Peace is Coming Out of This

Five video clips in chronological order, all on the same day. Showing Deek’s markedly improved stability in his relationship with me, and with the pups. Not easy having a homeless friend, but his happiness and well-being, along with that of the pooches, mean everything to me! We’ve been through a lot together.

This morning, another excellent meetup with Deek. I had forgotten to bring him a fresh supply of dog food last night, though he requested it; I simply spaced out what with all the drama dumped on me recently. Notice how he doesn’t whine or freak out this time, over my refusal to cough up extra cash (in this case, so he could purchase a crappy Bluetooth speaker from that fellow standing nearby). Lucky & Flaco are also featured…always a delight.

About 40 minutes after our first meetup for today, I return with Deek’s freshly topped-off smartphone and crappy little Bluetooth speaker. Another amazing shooting-the-bull with him, though Flaco & Lucky stole the show, as usual.

Very short video, but I’m recording all my meetups with Deek for the day, as part of my “Peace is Coming Out of This” 1-day theme, following the vulgar incident of the day before (which had nothing to do with him). There may be one more video clip forthcoming…maybe two, but I doubt a third. Notice how amenable he’s been through all the videos, which is exactly as I predicted, based on my Bodhisattva Premise.

Just more of his nonsense…though withOUT the rage of many previous times. I think he’s having fun at my expense, is all. He’ll return an hour later, during which time I’ll of course tell him NO, the stimulus money hasn’t shown up in my account. BECAUSE IT’S NOT FRIDAY YET! Jeez.

Not as amenable as the four other visits today, but still an improvement overall. Peace WILL come out of this, and soon…just not in the snap of a finger.

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