Brindlekin Tales


Chapter 1: More Than a Hole in the Ground

Chapter 2: I’m Counting on His Hug

Chapter 3: 3-Night Dogs

Chapter 4: Surprise! Jackets Have Arrived!

Chapter 5: Doggie Wish List & GoFundMe

Chapter 6: Reflections on a Black Puddle

Chapter 7: Doggies at Play (5 videos)

Chapter 8: A Lotus Blossoms by the Bay

Chapter 9: Someone Should Kick Him in the Ass!

Chapter 10: A REAL Christmas Story Happening Right Now!

Chapter 11: Skellington III

Chapter 12: I Need to Contact My Original Handler

Chapter 13: Down to the Home Stretch

Chapter 14: Checkmate, Mr. Kuzlowski

Chapter 15: New Form Entry: Contact Form

Chapter 16: It’s All Going to the Dogs (the money, that is)!

Chapter 17: 5 Cold Days & Nights

Chapter 18: My Faith Moves Planets, Not Just Mountains

Chapter 19: The Doggies are Now Mine!

Chapter 20: Jus’ Walkin’ the Doggies (5 videos)

Chapter 21: The Doggies are Eating Again!

Chapter 22: Chronic DOT Net

Chapter 23: Letter to the Landlord (part 1)

Chapter 24: Dog-In-A-Box: Order Yours Today! (4 pics, 12 videos)

Chapter 25: zEEK’S PUPPY GRIFT

Chapter 26: Letter to the Landlord (part 2)

Chapter 27: Zeke-Response Bot: an Algorithm Whose Time has Come

Chapter 28: Letter to the Landlord (part 3)

Chapter 29: This is My Room, God Help Me!

Chapter 30: One Picture is Worth a Thousand Heart Throbs (1 pic, 10 videos)

Chapter 31: Letter to the Landlord (part 4)

Chapter 32: Exciting Changes Continue

Chapter 33: The Plot Quickens

Chapter 34: In My Defense

Chapter 35: Pups Stolen & Returned, Bldg. Mgr. Wants Dogs Out!

Chapter 36: Prophetic Insights & Speculation

Chapter 37: coming soon

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