Pups Return After 4 Days (6 videos)

Six videos recording one day in my life with Deek and his two darling pooches. There is heartbreak as well as joy, in my struggles to get him to take better care of his dogs, including allowing me to provide them with shelter and safety much more than he presently does.

Part 1:

Brindlekin visit once again, after four days without their sweet company! Hopefully, Deek will decide to let them stay the whole day, and overnight.

Part 2:

Happy to return to my cushy sanctuary (that I call my hovel), loving exchanges precede their finally crashing out in doggy slumber.

Part 3:

Two hours after their return hovel and some solid nap time, I fed them their meal, then let them sleep some more. About an hour after that, I treated them to their favorite snack before resuming their cozy snooze. They love their duck jerky treats!

Part 4:

Deek returns to pick up his Bluetooth speaker, smartphone and battery pack. Says he’ll return for the pups in two or three hours. I hope he’ll change his mind and have the good sense to let them spend one night indoors, where they’ll keep warm. After four chilly nights in a row outside, it would be cruel to not give them that.

Part 5:

Deek did not choose to let the pups stay with me overnight, even though I suggested it would be a good idea, after them being outdoors 4 cold nights in a row. So I sadly gave them a few more loving pats on their heads, and wished them all a blessed evening. I wound up quasi-stalking them, as they went in the same direction I was going, to pick up some groceries. Deek finally spotted me.

Part 6:

This “part 6” video was neither planned nor anticipated…but MOST fortuitous! For I finally had that incredible chance to speak with the ONLY homeless person I know, who is really decent, and also knows Deek. I haven’t seen him in months, so had no idea where I could track him down, but he is the BEST chance I have of someone else speaking to Deek about taking better care of the pups. I didn’t recognize him at first, and he barely gave me enough time to convey how important my message is, that it get back to Deek. It didn’t even hit me until some moments after he scooted away, what an excellent encounter that was! Now, through him, other homeless people of at least SOME worth, will hear that message, too, and, hopefully, encourage Deek to DO THE RIGHT THING. In sum: this is a very good sign that the Fates are indeed on my side, and a tragedy will be averted.

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