My Bodhisattva Premise in a Nutshell

Three excerpts from my Brindlekin Tales opus regarding just this premise, in chronological order with a link to each pertinent chapter in the date subheading. Followed by links to seven earlier pieces that predate Brindlekin Tales, which reflect that same philosophy before I upgraded the term to “Bodhisattva Premise:”

1) February 26, 2021

As for my own disposition, I am perfectly fine, despite the shadow that hangs over my world these days. Flaco & Lucky remain beside me in spirit, like two angelic sprites guiding me toward the exit from this Stygian cavern and through the Gates of Avalon. I’ve seen them through the worst of the cold weather; the days are warmer now…and that SURELY counts for something. Their love has transformed me in tremendously positive ways, and I owe them my fidelity in return…thus I do NOT cave in to remorse, and slink away from this impossible challenge, like a spineless toady.

For my salvation lies in the Bodhisattva Premise: that all my enemies, including Deek of course, are simply angels themselves, playing wicked roles that I may triumph, and emerge the hero of these frightening scenarios they have so skillfully composed. In such a case, then the only LOGICAL conclusion is that the pups are perfectly fine, like trained animals in Hollywood films who only PLAY at being injured or threatened. Because in real life, they are VERY well cared for. As The Premise also implies:


So I can choose to flip my perception like a coin: either picture Flaco & Lucky abused, lonely and cold (and subject to Deek’s dangerous mood swings), or picture them as well provided for and loved, with access to a cozy home whenever they and Deek are out of my sight. But in so switching one’s perception, do NOT interpret that as meaning this will influence the outcome for good or for bad. For the POSITIVE is inevitable in this case, and in any OTHER case under the sun! Switching off the negative images nonetheless serves an excellent result: your own peace of mind. I believe I covered this before, also suggesting that there may not even BE any homeless…but that they, too, are bodhisattvas acting out their role as vagrants, in order to test humanity’s call to compassion. I originally named my theory “Neo-Christianity,” then “Neo-Positivity,” and finally, “the Bodhisattva Premise.” But they all come down to the same thing, which is a decades-long meditation on the concept that (as the Buddha claimed) “we have no enemies, only teachers.”

There are many hints in my life that this is so, gathered over the years…some of which I have already listed in a recent email TO you, Dr. Wattson. But here are six more:

[To read these six examples click on the hyperlinked date above and jump to the paragraph that starts with: “Deek appears.”]

2) April 28, 2021

Good physician, I am now honored to present you with my astounding conjecture as it applies to our entire species in general, in as terse a manner as possible:

Just as the challenges presented to us by our bodhisattva agents, they are likewise presented on a worldwide dimension. Some of our personal challenges are programmed to appear insurmountable, that is: with seemingly impossible odds stacked against us. But the lesson here is that, with constant faith and persistence, nonetheless we shall overcome these crises, as well. Thus, it is the same regarding global issues.

For while rapid climate change, imminent threat of a nuclear holocaust, and one pandemic after another (for examples) may grossly APPEAR to be insurmountable, they are NOT. Though that is precisely how they’re meant to play out. But again, with faith and persistence on the species level, they, too, shall be conquered. With that will also arise a NEW awareness of nature’s true divinity, and our role in it…and we shall then pave the way to a utopian destiny. With this curious twist:

Homosexuals shall lead the way.

3) May 13, 2021

So his attitude is dogs only last a few years anyway, not realizing they normally have much longer lives, if you FUKKIN TAKE CARE OF THEM. Anyway, what helps me stay sane and with hope in my heart, is my Bodhisattva Premise. Which in this case is to present me with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma; one which appears BOUND for tragedy no matter what you do! Just one road block after another tossed in my way, especially when I THINK I’ve made a real breakthrough. For THEN is when something ELSE nasty comes along. And it makes perfect SENSE that this should be my challenge, in this advanced stage of my personal evolution.

The lesson here, is to learn to remain calm though any and all crises, and keep resting in faith, envisioning a jubilant outcome, though you have NO idea how that will come about. Every cold night they’re not with me (and MOST nights here are cold), turns what pleasure I COULD have into pointless, selfish distractions. But I MUST remind myself it is DEEK and no one else, who has brought these splendid little souls to me, and gifts me with their company now and then. And working with him to get him to treat them better has certainly given me a very noble mission in my old age! So THERE is the diamond in this pile of crap. Which is a clue of sorts, that no way will the mutts come to a sad end…they are simply here in my world to make me one hell of a better person. This is alchemy in its truest and most enlightening form: the transmutation of the soul into a phoenix of light. That will lead others, just as I am led by two magnificent doggies who have shown me the way. For they are love. Can you say “Arf!” to that? Means far more to me than “mutt”-ering “Amen!”

EARLIER WORKS RELATING TO MY BODHISATTVA PREMISE BEFORE I CAME UP WITH THAT TERM (all short pieces except the first, my seminal essay):

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