Less Hair Gel, More Puppy Love, Please!

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 4: Chapter 4]

Re: [MCN-Announce]- A Conversation with Felix
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Lisa Harwood
Date: April 13, 2021 3:42 PM

> Zeke: This video was removed by Youtube before I had a chance to see it.

You can now view it here.

> (Been away from my computer for a few days. Couple of the days burning brush at my partner’s place.) Did Youtube give you a reason for removing the video? Did it happen immediately, or was it complaint driven?

The answer you’ll find in my next chapter, which release I’m about to post. Thanks immensely for reading my tales…you’re WAY ahead of the curve, Lisa! But later this year, so many will be reading them, that WordPress will probably crash more than once. :D

– Zeke

P.S.: You can also watch “My 2nd Conversation with Felix” here.

It was an excellent conversation, mostly about San Franshitsco’s screwed-up COVID-19 vaccination rollout that neglects many of our low income, elderly and homeless denizens…including yours truly. One VERY interesting remark Felix made, was that when he went to get his first shot (at Zuckerberg SF General Hospital), he along with everyone else awaiting their turn were all PACKED INTO ONE ROOM! So I guess they had them over a barrel. They could either refuse to take the risk of close proximity, breathing the same air, and walk out…or spend an hour or longer mingling their breaths during that time, in order to finally get that vaccine! A Faustian bargain indeed. Now documented on video (8 minutes):

Click here to watch the video.

Re: Some Quick Updates
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 10:28 AM

> Great pic of Deek!

Yes, it’s PERFECT! Cigarette dangling from the lips, gold medallion raised forward, his scruffy streetwise appearance. The touch of a humorous aura in the whole image…as if he’s aware of his own bodhisattva nature, and the joy that comes with it. I suspect he DOES know I’m filming all this, so made a point of featuring the Buddha/dragon icons. Catching Lucky fluffing up the white blanket with such joie de vivre is also priceless. I suspect even the PUPS know they’re on camera. I especially enjoyed Deek’s describing the Buddha as riding atop the dragon. How could anyone at this point write him off as just a common vagrant?

And THAT was his kind way of letting me know everything’s fine with the mutts, and always will be…along with MY life, his, and everyone else’s. How much more elegant than bluntly hitting me over the head with confirmation!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: Yet ANOTHER worker not wearing a mask!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 11:23 AM

Seems brazen about it too…like he’s daring me to report him! Fucked up situation, manager doesn’t give a flying fig about it, either. One thing GOOD I can say about all this: those spyglasses sure have paid off big time! I forgot to mention they gave me a $30 reimbursement for posting a review on Amazon, in the form of a gift card! They recently asked if I’d like to review their newest product (a pen with built-in, voice-activated audio recording), so I said “sure!” In exchange for my purchasing it outright ($24), they’ll reimburse the FULL amount, once I post a review. SPY vs. SPY all the way!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Yet ANOTHER worker not wearing a mask!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 1:09 PM

> Cheeky bastard!

More like “nasty punk!” I’m gonna see if I can report this to the company they work for, “Astro Elevator.” I just found out they have a Facebook page, so I messaged them:

Some of your workers at my building, 9666 Market St., SF, are not wearing masks inside the building. This is very alarming, at least one resident has already caught covid, and another one has died.

The message included two links to a pic of two different workers CLEARLY not wearing a mask. I also POSTED that same message on their wall. They’re also on Twitter, so I tweeted the same complaint there. AND they have an email address, so I took care of that, too. What really gets me is:

EVERYONE I’ve complained about knows exactly where I live, and has easy access into my building. I’M A SITTING DUCK. So now, I have the elevator workers on top of the building manager, Myrtle and Adisa (and his punk friends), and Ablahblah Realty! AND I DON’T HAVE A FUKKIN LAWYER! Yet.

Subject: It’s Like Magic! [my latest video – 24 secs.]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Announce MCN, Discussion MCN
Date: April 15, 2021 9:19 AM

Just like that…BAM!…overnight the elevator crew is all masked up like a boss! I wonder what did it: my complaint to the elevator company’s Facebook wall, their Twitter feed, or to Ablahblah Realty? (Their email address, OTOH, was not valid.) A little birdie told me, “Tweet!” All I know is: it’s GOOD to save lives, and one should never shirk from speaking out, no matter how dark the threat against you appears (in your mind or otherwise). This I learned straight from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, years ago (and I paraphrase):

“In the second stage of death you will be threatened by demons in many horrific ways, but if you do NOT cave in to fear and CALMLY stand your ground, you shall pass through to a higher realm.”

I simply concluded that our present life is ALSO just one of those realms, or levels, of being. Thus, having the courage to always do what’s right, you shall likewise pass to a better reality, IN THIS LIFE. And THAT, my friend, is the secret to this Book of the Dead: the lessons therein taught about dying well, apply equally to LIVING well! Speaking of “levels,” don’t you think the elevator is a perfectly DIVINE metaphor?

Subject: Success with the Elevator Workers
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 10:28 AM

It appears that my complaint to the elevator company had the impact needed to stop endangering residents of my building, as this video shows (read the description that goes with it), 27 seconds.

However, regarding Deek, last night’s meetup was less than sterling (4 minutes):

Though I MUST acknowledge that there is a vast improvement overall, with his attitude and behavior. I can’t expect him to change overnight, good physician! As the saying goes: “Three steps forward, one step backward.” Nor can I brush off the likelihood of this latest encounter being nothing more than another bodhisattva challenge…and thus, he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing, to make further progress on my OWN soul’s evolution. “Fine tuning” as it were. For the FIRST conclusion imposes more EGO on my part, than the second…and I mean “ego” in the negative aspect.

[an hour pause]

Well, I had to step out for another visit with Deek, after that last paragraph. Very sad seeing him more concerned with gelling up his hair, than with the pups, who only had the concrete sidewalk to rest upon. Deek said they were cold last night; I asked him why, since it’s easy to find a cardboard box for them to sleep in, and add some old jacket or other clothing for cushioning and warmth…he used to do that all the time. I confronted him further re. animal abuse. He opposed me of course, claiming he’s raised dogs before and even won awards. Which I do NOT believe, and said his poor treatment belies all that. At any rate, you will hear our conversation, and more, in a video I am preparing for upload a couple of hours from now. It’s a long one, about 26 minutes…so broken down into three parts. Now, allow me to end this missive on a good note, Wattson:

In the video, you’ll observe that my confronting him on this issue does NOT result in a belligerent shouting-down, which was his customary behavior till recently. This is a hopeful sign that he’s listening better, and WILL improve his regard for the doggies. Less hair gel, more puppy love.

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: Success with the Elevator Workers
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 1:15 PM

> So poignant to see the pups gazing at you, hoping they’ll be going with you.

The heartbreak is a crushing cross to bear. I may have to witness them growing weathered and ill, right before my eyes, unto their death. It is a VERY slow torment.

Subject: Less Hair Gel, More Puppy Love, Please! [my latest video – 26 minutes]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Zekes Mailing List
Date: April 14, 2021 5:30 PM

Sad state of affairs, to see how poorly Deek cares for his sweet doggies, Flaco & Lucky. He seems to care more about gelling his hair, than showing more kindness to the pups. I confronted him on this, citing animal abuse, which he opposed with shamefully childish excuses. My hope, of course, is that I’m being tested, and this little scenario is a ruse. The bodhisattva challenge here is: do I speak out, or do I remain silent for fear of him removing the dogs entirely from my world? I believe I took the right action, by confronting him in a non-hostile, patient manner. This is in three parts, totaling 26 minutes.

Part 1 (11 mins.):

Click here to watch the video.

Part 2 (8 mins.):

Click here to watch the video.

Part 3 (8 mins.):

Click here to watch the video.

Subject: Going Digital
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 14, 2021 6:14 PM

Don’t know why this hadn’t occurred to me months ago, but it’s EASY to narrate my tales via digital voice. Here, I was thinking I’ll need to read them all myself, and there are so many, now! So I guess your local radio host and friend, Marshall, is replaceable for my needs. Chapter 2a of book 1 will be uploaded tonight. (It’s “2a” BTW, because that’s where I inserted the Julia Vinograd piece, so the original chapter 2 is now 2b.) I have to make SOME changes in the text files, but not much work is involved. Putting a period at the end of each line in the email header prevents the app from running all four lines together. The abbreviated “is” as in “he’s” and “she’s” is a choppy result, but does little to break the flow. Same goes for other apostrophized words such as “don’t” and “I’ll.” Though, after listening to my first digitized tale, the reading sounds BETTER than “good enough;” in fact, it’s pretty damn decent. Using a female voice, BTW.

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 16, 2021 5:11 PM

What a load of crap…they give nothing specific, so I can figure out what’s going on. My hunch is that someonw owns an image I’ve uploaded to my WordPress site, and instead of contacting me directly, they’re being a dick about it by taking their complaint directly to my ISP. This happened once before: I had uploaded a photo of a canister of pepper spray, w/o even showing the product label…and the person who took that pic complained to my web host service, instead of posting directly to me. Even worse: he or she claimed since I’ve done it to him or her, I’m probably doing it to others! But the point is:

If someone demands I remove it, I will, promptly. However, copyright law is gray in this area, in that, if your work is public domain (and/or you’re not monetizing it), there is no law that says you’re not allowed to use just anyone’s image.

But how can I know which image that is, if I’m not given even a shred of information about this supposed “abuse?” So I posted back, saying I have no idea what they’re talking about, please be more specific.

——– Original Message ——–

Date: 2021-04-16 18:42
From: dmca-agent@chronic.net
To: ezekielk@chronic.net

Dear Chronic Subscriber:

Chronic has received a notice from a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, that your internet account may have been involved in the exchange of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.

Use of any services provided by Chronic to transfer copyrighted material is prohibited and repeated infringement may result in termination of your Chronic account. Complete details on Chronic DMCA policies can be found at


If you believe this notice has been sent in error, please disregard this message. Otherwise, please discontinue any further infringing activity.

Subject: My Spyglasses Disappeared…Just Like That!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 17, 2021 11:03 AM

I needed a phillips-head screwdriver to replace a lead-acid battery in Deek’s heavy speaker, so donned my spyglasses and strolled to Cliff’s Variety on Castro Street. While waiting in a short line, I lowered the glasses to my chest, where they hanged by a lanyard. I found the screwdriver, just $3.99, purchased it and, just before exiting, realized the glasses were no longer on me!

So I returned to the area I had walked around, searched for them everywhere…NOTHING! A store clerk helped me look, but still not found. How could this have happened? I would’ve heard them make SOME kind of clatter if they fell to the floor. I am totally flummoxed; it’s as if they simply vanished into thin air. And that lanyard has never been less than reliable for the several weeks I’ve used it. I left my phone number with the store, in case they find them. So:

My cheap purchase turned out to cost me over $40! I just ordered another pair ($70), but the price was only $35, thanks to an Amazon gift card. Plus, I will receive a reimbursement for the recording pen, once I post a review. That’s another $24 bonus. However, I COULD have spent that lost money on the pups, dammit. At least the battery works for the speaker, perfect fit. And it looks like it’s already fully charged, so no waiting a day or longer for powering it up. Turns out that one of the two connectors for the smaller, old battery had loosened its way off. One of his “tech” buddies had added two flat pieces of plywood to keep the battery from jiggling, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

FIVE DAYS WITHOUT SPYGLASSES, THIS IS HELL! During that time, I’ll be kicking myself for every great moment I miss, that I would’ve loved to record…especially the Deek moments. And the pups, of course. Maybe I’ll use my smartphone, by stuffing some tissue paper into a shirt pocket, so the part with the camera lens will poke out. That seems workable. Just don’t know how the audio will come out…I’m gonna test it right now.

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: My Spyglasses Disappeared…Just Like That!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 17, 2021 11:42 AM

> Infuriating!!!

GOOD NEWS, WATTSON: they have been found. Listen to the voicemail, which arrived just ten minutes after I returned hovel.

I went back to pick them up, and thanked him personally. Another clerk (a lovely young black woman who handed me the spyglasses) was also there, as they listened to my spiel:

“Well here is an interesting thing about having found them in the doggy treat section, especially since I didn’t even go NEAR that area: both my Youtube channel and WordPress blog are dedicated to my helping two homeless dogs! So there’s a touch of magic in all this.”

I then placed the glasses back on, hanging from my neck by the lanyard, and exclaimed:

“See? I don’t see how they could’ve just fallen off without my noticing.”

They both agreed that this incident was indeed bizarre. Before departing, I handed Chuck my Brindlekin business card, and declared:

“It even says ‘True tales from the Castro, eat your heart out, Armistead!”

They both got a good chuckle out of that. Thus, I departed with great joy in my heart, and, much to my added delight, triumphant music accompanied me, blasting out of a converted bus on Castro Street. (Not MY kind of music, per se, but it did put a lift in my stride.) That was the first thing I caught on film after the surprise return of those glasses that have already done so many wonderful things for me.

Click here to watch the video.

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Chronic Abuse
Date: April 18, 2021 3:47 PM

That’s absurd. I am neither distributing nor reproducing ANY copyrighted material. I ALSO resent your subject title including the word “ABUSE” in it, as if I’m a criminal, based on erroneous and clearly unfounded “evidence.” The nature of your email is INTIMIDATING, and just like the draconic behavior of the monopoly ISPs. If you wanna talk “ABUSE” just look in the mirror. Not only would it behoove you to send queries over possible copyright issues in a RESPECTFUL manner, it ALSO behooves you to inform the customer the first time around, exactly WHAT the complaint is about. In sum:

Your post to me is OFFENSIVE and ABUSIVE. You may as well be Comcast or AT&T with such thoughtless behavior.


Re: [MCN-Announce]- Believing in God
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Announce MCN
Date: April 18, 2021 4:15 PM

On Sat, 18 Apr 2021 at 10:17 AM, Kind Warlock posted:

> My dog is a cognitive being. I have many stories to share about our sacred relationship.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “dog” spelled backwards is “god.” Especially if you define god as love. No doubt you are by now long aware of my Brindlekin Tales, because I announce each new chapter and video around them, on this list. But I’d like to emphasize here, that they are all about how two, sweet homeless pups have turned my life around, given me so much inspiration and brought me to a higher plane of self realization, I am now gushing with creative force as a result…so much so, that Brindlekin Tales has become a trilogy, and I’m almost done with book 3! It is free to read online, and always will be. It’s also a multimedia experience…which you CAN’T achieve in a standard, paper publication! There is MUCH heartbreak, MUCH joy, and one cliffhanger after another. All true tales, for the most part. I also have a Brindlekin Tales Youtube channel to complement my written sagas.

Have a peaceful, serene night, Kind Warlock…and give your doggy a hug for me, please.

– Ezekiel

PS: if you’d like to have one or two of your own dog stories in my book, I’d love to do that for you! I cannot pay you for them; my works are all public domain, not monetized in any way. For they are my life’s labors of love, given freely from the heart.

Subject: A Pleasant Night, NOT
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 19, 2021 1:53 PM

Last night’s visit with Deek and pups was calm…nonetheless a tragedy in the making, for obvious canine reasons. Lucky was stashed in the shopping cart, surrounded by junk (no padding for comfort), Flaco was on the sidewalk and tethered to the cart. Just more heartbreak, seeing how joyfully they greet me, hoping each time I see them I’ll take them hovel. It’s a longish video this time, 16.5 minutes, so get around to it whenever. The audio doesn’t sync properly after awhile (starting where I’ve appended the first of two clips), but does not interfere with the overall message conveyed, and its impact. I use a freeware video joiner, which leaves a bit to be desired, but serves its purpose. Now I’ll have to add just one more layer of work to my video editing: figuring out how to correct the audio sync AFTER the smaller recordings have been strung together. Here’s the video, which I’ve semi-sardonically titled “A Pleasant Night:”

As for my ongoing concern over the doggies, I reminded Deek several days back, that so much constant exposure to the cold and damp climate will make them come down with arthritis…even though they seem fine, right now. It will slowly sink into their bones till the day comes when they’ll be in chronic pain all the time, and you’ll have to put them down, or they’ll die after months of agony. But as far as Deek is concerned: in one ear and out the other! If they appear okay now, why worry?

A couple nights ago he had a tarp slung over him, with the pooches huddled beneath and curled up for warmth. Happy to see me (as usual) they nonetheless remained in their skimpy shelter, sticking their cute faces out in kind greets. Yet he had the nerve to say: “See? I take good care of them.” But he STILL forced them to lie down directly upon the sidewalk…not even a sheet of cardboard for a bit of softness and warmth. And it’s so EASY to pick up a clean sheet ANYwhere in the city, for free! In fact, there are always some every night, folded up against the trash bins in front of my building.

I suspect he’s scheming to squeeze more moolah out of me, by keeping the pups from visiting, until I finally break down and beg him. Hoping, of course, I’ll persuade him with cold cash. This is NOT gonna happen, and it’s sad because he’s using Flaco & Lucky as leverage to get his way with me. So I have absolutely NO choice but to remain silent about them staying with me again, and god only knows HOW long it will take before he just presents them to me once again! Meanwhile, the pooches suffer from the cold, in their own, polite way, never a whimper of complaint. But you should SEE how they scramble for a warm spot every chance they get! While I was visiting with them last night, they eagerly dug a hole in that corner garden, to curl up in! There is warmth in the lower soil, and their sub-level placement averts any breeze that may whip up.

How many times must I plead with Deek to do the right thing, good physician: take better care of them outside, and allow them to stay with me at LEAST one night a week? It puts fear in my heart whenever I confront him about this–which I MUST do now and then, or my conscience would KILL me–for this just makes him dig in his heels and resist, and will possibly drive him away for good! He has an immature mind, and because of this I fear his jealousy of their love for me is a burning resentment. Which winds up hurting the pups! He may ALSO have a sadistic streak, that gets off on treating the mutts poorly. Gives him a sense of POWER. Now onto another topic, though just as pertinent:

Yesterday afternoon when I exited my hovel to discard some trash, I heard two young residents gabbing away as they descended the stairs to my floor. As is my wont these days, I immediately hid within the alcove that is right outside my door, and perpendicular to the smaller hallway leading to the main corridor. I do this because I don’t care to have encounters with tacky, wealthy queers brimming with superficial nonsense and wan, fake smiles. They never talk about anything of substance! Anyway, here is how their conversation went:

A lot of occupants have moved out for better deals, to the point where more than a third of the apartments are now empty…maybe as much as half! Ablahblah Realty refuses to lower the rent, no matter what. Several residents have already proposed just that, but all were turned down. One of the two remarked how he’s been here a long time, so his monthly payment is $700 (thanks to rent control) for the studio units that now go for $2,300! They joked about how he might request a 1-bedroom for the same price he’s now paying.

You know, Wattson, I’ve never paid a moment’s notice over why this building has become so silent…writing it off, of course, to the pandemic’s mandate to isolate oneself. Considering how long I’ve occupied this dank mansion, I am become a ghost long before my own death: a mere shell of a tenant, roaming the hallways and eavesdropping on the living! All I need is a bed sheet flung upon my person, and a length of iron chain to clank about, to complete this picture! Surely:

When one resides at 9666 Market Street (or as I like to call it: “Hotel California North”), every day is Halloween!

– Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin-Holmes
Friendly Ghost Detective Agency at your service!

Re: A Pleasant Night, NOT
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 19, 2021 4:12 PM

> That’s exactly it. he can lord it over the dogs, punishing them for his own raw-deal life. Sadly, people tend to look for somebody lower on the totem pole than themselves to take it out on. A dog is perfect; it can’t speak, it loves you no matter what you do to it. Horrible, tragic.

Fortunately, his mistreatment is relatively mild, compared to those who outright abuse their dogs. Though in such a case, I could EASILY have them removed by calling the animal abuse hotline. Whereas in THIS situation, it is all borderline, thus impossible to rescue the pups from his clutches. Still, I take the bodhisattva spin on it, and conclude not is all as bad as it may seem, and I really shouldn’t suffer such angst.

> Now THAT’S vivid!! And chilling!!

I am nonetheless in better company with my chains and bed sheet, than I am with the living. Nor do I believe this is my fate, but just a passing phase into a MUCH happier existence. We’re not talking DEATH here, either…we’re talking about a gobsmacking, MAJOR shift in reality. Gotta shake those chains to make it come true! Boo-oooo-ooo!

– Zeke K-Holmes

Re: [MCN-Announce]- Vartan Gregorian
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Announce MCN
Date: April 19, 2021 6:21 PM

On Sun, 18 Apr 2021 12:14:20 -0700 (PDT) Judas Sakoschitz posted:

> We are not just some data points in a data mining program. We are not just consumers to be manipulated by algorithms, squeezed dry of our disposable income, and bade farewell as we shuffle off to the grave.

We are also not just some writers of hackneyed poems drooling with absurdly obsequious, obnoxious and oppressive christian psychobabble about some fictional character named Jebus. Unfortunately (for the rest of us) you DO fit into that shameful category, cursing everyone on this list with your malodorous plops of fecal versification.

Subject: SF Public Transit Continues to Crumble
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 20, 2021 2:52 PM

You will remember my gripes about MUNI’s lousy track record, including their most recent failure to get the Metro underground up and running late last year. Today’s SF Examiner article affirms my gripe. While MUNI claims they are prepared to do better, that is what they’ve ALWAYS said for decades:

SFMTA’s poor track record on capital projects risks losing ‘public trust’

And as if that weren’t enough to rub shit in your face, an advertisement appeared above the article, offering sales of silver and gold coins with Trump’s image on them! See attached image.

Click here to view a larger image.

To: Chronic Abuse
From: Zeke Krahlin
Date: April 20, 2021 9:48 PM

Thank you! Needlessly causing anxiety to customers is not the way to go. There are probably more FAKE charges than real ones, in attempts by upstart companies or agents to scare money out of people who don’t understand their rights. Years ago, I think in 1998, I had to deal with a false charge of copyright infringement on a parody section of my web site. I contacted the EFF, and they stopped them in their tracks.

I have also had false accusations made against me, just to try to shut me down…because I’m a gay activist, and speak out on behalf of LGBT rights on many online venues. They were successful sometimes, in getting me bounced off a forum here and there…even got a website I ran shut down. I’ve also had other hackers take over my OWN white-hat hacking message board, because it was so successful!

Before the Internet took off, I had to deal with “old-school” false claims to police, campuses, you name it. So this is nothing new for me. Just be careful not to be an enabler by carrying out their dirty work for them. Look into the party making a complaint, before you take any action. Know what you’re doing!

——– Original Message ——–

Date: 2021-04-21 02:50
From: Chronic Abuse
To: Zeke Krahlin

Hi Zeke,

We are sorry that the details about the report were not properly explained in the first email that was sent. Recently we have started a new policy where we notify customers about copyright infringement reports. Since this is a new policy, we are still working out the bugs in how we manage the process. We will use your feedback to help improve the process.

We understand that you are saying this message has been sent to you in error, so please disregard it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,

Chronic Technical Support

Come join the fastest growing internet provider in America! chronic.com/careers

To: Chronic Abuse
From: Zeke Krahlin
Date: April 20, 2021 9:05 PM

Here, see these articles (which I meant to include in my previous post):

False copyright claims are more common than you think.

An Example of When Large Companies Abuse Copyright Law

YouTube channels are being held hostage with false copyright claims, but the platform’s hands are tied

BTW Youtube recently took down one of my videos, even though nothing about it was in violation of any of their rules…someone in their ranks just didn’t LIKE what I said in that video, which is now accessible on my Google Drive…same company that owns Youtube, as you know. You are welcome to view it for yourself.

I appealed it, but YT still said no. Their claim was that it contained medical misinformation about COVID-19…which it most certainly did NOT. My criticism was in San Francisco’s mismanagement of the vaccine rollout. And I am a victim of it! If anything, it is the city itself that is responsible for violating vaccine protocol. And complaining about it (as I did in the video) has NOTHING to do with spreading misinformation. Makes me wonder about the level of IQ of some of YT’s employees.

As for my copyright debacle back in 1998, my parody is still up there, thanks to the good people at EFF.

BTW. do you know about the gray area regarding using copyrighted images on one’s website or blog? So long as you are not monetizing your article (or requiring any fee to visit your site, or getting money for your posts in any other way), it is perfectly fine to post anyone else’s image to dress up your writing. But should someone complain (like the actual artist or photographer), may as well remove it, than have a headache. Only ONCE has someone complained, and my web host was freaking out, asked me to please take it down. I did, immediately. However, what was this “controversial” image? Just a tiny photo of a pepper spray canister…the back side of it, to be exact, where the product label does NOT even show! It was a very generic pic. Of all things for someone to gripe about! Furthermore, I am easy to get in touch with, but instead of first contacting me, the accuser went over my head and alarmed my web host!

All my writing I declare public domain right off the bat. It is even an art form in and of itself, to find images on the web that surprisingly fit the theme of each article so well. I startle myself often, every time I search for an image…and one usually shows up on the first page of the results, that is amazingly suited for the present theme. But many people are duped into believing using such coyprighted images (w/o first asking permission) for your own articles or stories is a big no-no…but it is NOT. Under the conditions I just stated above.

Particularly nasty people, organizations or their agents prefer to attack their target by complaining to their Internet provider, rather than the admin. of the web host, blog account, or whatever venue the issue in question is presented. THEY GO FOR THE JUGULAR! And they will use you, or any other ISP worker, to be their free puppet, if they can finagle their way around.

So, in protecting your organization from any possible unscrupulous customer, you must ALSO learn to protect yourself from any possible unscrupulous claimant as well! I would NOT still have my “Gay Bible” website up after all these years, were it not for the Online Policy Group, which provides free web hosting to non-profits and individual LGBT activists like myself. Before I learned about them in 1997, I was booted offa one web host or another every four months or so, due to Christian zealots riding my ass! And my site has NOTHING to do with pornography or any other seamy motive. It is a POLITICAL and SPIRITUAL site for LGBTs anywhere in the world, to give them inspiration and hope.

Now, my Brindlekin Tales WordPress blog and Youtube channel contain many pro-gay perspectives…so I wonder how long it will be before the homophobic vultures start to try and tear it all down? And will Youtube and WordPress have the cojones to defend my writing and videos, or will they cave in? But if the latter, you can bet your life I’ll fight them tooth and nail, with EFF backing me up all the way!

Yours truly,

Zeke Krahlin

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 20, 2021 9:11 PM

> Oh, excellent response!!!

Followed by a SECOND response which I’ve also just bcc’d to you!

From: Chronic Abuse
To: Zeke Krahlin
Date: April 20, 2021 10:17 PM

On 2021-04-21 04:48, Chronic Abuse wrote:

> Hi Zeke,
> We appreciate you providing us some background information regarding your experience with copyrights. The links you referenced will be a useful resource for us as we work towards improving our policy regarding copyright infringement. Thank you and have a good night!

Thanks, you too. Long live the memory of Aaron Swartz!

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Chronic Abuse
Date: April 21, 2021 12:22 PM

Remy, one more tidbit about fair use:

“Fair use laws state that copyrighted material may be copied for ‘limited and transformative’ purposes without the permission of the copyright owner. DRM often runs in contradiction to these laws by interfering with the ability for the limited material to be copied or shared. Fair use can be used to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. It is frequently used by journalists and other forms of media.”

From: A Complete Guide to DRM for Beginners

So, this would apply to reviewing a film, book or song. Or research regarding built-in religious (or other) bias against a group of people. Or any other research (such as for historical, comparative or social purposes).

Such use does not, of course, legitimize prolific sharing and/or sales of copies of the material in question. This is a good place to draw the line re. concluding whether or not possessing a copyrighted work w/o permission is legal. Media industries do NOT care to make such a distinction, thus often overstep boundaries of the law through intimidation, threats and false or overhyped accusations.

Nor does anyone doing reviews or research need to be a recognized or licensed “professional” in any field. A perfect example of this are vloggers and bloggers of news issues, that are NOT assigned reporters for any media outlet. I am one such v/blogger, and have been for many years. Of course, governmental authorities are attempting to strip away these free-speech rights, in order to control what information they choose to limit, usually for ulterior motives having to do with power.

Private industry likewise stomps all over citizens’ rights to voice their opinions and report whatever news they want. Because, by being PRIVATE corporations, they are not obliged to respect or hold up the rights of free speech for anyone. Facebook and Youtube are prime examples.

There IS an effective way to halt truly FAKE news, but they use that as an excuse to ban legitimate reportage on issues they don’t like, either because it conflicts with their own political or religious views, or may hurt their profits.

It is good that Chronic has decided to inform any customer of accusation of illegal copyright issues by third parties. But NOT by replicating said party’s draconic label of “ABUSE” or any other disturbing nonsense. Some customers may not even be aware they are breaking a copyright law…and they are not the ones trying to profit from illegal reselling or widespread redistribution. They usually don’t KNOW what their rights are, thus can easily be intimidated and even blacklisted from online services, including Internet providers.

ISPs are in the crossfire, and that is a decidedly DIFFICULT “between a rock and a hard place” position. In deciding how you want to deal with claims of copyright infringement, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) provides excellent guidance. Chronic’s policy is, I believe, to protect customers, as opposed to obliging the demands of corporate hegemony. If that changes, your company would be no better than the monopoly ISPs.

This is my last post to you on this thread…I just thought it important to mention this fair use issue. Thanks again for your attention; no need to reply.

– Zeke Krahlin
LGBT street activist before the dawn of Futurama

From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: April 21, 2021 1:48 PM

> Aaron, we hardly knew ye…

Yep. Very tragic example of government colluding with the corporation juggernaut. Cyberspace has made us all an open book, including gov’t, no matter how hard it resists. The ONLY sane solution is to inculcate a heretofore unheard-of level of trust among citizens, and between them and those who rule our lives.

In spite of Chronic’s claim to protect their customers from Big Brother, it is clear to me that one should nonetheless use a VPN to guard their privacy and rights therefrom. Even though Chronic claims one doesn’t NEED a VPN at home–due to their supposedly high level of security–they did NOT mention that, without a VPN, your IP number is still easily discovered. Thus can be used by online stalkers to track you down, harass you with false complaints, and other foul attacks. This includes possible abuse by gov’t and corporate entities.

I had become overly confidant in Chronic’s claim of security, and stopped using my VPN about three months ago, which I originally purchased because ALL my online activities were via public wifi, back in the pre-pandemic days. LESSON LEARNED! My VPN is now reactivated for my two laptops, my tablet and my two smartphones.

Considering that my rise to further recognition via Brindlekin Tales will garner me NEW enemies, a VPN has become an utter necessity. Christian zealots are the bane of America…and of the world. Along with Libertarians, who are NOT part of the Jebus cabal (as are Republicans), but EVIL just the same.

– Zeke K-Holmes

P.S.: Unbelievable how many crises my bodhisattvas have been hurling at THIS poor pilgrim, since November. This shit’s GOTTA slow down, before I’m afraid to step outside! Then again, it looks like even refusing to leave my hovel will NOT in any way stop this ongoing flood of challenges. As so well demonstrated by Chronic’s abusive email! Not to mention my building manager, nasty neighbors, and the elevator crew. What next..the FBI crashing down my door to abscond with my cyber-devices? They should be so lucky. They’ll be worth a FORTUNE on eBay soon enough.

The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Aaron Swartz

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