Noe Art Mart

Every Sunday to the end of October, LGBT artists sell their lovely artwork in the Castro, on Noe Street, between Market and Beaver Streets…turning that one block into a sacred ground one day a week. Click on each image for a larger view, click on your browser’s back-arrow to return to this page. 25 photos in all.

One Response to Noe Art Mart

  1. […] P.S.: As I returned hovel after taking those pics of the Noe Street artists and their works, I came upon Samuel and his chihuahuas, who had just stepped outside. So I approached him, thanked him profusely for his patience with my dogs, asked if his own pups were okay with the impromptu meeting. He said it’s just fine, they weren’t upset in the least…and it was a good idea of mine to have treats at the ready. The day’s off to a great start, good physician! So here’s my page with 25 scenes from today’s art fair. […]

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