Calling Deek via Smartphone: a Pointless Endeavor

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 3: Chapter 13]

Subject: How could I NOT include this image!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 27, 2021 8:23 PM

This is an old cartoon painting I did, and I recall showing it to you…maybe ten years ago? Anyway, I stumbled across it again while perusing my Gay Bible “/1-images” folder, and it struck me: I MUST include it in my book! So at first I embedded the link in my scathing rebuttal to a Jebus freak who emailed me in private, while I responded via the announce list. The image’s URL is right at the end of that long and hilarious missive.

Then I pasted my entire reply into chapter 12 of book 3, which I completed only moments ago. It’s a thumbnail version with a link to the larger pic. Now I ask you, good doctor:

How could I NOT include it in my book?

– Zeke K-Holmes


Re: How could I NOT include this image!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 27, 2021 8:42 PM

> Sassy!!!!

The devil made me dump it.


Subject: The first 2 minutes…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 27, 2021 9:08 PM

…of my latest video featuring Deek, will show you a much calmer Deek, and more considerate. This is impressive! I think the doggie purchase/abduction/police debacle put him through some really good changes. The 2 minutes are NOT up, until AFTER Deek calls me back to the gate, and asks for something.

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Dog-2-Dog Delivery [my latest youtube video – 14.5 mins.]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Lisa Harwood
Date: March 28, 2021 11:13 AM

> This one is really good, Zeke: has all your best elements with a distinct beginning, middle and ending.

Thanks! I’m new to videography, and work with rather rudimentary tools. However, I am not paying attention to technique, except for lowering my head more, to be sure to capture scenes on the ground or floor, such as when Lucky tugs on my pant cuff or nips at my feet. Which I have yet to master! Using an eyeglass camera is a challenge in that way. I’ll have to REALLY crane my neck down to capture the area around my feet, which means I won’t be able to see what may be looming ahead or behind me, while I do that. Otherwise, I’m really just letting things unfold w/o worrying about technique.

I would say that most of the credit goes to Kismet, than any real effort on my part. The stories make themselves…miracles are happening in my life so frequently, it’s hard to keep up! I am eager to capture them on film, in addition to writing down as much as I can. For posterity’s sake as well as the sheer joy of it all. FYI:

Not only does Deek not know I’m filming him, he doesn’t even know I’m writing TRUE tales about him and the pups! (I DID tell him I’m writing stories and doing videos, but they have nothing to do about him or the doggos.) By the time he discovers this, the world will already have its eyes turned on my Brindlekin Tales. This will make him famous and VERY well loved. Money will pour in, of which I will provide him with half. Thus, no longer houseless and poor; the pups will have a nice home and a lovely backyard to romp around all day long. That is how Book 3, and the trilogy, shall end…and I’ve only got 5 more chapters to go!

It is also my way of trying to protect Flaco & Lucky from being lost, stolen, or given up by Deek in one of his bipolar attacks. In that, my attempts to bring him local fame will make the neighborhood aware of him, and the scary situation regarding the dogs. In the chapters around this, I pleaded with my readers to show him compassion, not anger. Seeing as I am no longer in charge of the mutts, I HAD to come up with a way to get OTHERS to watch over them, and see to their safety and well-being. For this reason, I designed and purchased 1,500 Brindlekin business cards (with the link to my trilogy in bold, large font), then distributed them over five nights, throughout the Castro. I call these my devotional walks (or “Puppy Dolorosa”), and the cards my “Doggie Prayer Cards.” So far, though, I have not achieved the desired results, and am still alone in my struggle.

Meanwhile, things have settled into a more positive arrangement (after much eruption and conflict for a time), which has shown me that things are not anywhere NEAR as frightening as I first thought. But I still have to trust that the dogs will be just fine, and that Deek will NOT get Flaco pregnant, in his fantasy to start his own puppy mill money maker right there on the streets! She’s due to go into heat again, in about a month. Last time, she and Lucky were living with me, so I kept them safe.

Which then takes me into a more profound realm of the spiritual, whereby I consider that Deek is actually one of my bodhisattva guides (a.k.a. “guardian angel”) which he brilliantly acknowledged by that angel label attached to the cart, and the all-white rag doll contained therein). Which also implies that he’s ALWAYS taken good care of the pooches, and that he even has a nice place to live, and never WAS homeless in the first place. That is: as one of my spiritual teachers, he plays the role of vagrant, setting up story after story for me to write down, and in which he builds me up to be the hero of all these incredible tales…including acting out the persona of a somewhat disturbed individual, that I may intervene in order to set him on the right path, and also save the pups’ lives. Ergo:

DEEK IS THE TRUE AUTHOR OF BRINDLEKIN TALES, and I, merely the recording secretary!

But as I stated before, all this is discussed IN my recent chapters, for which reason I need not go further in explaining to you, what I believe is REALLY taking place. For one of the purposes of these tales, is to spare me from repeating myself over and over to curious individuals. Instead, I just direct them to my trilogy. One particular chapter I think you should read ASAP, in light of our present e-conversation, is: “Vistaprint Cards Have Arrived.”

It also brings up my “Bodhisattva Premise,” so you’ll get a better idea of what I believe is actually going on. Which premise is also discussed in many other chapters. In one particular chapter I employ game theory to delve into my premise in a most entertaining manner. That would be the piece I call “Checkmate, Mr. Kuzlowski.”

It is from an actual series of threads on the discussion list, with our token Nazi lunatic, whom I call “Kuzlowski” in my tales. Another incredible thing to know about my tales, is that a HUGE part of them are expressed through email communication between myself and a long-term resident of Mendocino…whom I call “Tara Roosevelt” at first, then a bit further down the line, “My Dear Wattson.” She is a superb author in her own right.

That’s it for now, Lisa…and thanks immensely for your kind interest in my adventures and struggles!

– Zeke Krahlin

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Dog-2-Dog Delivery ADDENDUM
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Lisa Harwood
Date: March 28, 2021 11:28 AM

Based on my conjecture that Deek is not what he appears to be, but is, instead, a bodhisattva guardian, then he already KNOWS I’m recording him, and is enjoying the heck out of the whole scenario, in which he is shaping me into the hero of my own tales, WHICH HE IS CREATING. You should also know:

You are now part of my tales, as one “Lisa Harwood,” seeing as your remarks and questions are a nice way of summarizing to the reader, recent events of import that have already appeared in previous chapters. Just search for “harwood” in each of the following episodes: “A Miracle on Market Street,” “The Next Chapter” and “The Next Next Next Next Chapter.”

My upcoming chapter will be #13 of Book 3, in which these latest emails will also appear. Hopefully, any further communiqué we have will not unduly disrupt the flow of our conversation.

– Zeke

P.S.: Here is the chapter, “In My Defense,” which lays out my justification, and the urgency, of taking over ownership of Deek’s pups. Especially since he started GOSSIPING to his street allies that I STOLE them.

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Dog-2-Dog Delivery ADDENDUM
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Lisa Harwood
Date: March 28, 2021 3:56 PM

> Guardianship goes both ways in your friendship with Deek. My guess was that Deek knew you were recording him, and I got that impression from his good mood expression, which is the look you generally see when folks realize they are being recorded and are enjoying the experience.

I certainly agree, that this IS the case!

> Zeke: This is my heartfelt suggestion (and I have been thinking this way for some days now): That you take Deek to the IRS place as his advocate to apply for the $1400 check issued by the IRS. There is no way that money was intended be re-directed for child support payments by SS. It was passed to help stabilize the lives of every resident in the country (non-citizens included).

Sadly, regarding the 2nd stimulus, that was NOT the situation in SOME of the red states, including Deek’s home state of Louisiana.

And here is the letter he received from the U.S. Dep’t of Treasury.

> The new Stimulus bill includes separate large payments for each child in a family, added to the payments sent to the parent providing primary support and care of the child. . . If the same diversion that happened to the last Stimulus check is happening to estranged fathers who live on the street this time, the whole intent of the payment to help stabilize their lives is being perverted.

Signing Deek up for this latest stimulus is NOT the problem…it’s so many other things that have to do with his own irascibility.

> You have a history of advocacy in your past, and I think as a volunteer guardian (of the civic kind), you are the one who can make (and record) the case for Deek.

I assure you, Lisa, I am WAY ahead of the curve, when it comes to assisting Deek on ALL matters, including gov’t subsidies. I will encourage him to apply for the third stimulus, as this time around they won’t garnish it for child support.

> And if they turn him down again (given the attachment of direct payments per child to their primary caregiving parent) you should send your recordings to SF media (starting with that radio show “Talk from the Street” you listen to. Because it means it is happening to other men also, and that story has not been told publicly.

I have already contacted them on other serious issues for the poor and the homeless, and they always ignore me. The last time was over Medi-Cal’s astronomical monthly share of cost in MOST states, including California. This is a MAJOR issue, because THAT means those so poor that they NEED Medicaid, cannot AFFORD the share cost, so what good is it? You’d think they’d wanna cover it, but no. I think they are limiting their choice of coverage based on how it can benefit THEM in some way, or do not care to touch the more difficult issues. I have ALSO been ignored in this Medicaid fiasco by ALL the major progressive and alternative media, as well as politicians I’ve contacted, including Nancy Pelosi. You can read ONE of my blogs about it, here (I’ve posted several).

There is also the matter of Deek’s refusal to be part of any news attention, or plugged into the system in any way.

> You have a volume of work, with a consistent point of view, and because of the pups, I really believe a video recording your advocacy (attached to video involving the pups) would attract media attention.

I’d need Deek’s cooperation with that, and he REFUSES to be part of any activist cause, including my own efforts. Biting his nose to spite his face, is one of his frustrating aspects.

> The $500 guaranteed income money given to residents living in Stockton for the past few years by their young mayor reduced their daily anxiety so much, that a year later, it was discovered found that 40+% of the recipients were able to secure full time jobs. Having regular money coming in not only reduced their daily anxiety. Money in their pockets, to spend at their own discretion increased the recipients sense of self-worth, to the extent they thought themselves worthy of making their way in the world—so to speak.

Yes, I am WELL AWARE of these guaranteed income experiments, as I DO keep up with such news, that is related to the low income and poor. I KNOW all the good GMI can achieve.

> Any way: think about it. You and the pups would be shiny light on an injustice (if indeed re-routing what’s supposed to be a universal stability payment is continuing to be re-routed into delinquent child support.)

I have tried numerous times to bring attention to major issues of inequity through ALL the major channels–not just the Medicaid tragedy–only to be ignored at best, and vilified at worst. So that route, I’ve concluded, is an utter waste of time. I even get shunned by my own LGBT community for all the homeless outreach I’ve done over many years! If you’re NOT part of this or that political or social clique, you are SILENCED. Thank god for the Internet, where I can, in some important ways, go over their selfish little pin heads!

> Stabilization is what the $1400 Stimulus check is supposed to be about. The most democratic step taken by government in our lifetime. And who knows: one office visit may be enough to secure Zeke his own check, simply because they have already changed the rules.

Deek will NOT participate in any gov’t program. If he were the type to do that, he’d already be benefiting in any number of ways. His own obstinance and paranoia have put up an impossible wall to break down. Besides which:

That money will do him little good, as he wastes it like there’s no tomorrow! He REFUSES to open a bank account, and REFUSES to go through other processes such as getting state (or even city) ID. And he’s always LOSING any papers or cards he obtains within a few days. I’ve offered to hold onto such things for him, but he stubbornly fights against that. Then, when something falls through for him, he turns around and blames ME!

If I go ahead and process his $1400 stimulus, it will take two or more months to arrive…so while waiting for it, he’ll be a nervous wreck, accusing me of spending the money myself! Thanks to him, he’s made my receiving stimulus windfalls a miserable, hellish experience, to the point where I wish they’d never happen! Furthermore, he would NEVER consider giving me some of that money to repay me, in part, for my OWN generous financial aid to him! Which I would set aside for the pups’ needs, since he doesn’t care to do that himself.

And, once more, had you read my tales from the beginning, you’d know all this by now, thus wouldn’t offer the suggestions you just have. Believe me, Lisa, I am ON TOP OF ALL THIS AS BEST I CAN! I am not asking anyone for help or ideas, as no one has anything new or effective to offer…they simply suggest things I’ve already tried.

Deek is an incredibly FRUSTRATING person to deal with…as is the case with MOST people afflicted with bipolarity. So, in order to build and maintain a friendship with these kind, you can NOT reject them simply because they refuse to operate through conventional channels. But, of course, if you really cannot DEAL with all the disappointment and exacerbation this entails, then it IS better to just walk away. I choose NOT to, for the sake of the doggies.

– Zeke

Subject: Good news!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 28, 2021 4:31 PM

Since I already have Deek’s personal data on my system, I decided to check with the IRS about his third stimulus payment, and guess what…

They already sent it out on the 26th, to the church which address he used to get the LAST stimulus. Keeping my fingers crossed that no complications will ensue. He still needs to figure out how to get it cashed, as I can’t do that for him. There are other people he knows with a roof over their heads who can help. He’s a LOT better off than he puts on; just likes to muddy anything that comes his way.

– Zeke

Re: The first 2 minutes…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 28, 2021 5:18 PM

> So cute the way they hop up the stairs, all eager!!

Oh god, I know! Just climbing the stairs with them is a pearl of great price. Here’s a frame from that video I used for the thumbnail. It’s when I step back in, after handing Deek 8 quarters.

Re: Good news!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 28, 2021 5:49 PM

> That’s terrific. All I get when I check on my forthcoming payment is “No information available…”

Me too. That’s because the Trump administration screwed up old folks on Social Security. Our stimulus money WILL arrive, but not for awhile yet.

Subject: The 2nd Phone Call
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 28, 2021 6:47 PM

I phoned Deek a half hour ago, to tell him the good news. He didn’t answer, so I left a voicemail. Some minutes later my Chronic webmail alerts me that three voicemails have arrived…all from Deek. The first one was silent, the second one he said, “Hey Zeke, whazzup?” and the third one was, once more, silent. I had forgotten to turn my land-line phone ringer back on, which I did a few days ago, just so Deek can reach me pronto. But I got several scam calls during that time, got tired of picking up the phone because of that, so turned the ringer off. Now, I’ve turned it back on again.

Then I called Deek back. Here’s how our conversation went:

Deek: "Yeah?"

Me: "This is Zeke, didn't you listen to your voicemail?"

Deek: "Uhhh...nope." (He probably didn't set it up, 'cause doesn't know how.)

Me: "Well, I'm calling to tell you some good news!"

Deek: "What?" [aside: "Cut it out, Lucky!"]

Me: "Since I have all your personal information, I logged onto the IRS site to see what's up with your stimulus check and, since I've already set things up with them the last time around, they said it was mailed out two days ago, to 100 Diamond Street, that's the church. So you should go over there tomorrow, see if it's arrived yet."

Deek: "They probably sent my money to child support."

Me: "No, our new president made sure that won't happen this time. So you SHOULD get the full amount."

Deek: "I'm not keeping my hopes up."

Me: "Yeah I get it...the government gives from one hand, then takes from the other. But I'm pretty sure you'll get your money this time."

Deek: "Yeah but then how do I cash it?"

Me: "Don't you know some people to help you out with that...say, pay them a hundred dollars for their trouble? Convert the check to one of those blue dot, green dot cards, whatever they call 'em?"

Deek: "Aw, not really."

Me: "Then you'll have to sign it over to me by writing on the back 'Make payable to Ezekiel Krahlin,' then sign it. You don't HAVE ID, so you just can't go to a bank and cash it."

Deek: "I don't know, but I'm really hurtin'. I'd have to go to the city jail to get a mug shot."

Me: "You mean that's where you can get a San Francisco ID?"

Deek: "Uh-huh. I think I'll wait till Wednesday when the church does mail check, to see if it really arrived."

Me: "Why don't you get some ID between now and then while you're waiting? It'll help in other ways."

Deek: "Maybe. Don't worry, I'll get it worked out."

Me: "Okay then."

Deek: "See ya later Zeke; thanks."

Me: "Bye!"


Deek’s surely not the best phone talker, I can tell you THAT much! Though I think the IRS MIGHT send da moolah in a debit card, which would be fantastic. So long as he doesn’t forget his PIN code…or lose his card! Both of which are highly possible. I can at LEAST ask him to tell me the code, so I can save it in my Deek file. But after all is said and done:

What good is the money gonna do him anyway?

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Good news!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: March 28, 2021 8:30 PM

> Yeah–makes sense that they’d wreck that on their way out the door, to make it look as though Biden “failed.”

I don’t THINK it was a last-minute sabotage, though of course I could be wrong. My guess is that it was the result of Trump hiring his cohorts in strategically important gov’t positions, such as the IRS, Social Security, the EPA, HUD, the CDC, the USPS and so on…to start dismantling the system in favor of warlords, fascists and billionaires. So of course they’d include low income elderly collecting gov’t funds as one of their prime targets. Now the Democratic Party is desperately working to unravel all the damage done. Though they ARE equally culpable for allowing our nation to go off the rails in the first place…with their own participation in cutbacks, war on drugs, etc.

The Dems can’t get it together FAST enough, plus they have their OWN corrupt elements to address. So if there was ever a time when we needed Reptilian Overlords to intervene and clean up this disastrous mess with their super-duper advanced technology, NOW is the time! BTW, I inserted that incredible telephone drawing by my illustrator for “Free Me From This Bond,” Sid Rohan, right above the passage about my 2nd phone call to Deek, which will appear in the next chapter. I think it’s an especially nice touch, and a sweet way to honor her incredible achievement in bringing that novel to life.

Deek sounded really down in the dumps over the line, so I decided to front him another $60, which completes his full month’s allowance for March. Didn’t think I could pull it off financially, but I’m dong okay…enough to cover my next ISP bill, with $70 remaining till the 3rd arrives. So I walked to the Chase branch three blocks away and finger-fucked the ATM, then got back hovel and dialed him up. HE DIDN’T ANSWER THE GODDAM PHONE! So I left a message, but what good will THAT do? TWO pieces of good news…not one, but TWO…in the same evening, yet he’s STILL Gloomy Gus! I just gotta remind myself:

It’s all an act, and here I am down to the home stretch with Victory my paramour, waiting to hand me that elusive-yet-ultimate trophy as I bust through the ribbon. I just hope he takes that cigarette out of his mouth, for the camera…he ain’t no Humphrey Bogart! (Ha, ha, just my latest riposte to Arwyn.)

– Zeke K-Holmes

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