Homophobia in the Hacker Ranks

January 14, 2013

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 2:39 AM, Zeke Krahlin wrote:

I have seen over and over, among the hacker-type forums, anti-gay expletives (usually “f*ggot”) in the forums of Torrent Freak, Slashdot and the like. Usually implying that “f*ggot” is the worst possible label to place on those anti-pirate and anti-freedom spokespeople. Yet, I sincerely doubt you allow a term like “n*gger” to filter through.

It is a disgusting realization that homophobia is allowed to run rampant among such freedom-loving groups. As if many gay people have nothing to do with Internet privacy rights and freedom (including P2P advocates). It is a most hateful and bigoted word to use, and perpetrates hatred against sexual minorities.

Goddess forbid that you and other overseers of Internet freedom, shouldn’t allow anti-gay attitudes to proliferate. It is quite possible that Aaron Swartz was gay. But what the fuk do you care?

I certainly don’t expect influential folks like you, to establish a policy where anti-gay epithets are forbidden. Because you’re just too hetero-fukked-up yourself!

– Zeke Krahlin

On 1/14/13, Ernesto wrote:

{{ I’m as much against using terms like these as you. However, censoring is not always the right option. }}

It certainly is the right option when it comes to discussions about killing Jews and blacks. I don’t see that going on. Or using expletives like “n*gger”.

{{ Certainly not for a word that has multiple meanings: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faggot }}

Bullshit. A copout if I ever heard one. Eveyone’s /always/ making some sort of “perfect” excuse to keep vilifying gays, though they don’t allow it to happen against other minorities.

{{ If I censored the term in my email client I would have never gotten your message. }}

Oh, please, enough of your BS. The word could have been replaced with “********”. Or I could have posted you “f*ggot” in the subject header.

{{ Let me know which comments are offending and I’m happy to do something about it. }}

I already made that clear: any time someone uses anti-gay expletives, like “f*ggot” and “c*cksucker”. They can be processed by your discussion board into asterisks.

Whatever. I’ll remove Slashdot from my daily reading. Buh-bye.

{{ Cheers, Ernesto }}

Cheers, my arse!

– Zeke Krahlin


On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 11:24 AM, Carl wrote:

{{ http://m.guardiannews.com/commentisfree/2013/jan/16/ortiz-heymann-swartz-accountability-abuse }}

Thanks for this article, Carl. Remember in that homophobia-among-hackers essay, I suggested that Aaron Swartz might’ve been gay. Well guess what:

My newest street friend, Max, stayed over my place two nights ago, along with his cute little jet-black doggie. Great company all around. Well, Max brings up Mr. Swartz, was shocked when he saw his pic in the newspapers.

Because he had sex with him almost 10 years ago. No joke. And I never once brought up the topic of Aaron Swartz, before he mentioned this!

<3 always,



Dear Reader: just as I suspected: Aaron was gay…or to be more precise: bisexual. (Something I just discovered via a web search for “aaron swartz gay“.) Unfortunately, his essay “Why I am Not Gay” only serves to diminish the Queer Struggle by playing the “I hate labels” game. Often, gays claim to be bisexual because such a declaration is a lot “safer” than it is to declare yourself homosexual, in a society rife with virulent prejudice against those brave enough to fully come out.

Ironically, his “I’m not gay” rant only serves to prove my suspicion about his sexual preference and, sadly, his own insecurities over total honesty. It is therefore important to consider that Aaron’s suicide may very well have been triggered (at least in part) by society’s ongoing terrorism towards sexual minorities.

BTW, Towleroad did a piece on his sexuality, with many excellent comments. Entitled: “In His Short Life, Aaron Swartz Refused To Be Categorized.”

So you idiotic hetero-supremacist hackers have gay blood on your own hands, though care not to admit. Many of your own heroes are gay…such as Adrian Lamo (the Homeless Hacker) and John Draper (Cap’n Crunch). Both of whom I’ve had the immense pleasure of befriending not too many years ago. In fact, to watch a video of Draper interviewing Lamo, please click here.

Ironically, you “freedom fighters” of cyberspace continue to post anti-gay expletives like “f*ggot” and “fudge packer” against the enemies of freedom. And in so doing, you are as implicit as these enemies, for perpetrating terror and death against an innocent minority. Yet by the same token, you enjoy the riches of our gay hacker contributions, for your own breeder-thug selfish intent.

Pepper Spray Prattle

November 19, 2011

click map

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Accusatory's web page

Offending blog entry.

Original and Offending Image:

Replaced with:

I’d Sooner Buy Hitler A Pony

April 29, 2011

Sometimes I get a little mischievous with Youtube comments. Just look for my handle “pewterbot9” at the bottom of a post, to find a particular declaration by yours truly…33 all told. (If my handle appears above a comment, it indicates someone responding back to me.) Please note this is an image of the comment page, so you can’t jump-search my handle or click on any links…you can only scroll either up or down.

Though to simplify your perusal, I’ve marked each of my posts with a red arrow “<,” so they’re hard to miss.

To view the actual video, or to add your own comment, click here, or anywhere on the comment page below.

Pocket eDGe = Geek Orgazm

December 17, 2010

Image of eDGe Dualbook when open

Now, I already have an excellent Acer 16″-screen laptop that serves as my desktop replacement…a 10″-screen Hannsnote netbook…and an 11.6″-screen Gateway subnotebook. The Hannsnote I take out on the weekends, when most wifi coffeehouses are so filled up there is no free AC outlet (and I carry a spare Hannsnote battery for just such cases). The Gateway is used on the weekdays, and is my on-the-hoof workhorse.

Well, I wan’t planning to get a portable touch-tablet system until some time late next year, considering I’m already happily saturated w/PC gadgets (which also includes my 3.5″-screen Pyrus mini media player). But then, after viewing various video reviews of all the new tablets/slates/epads coming down the pike thanks to Apple’s release of the iPad that sparked this trend, I discovered this combination ebook reader and touch tablet: the Entourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook. (Which has a larger cousin, nowhere near as cuddly, cute and portable, BTW).

Well, when I learned about its various features and capabilities, I was wowed! An excellent Ebook reader in its own right: 6″ screen w/electronic ink on the left, capable of reading any e-format. On the right, a 7″ color touch screen for its netbook alter ego.

The Dualbook opens a full 360 degrees, so the two screens replace the front and back covers. You then have a tablet PC on one side, and an ebook reader on the other. Though of course you can lay it out flat, to see both screens at once, if that’s your pleasure.

Now, the idea for me was not to go back to a smaller Internet screen w/a resolution not capable of sophisticated graphics such as on Google Earth. The idea is actually to finally own a touch screen, along with a quality ebook reader that was not just capable of handling all the available e-formats, but one that would show me the web while reading…so in a pinch I could look up related works, references, and images. And for that, I do not need a large Internet screen. I already use a dual monitor hookup at home (laptop screen 16″, peripheral screen 15″)…though such an arrangement is obviously not portable.

Another image of eDGe Dualbook

The Pocket eDGe is exceedingly portable, no larger than a paperback book (and thinner than many)…so is really perfect for riding public transit (especially BART on my way to and fro Berkeley), and my daily coffeehouse musing. Because the operating system is Android (a Linux derived system), it has access to tons of mostly free apps, including Entourage’s own apps library. (Apps are applications devised for mobile devices.) Before this device came out in November, such apps were only available to run on a (smart) cell phone. But Android apps have been growing in diversity and sophistication as to by now lay claim to a huge number of excellent (and free) utilities and games, games, games. So, with Pocket eDGe, I can now explore the universe of apps…seeing as I maintain a diehard resistance to owning and using a cell phone. (Mostly because of the ridiculous expenses and corrupt surprise fees typical of every mobile phone service…with which my meager stipend dare not muck around.)

The Pocket Dualbook will also serve for my nightly reading at home, while resting in my bed or easy chair, as I used to before the days of the personal computer forced me to acquire the new habit of sitting upright at my desk and staring into a bright screen. Back to the future, I suppose!

You can also handwrite notations to ebooks, highlight passages, and link web pages! The Entourage eDGe also plays audio files in all the popular formats, just like an iPod; as well as videos, movies and TV shows. You can also sketch and paint to your heart’s delight, for there are numerous FREE paint/draw apps for the eDGe (which you might notice is the perfect size for a sketch book!)

Jeez, I almost forgot: let us not end this article without mentioning the zillions of free ebooks one can acquire from dedicated literary sites such as Project Gutenberg, Free-ebooks, Best Ebook World, ManyBooks.net, Borders Ebooks, Digital Book Index, Ebook Directory and Ebook and PDA Documents for your Handheld.

Also this: 20 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks, this: The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks and this: Free eBooks on the Web.

What did I pay for this excellent portable Dualbook? $335 total (the lowest price I could find), from B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio, a highly reputable online source for your multimedia needs. In fact, they score the highest rating I’ve ever seen for an online shop.

To really appreciate what a unique and excellent device is the Entourage Dualbook, you gotta visit their web site, and check out this video (it’ll blow your geek-lovin’ socks off):

Homeless Hacker Turns Snitch

October 13, 2010

Photo of Adrian Lamo

John, this is just an update regarding “homeless hacker” Adrian Lamo (or should I say “Lame-O”). As you already know, I met him back in 2001 at a 2600 Hackers gathering by Embarcadero Plaza…after which he visited me at my humble abode, to exchange some computer hardware. He was then 20 yrs. old. I found him to be an unpleasant sort, rather high strung, the “faggoty” type, so to speak. I later learned (through the news) that he is a Jehovah’s Witness, which only adds to his unlikeability. So he eventually becomes the notorious “homeless hacker” and his reputation skyrockets in the global hacker community.

But as it turns out, he is now being vilified as a gov’t snitch, and I think, rightly so. I have learned a long time ago, that these faggoty types (as opposed to non-stereotype or non-“drama queen” gays) are prone to stabbing their friends in the back. He also describes himself as “bisexual” which is not likely, as bisexuals do not have that faggoty trait.

I only discovered, today, that Adrian is the one responsible for snitching on that gay soldier who released secret military documents to Wikileaks. Here are five news reports on this matter (3 text, 2 videos):

Former Grey-Hat Hacker Adrian Lamo Turned Snitch

WikiLeaks ‘Snitch’ Hacker Faces Wrath of His Peers

Adrian Lamo: hacker who betrayed Wikileaks mole

CNN – ex-hacker ‘adrian lamo’ exposed wikileaks suspect

Guy who snitched on Warlogs leaker gets trashed by hackers

Which reports only affirm my conclusion that the Linux groups here in the Bay Area have all been usurped and infiltrated by right-wing and/or Libertarian scum…as have most other progressive groups of any stripe.

Hmmm, might be interesting to check out again (after a 9-year absence) these 2600 gatherings at the Embarcadero. They meet the first Friday of each Month starting 5pm…so the next meetup is Nov. 5. Hopefully, no one will recognize me…I’ll loiter around the fringes. It’s an outdoor event on the ground plaza, so that should be easy.

–Finally, this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Wikileaks and Bradley Manning
Main article: Arrest of Bradley Manning

In June 2010, Adrian Lamo reported to U.S. Army authorities that Specialist Bradley Manning had leaked classified information to him. Lamo also claims that Manning confessed to him having provided the video footage of the July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike incident in Iraq to Wikileaks. Lamo claims that Manning also leaked thousands of pages of classified data and diplomatic cables to Wikileaks, though Wikileaks claims otherwise. Lamo told Glenn Greenwald in an interview that he offered Manning protection under both journalist shield laws, and the clergy-lay confidentiality tradition, and said that Manning declined.

According to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a reporter from Forbes has published information, according to which Adrian Lamo works as a “security specialist” with “project Vigilant”, a private security institution which also works for the FBI and the NSA.

Lamo has been criticized by fellow hackers such as at Hackers on Planet Earth 2010.

–end of excerpt

Video of Adrian Lamo

Best Way To Hack A Cell Phone…

July 8, 2010

…is to have a good Samaritan nearby use the Heimlich maneuver on your desperate person. Better yet: don’t swallow it in the first place, so you’ll never *need* to hack it up! Take my nanowife, please!

No, seriously folks, I just purchased my first cell phone. For two dollars and fifty cents…such a deal! I selected the sexiest from the lot of ’em, at a thrift store on Duboce and Church: “Out of the Closet”. Now, all I needed was a phone charger and I’d be in business…which charger BTW, cost far more than the phone itself.

Now, I could finally learn what all this bruhaha is about re. “texting”. Downloaded the user guide, and…Wow, what a ridiculous waste of time, but at least I get the drift: treat your fingers like little slaves, working them to the bone till they’re all wasted from RSI and you’ll need to wear digit splints on your texting hand for the rest of your life…and you’re not even 30 yet! Or maybe even texting while crossing a busy intersection and–in your absorbed T9Word rendering–inadvertantly step on (and squash into its next life) a hapless black cat that had just veered off the sidewalk to avoid scampering under a ladder. Moving on…

Why did I buy a used cell phone? Why didn’t I just go the regular subscription route? Only because–as one who is dead set on never acquiring this new-age albatross to tether me down to a chattering network of inane blathering for a highway robbery sum–I also saw the good in acquiring a diminutive handset, just for the sake of 911…which number by law, every cell phone is required to access, *including* those that are not subscribed.

Mine is the Verizon LG VX4600, which debuted waaay back in 2003. It’s in excellent condition, battery just fine. But now that I own a cell phone, I want to *play* with it, outside and beyond the subscription realm. Or IOW, I want to learn how to *hack* the precious little silver hand robber.

So I’ve just begun the adventure, and would like to share the following cell hacking sites for others who may enjoy:

Cell Phone Hacks ? How to hack your cell phone (Samsung, LG, etc)

How to Unlock Your Cell Phone for Free

Mobile Phone Resource & Community

Of course, I am limited from performing any hacks that require my own subscription, but *meh* I can handle that. Just think of all the money I’ll save! (‘Scuse me now while I figure out how to “sext” w/o a camera; maybe I can arrange smileys in some compromising position.)

Zeke Krahlin
Free as in dandelion necklaces

Pyrus Mini Multimedia Player

May 11, 2010

Image of the Pyrus multimedia player

Quoting Grant B:

Zeke brought this for show and tell today. It looks like a great deal at $49.99 & free shipping.

Thanks for your post Grant; it is an excellent deal for a budget handheld multimedia player, IMO. The shipping is free, only if you meet certain conditions, which I don’t. However, shipping fee for ground delivery is trivial, and the item was delivered just two days after my order!

He said for twice the price he couldn’t find anything with this screen size and features.

The brand name is Pyrus, and they do have various versions, but with a smaller screen. For example, if you also want the camera feature (or more storage space), the screen is only 2.8″. I looked at other brands in the below-$70 range, and did not find any screens larger than 3″ with such an excellent customer rating as this one (4.5 out of 5 stars average from 12 reviews).

If you find the files aren’t being recognized, he reformatted his SD card as fat32

One of the nice features with this player, is you can view the files w/o any proprietary application…any old file manager will suffice. That, plus the FAT32 format, makes it 100% Linux compatible. So you can simply click and drag your files over to the Pyrus player. Just remember to clear the trash folder promptly after removing older files, or your 4G drive will quickly fill up!

I think my Pyrus files got screwed up, due to Windoze Vista’s notorious mishandling of SDHC cards. (I was checking out this device in both Ubuntu and Vista.)

Suddenly on day 2, I couldn’t delete the files in trash, in fact I couldn’t even see the trash folder, though I had Nautilus (and Explorer) set to view hidden files. This corruption is common in flash chips, and the solution is almost always, to simply reformat the drive in question. However, I was hesitant, not knowing if Pyrus used any part of this partition for the OS.

(Let me take a moment now, to thank Charles and Michael at our last BUUG meeting, for their guidance in solving this problem…without their aid, it would’ve taken me much longer to discover the solution.)

After hemming and hawing, I concluded the logical likelihood that Pyrus’ OS was on a separate chip altogether…otherwise, there would be too many complaints and returned devices for the company’s own good. So I took the plunge and boldly reformatted the storage chip. To my happiness, all was copasetic, and I could transfer whatever files I wanted, once more.

For the technically curious: I did view the SD chip with gparted, and found no additional partitioning of that drive. But I did wonder if perhaps there was some proprietary setting that hid any possible extra partition, on which resided the OS, or part thereof.

Also, when I view device information (via gparted), model type is “emerson mp3”. This may prove useful for any hacking ventures.

with gparted but it worked great after that. It charges with the USB port but one minor limitation is you can’t use it while it’s charging.

The device does come with a USB cord, identical to the kind that come with most digital cameras. Rather than leave a computer turned on, in order to recharge my Pyrus overnight, I use a USB hub that comes with its own AC power supply…very convenient for all USB-rechargeable devices.

This player’s rechargeable battery provides approximately 3.5 hours of use before it poops out. A full recharge seems to take an hour or so…though I haven’t really paid close attention in this particular matter, yet. Seeing as I’m in the habit of just plugging it in to my netbook when I’m online at a coffeehouse…or just plug it in at night while I’m playing with my (desktop-replacement) laptop, or sleeping.

It seems to recognize more video formats than many of it’s competitors.

Pyrus boasts that it handles .mp4 and .wmv, along with all the other usual formats. For audio, it does run .ogg right along with .mp3…a plus in any Linux user’s book! Another plus, is that Pyrus automatically sorts all .mp3 files by category…based on any info embedded within these files. So you can view your audios by artist, album, genre, and so on.

All files are dumped in the root folder…except for any recordings you make, which are placed in a folder called “record”. Apparantly, Pyrus identifies format types by extensions, such as .txt, .avi and .mp3. The touch screen’s home menu is very attractive and uncluttered. Click on an icon such as “video” or “music” or “ebooks”, and only the files w/the appropriate extension will show up. There is also a file manager (“explorer”) that allows you to scroll through your entire list of files.

The videos display in excellent clarity, crisp and colorful…though you can’t view them at all in direct sunlight. The ebook feature is really text only…but that’s fine by me, as you can easily convert any ebook format into text with “calibre“, a Linux application available via the package manager. Recordings are somewhat low quality and only saved in .wav format, which is a real space hog. But it’s handy for recording quick reminders and shopping lists. The Pyrus also provides FM radio, also recordable (though not practical, due to the hoggy .wav format).

It also handles images: .jpg, .bmp and .gif only. This includes animated .gif’s, if that’s your cup of tea. :) You can rotate pictures, and zoom in or out…though this only works for .jpg’s and .bmp’s. (Pyrus claims only to support those two image formats, BTW. Also, for whatever reason it can’t handle “.jpeg” even though it’s identical in format to “.jpg”. You can just rename the extension before copying to the player.)

There is also a “game” section, where you can play either “snake” or “slide”…neither of which is worth your time: they’re poorly presented, at best. No way to add any additional games. But I didn’t choose a handheld player for games…or for any other features except video and audio, both of which are superb. The attractive bonus for me, is the “ebook” option.

You can bookmark your text files, and resize the font in three modes (small, medium, large). Also, you can play an mp3 music file in the background, while reading an ebook. But you can’t do same w/the radio.

Pyrus also has a simple “settings” section, where you can control the lighting, shutdown time, and even language (English, German, and the four major Romance languages). The player comes with a stylus, though no way to latch it onto the device. But I prefer to use my index finger, which works just fine. Also comes with a drawstring pouch, a useless manual, and equally useless mini-CD.

I originally sought an mp3 player, in order to listen to original progressive talk shows from around the country (in podcast form), and audio books. But when I began looking around for a good device at a bargain, I was impressed with some of the video options now so popular. Much more convenient to play a video from my handheld, than from a laptop, even my netbook, when riding public transit. The crisp 3.5″ screen is easy on the eyes.

I do not pay for any podcast subscription, as there are many free podcasts out there, both for music and for talk. If you really want bleeding edge songs and compositions, this is the way to go…as even the fee-based subscriptions are mostly mainstream these days. I use two different podcast aggregators, which provide a wide variety of subject matter from which to choose. They are “Miro” and “Gpodder“…both applications download your subscribed channels, that you may listen (or view) directly from your drive w/o the Internet.

Both applications can be installed via Ubuntu’s package manager, BTW. Miro specializes in video podcasts, but now includes an ever-growing list of audio channels. Gpodder has mostly audio, but is now adding video podcasts to its service. All podcasts provided are 100% free and legal…so no worries.

I’m also subscribed to a podcast web site, “Podcast Alley,” for additional shows that may not be listed in those two applications:


You can add any podcast channel from Podcast Alley, to your podcast aggregator of choice, via the channel’s RSS feed. Or, you can simply download their shows directly to disk. Whatever podcasts I want to listen to (or watch) via my Pyrus handheld, I simply copy to its 4G flash drive…or in the case of Gpodder, “export” them over.

Four gigabytes is more than enough to include a few full-length movies and/or TV shows…in addition to short videos, mp3 sound tracks, and ebooks. Anything I want to save in a permanent collection, is stored on my home computer. That way, I can freely delete shows/files I’ve already played from my Pyrus, and add new ones. For someone who doesn’t want a fee-based mini-media player, or a pricey phone service to go with it…yet would enjoy watching videos and listening to audio podcasts for a really great price, you can’t beat the Pyrus multimedia player. It’s all touch-screen based (except for a little button for image rotating/resizing), and solidly built with brushed-steel frame and back. A real delight for its purpose!

If anyone has hacked one, let us know.

I’m sure it would be a fun jailbreak, thanks to its basic design and low price. The 4G storage chip is sealed inside (not removable by normal means). The Amazon.com page for the Pyrus does show a flash card as something that is “Frequently Bought Together”…which is needlessly deceptive. Gives the impression that the Pyrus has an SD card slot, when in fact, it certainly does not. Almost definitely, this device runs on some variation of Linux. I mean, what else could the OS be…Windoze 7? NOT! :D

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