to calm down, and they obeyed my “stay” commands, as I nervously wrote to you about this emergency. They remained very still, even though I didn’t have to hold them down, and tell them “stay” any more. Such good dogs, they listen to me very well!

Let me know if you decide to get Flaco fixed; I’d like to contribute.

The SPCA won’t resume such services until March 1st, at the earliest. I will keep on the alert for when they start neutering pets again. Finding a veterinarian outside of that, would be ridiculously pricey…if they even spay at all; they probably are only available for emergencies, too. There is an emergency dog service three blocks away, I should drop in and see what their rates are…will do that in a day or two. That would be great if I can have the operation done there, as I wouldn’t have to get on some clunky, crowded bus, or schlep sixteen or so blocks to the SPCA clinic, through a gauntlet of crazy vagrants and wicked alcoholics.

The room stinks of sex right now…egads, and I without smelling salts!

  • Zeke

Subject: Flaco in Blissful Rest, Again
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 7, 2021 5:42 PM

This is a daytime shot. Otherwise, identical to the nighttime one:

Now they’re relaxing on my cot, as if nothing untoward had just happened. When I held them down and told them to stay, they maintained their still pose without requiring a second command. They just looked quite chagrined, but well aware they need to obey me in this crisis. These are a couple of VERY smart pups!

I told you how Lucky pushes away the dish with his nose, when he’s not hungry any more. Well, a few days ago I left their dishes out on the floor, because they ate very little of their meals earlier. About an hour later (and I thought they were both on the bed), I heard some loud rustling of newspaper sheets, so I looked away from my desk to see Lucky shoving a bunch of papers against the dish, and moving it across the floor, attempting to tip it over!

So, even if I don’t put the meal up to his face (and if he’s not in the mood to eat) he’ll eventually resent any dog dish I leave unemptied, and start pushing it around. What’s interesting, also, is that he’ll never DIRECTLY touch the dish with his nose, but find something to put between himself and it…such as a blanket or some paper! I’ve watched him do this, numerous times: he’ll first look around as if to think: “Now, what can I use to push that dish away without touching it with my schnozzle?” He’ll figure it out, then proceed to shove the food around; and tip it over if I don’t remove it soon enough.

Looking SO forward to another loaf of Alvarado’s Sprouted Whole Grain Raisin Cinnamon Bread after a week of oatmeal, I marched down to Molden Produce with the pooches this afternoon. Keep in mind that I DON’T like the Cambodian family that runs it (who vote Republican, I’m guessing), and I WAS looking forward to getting an equally excellent loaf (Ezekiel’s Sprouted Mult-Grain Cinnamon Raisin Bread) via Amazon Prime…relieved to realize this new service I subscribed to would eliminate my need to go to that brick and mortar health food store any more. Only to suddenly decide to cancel Amazon Prime last night, due to hidden fees that didn’t show up until I loaded the checkout page. So I bit the bullet, and went to Molden, to get that raisin bread, along with another 2-pound jar of my favorite raw honey. Which equally excellent honey (though a different brand) I had ordered through Amazon (non-Prime), but which had failed to show up after the first attempt to deliver, and it’s now been a week and no more attempts. It’s like Kismet has so determined that I NEED to shop for some things at Molden, whether I like to, or not!

So when I got there, I grabbed the honey off the shelf, three small bottles of St. Dalfour Blueberry Spread off another…then stepped up to the frozen section where those Alvarado Street loaves are kept. But it turns out they have none today! I told the male Cambodian cashier this is the first time I’ve come here in all these many years, and they didn’t have my favorite bread. He asked what brand, so I told him, and he stepped out to the bread section and pointed out aNOTHER brand of raisin bread. (And here, I thought he was going to double check to see if MY bread were really out of stock.)

I waved my hand dismissively and spoke: “But that’s WHITE bread, which is very unhealthy. Alvarado’s is made of sprouted whole wheat. Besides, whole grain bread is tasty, but white bread is not…tastes more like cardboard than anything else! So, thanks but no thanks!”

He just shrugged his shoulders and returned to the register. I SHOULD have then said: “For someone who runs a health food store, you sure know very little about healthy food!”

But I bit my tongue instead, and finally departed with brindlekin in tow.

  • Zeke

Re: Flaco in Blissful Rest, Again
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 7, 2021 05:33 PM

Whew. Storm has passed, for now.

I’ll see that it won’t happen any more, because that was a trauma for BOTH of them. They’re acting up again right now, and whenever Lucky assumes the mounting position, I just gently pull him away and say, “No, no, none of that!” He gets me immediately, and steps back without any further coercion. Then they have their sex play in all other ways, except that one. They seem perfectly fine with that…and happy. I just can’t leave them alone while she’s in heat, even for just a few minutes. Because if they’re on the cot, and get stuck again, Flaco will jump off the bed and cause mutual injury. All is fine now, there will NOT be another storm of that sort.

Anyway, I like that Flaco is more aggressive when in estrus, in that she growls and woofs at Lucky, instigating a robust bout of play-fighting, which is usually her brother’s role. I think she’s a dyke anyway, as she often mounts her brother in their play, and lifts her leg when she pees, half the time. (Flaco also has an interesting way of taking a dump on the side of a slanted tree…as she pushes her butt right up against it, and leaves a neat package clinging to the bark, like a stinky fungus! (Do human dykes do that too? I think I’d rather not know.) Lucky loves her sex smell, and goes crazy-silly after a sniff or two, squirming on his back, yapping and making funny, quack noises. So they both seem joyful enough, in spite of my Protestant intervention. And that’s how things will go from this day hence, whenever the “heat” is on.

Oh, man, I love Alvarado St. bread. That whole grain raisin cinnamon sounds DIVINE. A perfect breakfast treat. I’ll have to see if either of the health food stores up here have it.

They know how to bake whole grain breads and pastries like magic…and all wholesome ingredients! You will LOVE their raisin bread. I smear globs of whipped cream cheese over it, then a dollop of St. Dalfour blueberry spread to sweeten the pot. It’s GREAT with just butter, too, or a healthy margarine. I also HIGHLY recommend their 100 percent rye bread. I don’t normally like rye, but theirs is amazing! I used to have it toasted with just some butter: DIVINE! Makes an awesome sandwich bread, as well.

Gee, when my Brindlekin Tales finally take the world by storm, all the products I mention therein are gonna have a whopping BOOST in sales! And imagine coffeehouses selling their new “Zeke’s Almost-Latte” beverage…based on exactly as I described in one of my chapters: 80 percent black coffee, 20 percent non-organic 2 percent milk, two packets of Sweet N’ Low, and a teaspoon-and-a-half of raw honey. Of course, to be authentic, they’ll have to use the same brand of beans they brew at Rosenberg’s (which is from Peet’s Coffee kind of across the street but not really), the same brand of milk (Berkeley Farms), and the same brand of honey (Wild Mountain).

Likewise your OWN publications will get quite a boon from my miraculous success, as you are mentioned so MUCH in those tales, including multiple references to “Twilight in Somalia”..and even the book cover is glimpsed in my video called “This is My Room, God Help Me.” Hmm, now it occurs to me to mention your OTHER brilliant, thought provoking works, too, somewhere in the remaining chapters…and I will do just that. In fact, I’ll do it right here:


That’s it for now, Dr. Wattson! I bid you adieu, and a most glorious night of sweet dreaming.

  • Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin-Holmes

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 7, 2021 07:52 PM

Sex is very confusing. For every living creature, IMO…nature pre-installs wiring in us, and any time it feels like it, takes over our beings and systems entirely. Poor doggies’ little innocent sibling friendship imposed upon by this overwhelming, painful drive.

Well, they now have a superb guardian in me, whose love is stronger than even this drive. They obey me in every way, because I have never fucked with their heads, and always been nothing but kind. Their trust has become absolute, as a result. And to think it was my difficult relationship with Deek over the years, that has led to all this wonder! No, he’s not a meth freak, nor even homeless…he’s a guardian angel, PLAYING that role, for the sake of creating adventures and challenges in my life, and these Brindlekin Tales.

I know. Barbarians, all of them. No different from ignorant superstitious medieval peasants, except that they have the internet, guns and cars.

Not ALL are like that, but way too many, such that it makes it nigh impossible to ferret out the decent ones, and develop friendships. This dire scenario for our species will NOT go on much longer. I know I sound a bit like a biblical patriarch, but that is not my intent. I just have this wisdom. Wisdom that will soon explode across the world, like the release of a billion-zillion-quadrillion dandelion puffs released all at once. And THAT, my dear Wattson, is nothing to sneeze at!

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…achoo!

  • Zeke

Re: Resolution regarding my complaint to the landlord
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Carlyle Lambourne
Date: February 7, 2021 9:34 PM

Deeper sigh.. yes, this guy doesn’t sound like a good friend or good owner for the dogs.

Regards, Carlyle

Exactly. I’d be handing them over to live a miserable, short, painful life, then die. I saved their lives, and, in a very real way, they’ve saved mine. And extraordinary changes are now occurring in my life, because of this…which led to my penning “Brindlekin Tales,” still a story in progress.

Subject: Youtube Comments Have Started!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 8, 2021 1:31 PM

Thus begins the expansion of my presence to the world at large. Check out the comment by Dave, here, which I think you’ll enjoy immensely (and my response):

My Contract with Deek

Also: I’ve expounded a bit more on my piece, “Mendocino County’s Own ‘I Hate Zeke’ Fan Club.” Total text is just three paragraphs (originally just one paragraph: the first), so it’s a quick read. Has to do with Marshall McGee, your local radio host celebrity, who’s narrated MANY of my stories in the recent past on his weekly show, “Memo of the Weird.”


Re: Youtube Comments Have Started!
From Zeke Krahlin
To My Dear Wattson
Date: February 8, 2021 9:03 PM

Dave is GREAT!! And so are your replies! Who says cyber-communication isn’t “authentic?”

That’s how WE met, and how Carlyle (my Boston gay activist ally) and I met. Most excellent two friends I have ever known. I look forward to a growing number of visitors to my channel…it should be a hoot!


Very easy, as it turns out, to keep Lucky from copulating. Just a couple of “ah-ah’s” and he backs off. Even ONE little “ah” now does the trick. Now, whenever Flaco presents her rear, or slinks against him like a cat, her brother usually clamps onto her tail or leg and yanks on it to start a robust bout of play-fighting…in lieu of mounting. So he’s adapting, as if he understands my admonition, and is now helping Flaco to adjust. These pups are smart as a whip! But funny enough, now FLACO is mounting HIM, instead! Told you she’s a dyke.

Since I concluded it’s a bad idea (when she’s in estrus) to leave them together whenever I step out for more than a minute or two, yesterday I took Flaco with me to purchase my morning java. Upon returning, there was Lucky, waiting patiently. He did NOT utter a single bark, yelp, whine or chortle while alone in my hovel. So this morning, I did the reverse and took Lucky with me, to Rosenberg’s around the corner. And Flaco, likewise, remained calm and silent while awaiting our return.

Bedbug exterminator dropped by, to establish I need another treatment. He’s usually chipper, but seemed under the weather today. I imagine getting rid of these nasty bugs is a thankless task, what with all the trauma it causes residents, especially those on a low income or occupying a single room (like me). So I warned him about the doggies, they’ll probably bark up a storm, ’cause he’s a stranger entering my room. When I opened the door there they were, snoozing away on a pile of comforters one moment, then barking at him the next. They quieted down a bit when I leashed them, and took them into the hallway, so the fellow could do his job. He was very charmed by them, you’ll be glad to know.

Anyway, I asked him if I need to know anything extra about bringing the dogs back inside, after treatment. He said no, same as for humans. That’s a relief! I’ll still lay down newspaper, though, and thoroughly wipe down several times, the self-inflating padding I use atop the cot, along with the likewise-inflatable pillow. Because they LOVE to lick on them like nobody’s business, probably because the heavy gauge nylon covering on both, is a texture that pleases their tongues.

Later, after the exterminator departed, I decided to look up the company, which website was painted on his truck. Turns out there’s a section there to rate them. So I gave a full five star review, saying that our exterminator is a godsend…both congenial and efficient at his work. I included his full name, in hopes that will get back to him, and make his day.

The brindlekin have resumed their eating, though not as robustly as before…they ARE finicky, it seems. Maybe it’s because they really need a safe place to get some REAL exercise, but I’ll be damned if I know where one is! If only I had access to some nice person’s fenced-in backyard! I also noticed that Lucky first watches Flaco to see if she starts to dine. And when she does, only THEN will he partake of his own bowl! But if she does not, he abstains as well. He always thinks of her first. A new treat I just discovered (again from Jeffrey’s pet food shop) that they go wild over is called “Treatohs” (rhymes with Cheetohs). That would be a good way to keep their appetites up, by mixing it in with their food. So I’ll pick some up tomorrow.

Something funny happened two nights ago, as I proceeded to exit my building with both pooches in tow. All was quiet, as it was around 11 PM, but as we got to the gate, three people were about to enter, and the doggies suddenly exploded in wild barks, looking like hounds from hell! There were two young men and a woman, and one of the guys jumped back, startled, then started cracking up when he saw how cute they are. He then opened the gate for me and, while the ferocious barks continued, I boomed in a loud voice:


Then I thanked them as I quickly departed; they said no problem, and were still chuckling about the faux-vicious canine encounter. I think the fact that any person or dog at the front gate will arouse their territorial instinct…and, unfortunately, it’s so BUSY right around that part of the sidewalk. There’s almost always a commotion going on there during the daytime, and I’d rather have a quiet exit from the building, than all this drama. Anyway, that’s it for now, Wattson!

  • Zeke

PS: It is a genuine PLEASURE sleeping with the pups at night. Their little sighs of joy, leg-twitching as they dream, readjusting their position from time to time, usually to get closer to me with a solid “thump” right when they drop upon my leg or arm or torso…and a sigh of happiness once settled down again. One of them snuggled in my arms, while the other has their head resting upon my knee, or calf, or foot. And such cheerful mornings! Flaco always arises first, while Lucky prefers more snooze time until I finally break out the leashes.

Re: Youtube Comments Have Started!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 8, 2021 9:32 PM


I haven’t watched, read, or listened to the news in weeks, I am that focused on my writing…which results are paying off handsomely! Furthermore, I consider my stories so much more important than anything else going on in the world at this time…in light of all the GOOD it shall accomplished for many millions of people across the globe. Perhaps even BILLIONS…dare I dream so large? Dare I do!

My prophetically infused writing skills are astounding on a most profound level. Even SCARY in some ways, sort of monstrously DARK, because it’s just…IMPOSSIBLE! Yet here we are, here I am, and it’s happening! So fasten your seat belt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. But oh what fun WE shall have, who steer the wheel! To a destiny far greater than anyone can imagine, including our own gifted selves.

  • Zeke

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