Stroll With Me Tonight (3 videos)

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 6]

Here are three videos documenting the distribution of my “Brindlekin Prayer Cards” through my neighborhood, that include a link to the book, which is free for anyone to read online. Printing up these cards and distributing them throughout the Castro was inspired by the tragic removal of Lucky & Flaco from my life. Most people will find these videos boring. However, those who have a heart, especially lovers of dogs, will find these 1-hour-plus videos gems in their own right. So, if you bother to schlepp through all three recordings (or even just one), I give you great kudos. And if you are considering doing just that, but still harbor doubts: think of it as walking the stations of the cross, or the Via Dolorosa. Only in my case, it’s walking the stations of the leash, and the Puppy Dolorosa. It is, IOW, my prayers in action, five devotional walks, each a long meditation for the safety and happiness of two lovely doggies and their troubled guardian who adopted them, thus forcing the pups to live on these mean streets. He mistreats and neglects them. Yet our legal system so deems that dogs are chattel, rather than loving creatures who deserve to be respected for that, instead of just an object owned, wherein property is nine-tenths of the law regardless of how badly they may be abused. Like a piece of furniture.

Stroll With Me Tonight (1 of 3)

Stroll With Me Tonight (2 of 3)

Stroll With Me Tonight (3 of 3)

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  1. […] some to hand out, and don’t want to spend more money for another set of cards at this time. I video recorded walks 3-5, which are each more than an hour long. I talk about intriguing concepts, and bits of my early […]

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