Seriously, Amazon?

Perfect example of why algorithms are overrated, because, while potentially a boon to scientific research and statistical analysis, they are, in large part, quite screwed up. Which is a great danger towards minorities and other potential victims of government’s “big brother” policing of its citizens. This example is harmless enough, but it DOES show clearly, why the worship of the holy algorithm is both bogus and, ultimately, detrimental on a large scale. Though the problem is NOT the concept of the algorithm itself, it is HUMAN bias and manipulation (as well as sloppy execution) embedded INTO them, that is the crux of the matter.

For the first image, one could make a joke about putting one’s foot in one’s mouth! But as for the second image, a pile of gushy, squirmy grubs or some OTHER putrid insect larva does NOT a good appetite make! I know we’re all gonna be eating insects sooner or later, as our only source of protein and fat, as most other species that satisfy our lust for mammalian flesh will soon be wiped clean off this planet’s plate. Nonetheless, we are not there yet, and Amazon has absolutely no right to gross me out with such “recommended” supplements…especially towards vegetarians like myself. So allow me to return the favor:

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