My Bodhisattva Premise in a Nutshell

January 17, 2023

Three excerpts from my Brindlekin Tales opus regarding just this premise, in chronological order with a link to each pertinent chapter in the date subheading. Followed by links to seven earlier pieces that predate Brindlekin Tales, which reflect that same philosophy before I upgraded the term to “Bodhisattva Premise:”

1) February 26, 2021

As for my own disposition, I am perfectly fine, despite the shadow that hangs over my world these days. Flaco & Lucky remain beside me in spirit, like two angelic sprites guiding me toward the exit from this Stygian cavern and through the Gates of Avalon. I’ve seen them through the worst of the cold weather; the days are warmer now…and that SURELY counts for something. Their love has transformed me in tremendously positive ways, and I owe them my fidelity in return…thus I do NOT cave in to remorse, and slink away from this impossible challenge, like a spineless toady.

For my salvation lies in the Bodhisattva Premise: that all my enemies, including Deek of course, are simply angels themselves, playing wicked roles that I may triumph, and emerge the hero of these frightening scenarios they have so skillfully composed. In such a case, then the only LOGICAL conclusion is that the pups are perfectly fine, like trained animals in Hollywood films who only PLAY at being injured or threatened. Because in real life, they are VERY well cared for. As The Premise also implies:


So I can choose to flip my perception like a coin: either picture Flaco & Lucky abused, lonely and cold (and subject to Deek’s dangerous mood swings), or picture them as well provided for and loved, with access to a cozy home whenever they and Deek are out of my sight. But in so switching one’s perception, do NOT interpret that as meaning this will influence the outcome for good or for bad. For the POSITIVE is inevitable in this case, and in any OTHER case under the sun! Switching off the negative images nonetheless serves an excellent result: your own peace of mind. I believe I covered this before, also suggesting that there may not even BE any homeless…but that they, too, are bodhisattvas acting out their role as vagrants, in order to test humanity’s call to compassion. I originally named my theory “Neo-Christianity,” then “Neo-Positivity,” and finally, “the Bodhisattva Premise.” But they all come down to the same thing, which is a decades-long meditation on the concept that (as the Buddha claimed) “we have no enemies, only teachers.”

There are many hints in my life that this is so, gathered over the years…some of which I have already listed in a recent email TO you, Dr. Wattson. But here are six more:

[To read these six examples click on the hyperlinked date above and jump to the paragraph that starts with: “Deek appears.”]

2) April 28, 2021

Good physician, I am now honored to present you with my astounding conjecture as it applies to our entire species in general, in as terse a manner as possible:

Just as the challenges presented to us by our bodhisattva agents, they are likewise presented on a worldwide dimension. Some of our personal challenges are programmed to appear insurmountable, that is: with seemingly impossible odds stacked against us. But the lesson here is that, with constant faith and persistence, nonetheless we shall overcome these crises, as well. Thus, it is the same regarding global issues.

For while rapid climate change, imminent threat of a nuclear holocaust, and one pandemic after another (for examples) may grossly APPEAR to be insurmountable, they are NOT. Though that is precisely how they’re meant to play out. But again, with faith and persistence on the species level, they, too, shall be conquered. With that will also arise a NEW awareness of nature’s true divinity, and our role in it…and we shall then pave the way to a utopian destiny. With this curious twist:

Homosexuals shall lead the way.

3) May 13, 2021

So his attitude is dogs only last a few years anyway, not realizing they normally have much longer lives, if you FUKKIN TAKE CARE OF THEM. Anyway, what helps me stay sane and with hope in my heart, is my Bodhisattva Premise. Which in this case is to present me with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma; one which appears BOUND for tragedy no matter what you do! Just one road block after another tossed in my way, especially when I THINK I’ve made a real breakthrough. For THEN is when something ELSE nasty comes along. And it makes perfect SENSE that this should be my challenge, in this advanced stage of my personal evolution.

The lesson here, is to learn to remain calm though any and all crises, and keep resting in faith, envisioning a jubilant outcome, though you have NO idea how that will come about. Every cold night they’re not with me (and MOST nights here are cold), turns what pleasure I COULD have into pointless, selfish distractions. But I MUST remind myself it is DEEK and no one else, who has brought these splendid little souls to me, and gifts me with their company now and then. And working with him to get him to treat them better has certainly given me a very noble mission in my old age! So THERE is the diamond in this pile of crap. Which is a clue of sorts, that no way will the mutts come to a sad end…they are simply here in my world to make me one hell of a better person. This is alchemy in its truest and most enlightening form: the transmutation of the soul into a phoenix of light. That will lead others, just as I am led by two magnificent doggies who have shown me the way. For they are love. Can you say “Arf!” to that? Means far more to me than “mutt”-ering “Amen!”

EARLIER WORKS RELATING TO MY BODHISATTVA PREMISE BEFORE I CAME UP WITH THAT TERM (all short pieces except the first, my seminal essay):

1) 2000: Neopositivity: a Gay Religion

2) March 2010: The Origin of Evil

3) December 2013: 4 Pearls of Wisdom

4) March 2014: They’re Reptilian!

5) March 2014: Soaring Saurian Speculation

6) April 2014: 1 Billion Beautiful People

7) August 2016: Learning to Love Lizards

Prophetic Insights & Speculation

February 20, 2021

[BRINDLEKIN TALES – Book 2: Chapter 17]

Subject: Prophetic Insights & Speculation
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 17, 2021 6:59 PM

Regarding my “avatar” nature, and the extraordinary implications therein, here are some recent thoughts:The culmination of my destiny is NOW…that is, starting this year and reaching a climax before year’s end. All signs point to that, based on the extraordinary circumstances now unfolding in my life, which began on the eve of Halloween last year. DOCUMENTED in Brindlekin Tales, with the first chapter, “More Than a Hole in the Ground,” date stamped October 30th, 2020.

1. A major trigger for this culmination comes from the extraordinary inspiration of two amazing little doggies now in my life, of which Brindlekin Tales is THE major evidence, through the telling thereof. I do not exaggerate when I proclaim that Lucky & Flaco are a gift from the gods (through the hand of my most irksome friend, Deek, who is homeless). And by “gods,” I mean something akin to those in Greek mythology (probably reptilians playing those deities because they know how much I love that genre)…though ultimately an invisible consciousness spread across the cosmos and beyond, that I prefer to call “Universal Mind.”

2. I don’t think my fame and empowerment will come through getting my book published…or any other usual, normal channel. But will, instead, be the result of more and more people turning onto my WordPress blog, Youtube Channel, Twitter site, and/or my Facebook posts. My newfound admirers will then start flooding my GoFundMe account with a rapidly increasing amount of funds that will climb into the millions. And I will suddenly receive so MANY gifts via my Amazon Doggy Wish List, that I will have to start HANDING OUT most of them to OTHER folks with canine pets, especially the homeless. This stunning rise in popularity will also lead to burgeoning donations through a PayPal account that I have yet to open, and similar services for receiving money from my fans. Most of whom will be ecstatically overJOYED to contribute a small percentage of their income each month, just for moi, withOUT any specific goal in mind, such as my doggy charity.

For they simply KNOW that I will spend (or redistribute) the monies in the most compassionate ways possible! Because that is the kind of person I am, and PROOF of that is all over cyberspace, and has been since the day I joined the Internet, back in the mid-80s when it was all about BBSing.

3. But I also surmise something UNSUSPECTED will likely rocket me to stardom, instead…a surprise if you will, for that is part of this game so cleverly devised by our Reptilian Guardian Angels. So there is no point in conjecturing the possibilities, since they are INFINITE. However, I have had visions over many years of my book (or books) showing up all of a sudden, one day, in the windows of every bookstore around the world! Without my ever lifting a finger to make this happen. IOW: I have a lot of allies working on my behalf, on an international level, that I don’t even know about. That incredible vision first happened YEARS ago, back in 1997…and I wrote about it, here:

The Birth of the Final Testament

4. A network of kindred souls shall crystallize across the globe this year, with Arwyn and myself at the helm. You shall also be a major figure within the network, as my most trusted military advisor, or, as I called you in my tale, Misfortune is a Cookie Named Zeke: “the Osmium Empress.” You will number among the highest tier of this network, alongside myself and Larkin. Amazing people in the company of other amazing people! Or, better said: “Amazing people in the company of amazing Reptilians!” Randolph Taylor will be with us, too…OF COURSE, IT ALL MAKES PERFECT SENSE NOW! Randolph, who told me in a dream, that he never even went to Vietnam, nor did he really attempt to kill himself…it was all a RUSE for my benefit: that I grow in wisdom and become a hero!

Well THAT was fun. This is the piece I began writing, when the nasty building manager disrupted my creative flow, and forced me to spend two agonizing days documenting everything around his threat. What a fountain of misery he is, gushing toxic waste in every direction! Hazmat should quarantine the vermin. He’s nuts, and he has the KEY to my room, he could even plant drugs in it and report me, or commit any other sort of mischief. HE’S GOTTA GO, NOW!!!

How am I gonna do my laundry any more, or go shopping for groceries, or walk the doggies, when I know at any time while I’m out, Kevin could be mucking about my hovel?

  • Zeke

Re: Prophetic Insights & Speculation
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 18, 2021 10:00 AM

It gives me great pleasure to contemplate all of this. Extremely refreshing in this veil of gloom.

Glad I can help! I’m an eternal light in this forest of darkness. Nothing will EVER snuff me out…I’ve made it to the finish line, so game over, I won. :)

You need a motion-activated surveillance camera.

You mean like this?

Click here to view item on Amazon.

Definitely affordable, I’ll look into these devices further. Maybe Kevin will keel over before I have to spend the money on a security device…that would be awesome; I’d celebrate with a nice Chianti and a side of fava beans. Thanks!

  • Zeke

Subject: My solution: not do anything…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 18, 2021 11:06 AM

…except perhaps to email him this message:


To put your mind at ease regarding my doggies running free in the lobby: I do NOT let them run from my room, but wait until I get to the landing, and see if anyone is in the lobby or at the gate. If there is no one at either place, I let them have their little run to the entryway, where I can quickly pick up the leashes should someone show up at the gate. But if the coast ISN’T clear, I keep a hold on the leashes the entire time. Hope you have a lovely day.


This IS the right way to handle it, based on my Bodhisattva Premise…for I really have nothing to worry about…no one does, actually. Any defensive response is a form of worry or anxiety, and thus is a less satisfactory solution. Everything went in my favor recovering the pups from Deek…and I remained calm through it all, and did NOT cave in to angst. ALL things are going my way, in spite of the occasional disruption. I just need to learn a bit better, how to release any further anxieties, including those brought on by the building manager.

What say you, Wattson? I won’t even send that email if you suggest to hold back on that, too.

  • Ezekiel K-Holmes

Re: My solution: not do anything… [addendum]
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 18, 2021 11:47 AM

And, perhaps, adding this second paragraph:


The rest of your gripes are bogus, and certainly unbecoming of ANY building manager. I hope you did not REALLY send a cc to Ablahblah Realty, as it reflects badly on yourself. Personally, I have NO interest in jeopardizing your position as manager, though you seem to be doing a good job of it on your own. Your childish behavior DOES put me between a rock and a hard place, which may force my hand to register an official complaint against you. So PLEASE cease with your mean-spirited nonsense. IOW: the viciousness of which you speak is NOT coming from the dogs.


More on my Bodhisattva Premise: I don’t really NEED an attorney, or any other mundane assistance, because I ALREADY have the best assistance of all: Universal Mind, karma, Reptilian spirit ghosts, guardian angels, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Artemis, the SFPD, or whatever. Call it what you will, but all signs through my extraordinary episodes these past several months give strong indication of that. Nonetheless, if the attorney I’ve been trying to contact SHOULD offer to take on my case, that’s fine, too. I am reminded of how you used your OWN words to save you from losing your house, without ANY legal assistance.

And more on S. Rohan’s remarkable illustration of the three cherubs: my choice of THAT image among the fifteen others she drew, may not only be due to the succor I gain from displaying it on my laptop screen. Perhaps they also are sending me a message that money is coming soon, once again…just like it did in my original vision of them, as adult angels who assured me cash would show up at just the right time, which it did. (It was Ms. Rohan who transformed them into cherubs, per her own inspiration.) The first time around, it took less than three months for the moolah to show up, which allowed me to fly out to D.C. to stand by Randolph, where his hospital bed COULD have wound up also being his death bed. Let’s see how soon a monetary windfall happens this time around.

Lastly, an update regarding my progress with the pooches: they now obey my “Shhh!” command more readily, and thus bark a lot less when exiting or entering the building…in fact, almost never. When we ran the gauntlet up and down Noe Street this morning, similar progress was shown. I just stop them and say “Shhh!” and they calm down. A couple of employees at the Mediterranean restaurant around the corner who set up the outdoor seating, love the doggies, despite their mad barking when they approach. But not this time around…when they reached out their hands, Flaco did not bark at all, but sniffed, while Lucky DID bark, though nowhere near as vociferously. Also, as we proceeded further down the street, an older man who tends the corner garden saw us and said, “Uh-oh, here they come!” For they would bark at him as we passed, in previous times. However, today they did not, and he was impressed. So my pups ARE getting known, noticed and appreciated by some of the regulars we walk by. Who have been of GREAT assistance in helping them socialize better, now that they are no longer in the position as Deek’s guard dogs, where living on the streets 24/7 caused them to be overly protective.

  • Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: The Dogs of Artemis
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 18, 2021 3:55 PM

Wattson: I’ve been meaning to get around to finding out the names of Artemis’s dogs, which I always thought were two, as that is how I’ve seen them depicted in paintings and statues. But it seems she had a whole passel of ’em! At least, according to this post on Reddit, from last year:


I could not find their names, but Artemis had 14 dogs: two black-and-white dogs, three reddish ones, and one spotted one, as well as “seven bitches of the finest Arcadian race”.


Here is the URL for the entire thread:

Yet I STILL don’t know their names, even though I now do those of Acteon…whom Artemis had ordered ripped to shreds by his OWN hounds, after she first turned him into a stag! That’s all in the same thread, BTW.

Why my particular interest in Artemis, besides my general love of Greek mythology? Because she and her twin brother Apollo played a major role in my visions that occurred in the 90s, which inspired me to compose a poem in her honor, and appears on my Gay Bible site. But I’ll post it here as well:

by Ezekiel Krahlin

Oh Artemis, Brave Artemis, Goddess of
The Sacred Hunt, and Savior of Apollo
(For whom Your life was sacrificed
With others soon to follow)!

Perseus had wrought a silver belt made
From Medusa's Snake, for You to wear
Around Your waist to grant complete
From blow or slash of club or sword,
     or any other weapon.

In Armageddon You did fight battle after
Chaste, courageous in Your might,
Standing strong within the light...
Unstained, unslain, unharmed, and

Yet the final skirmish had not been
When Apollo lay wounded, dying, flayed,
Blood streaming from His valiant chest--
For the Beast of Lies had done his best
To doom the God of Healing to dark,
     eternal rest!

Unswerving in Your heart with courage
     like no other,
You gird the silver belt around Your
     dearest brother.
Upon that act You were suddenly flung
Beneath the hooves of Satan's steed,
And died...unnoticed, unshrouded,

Apollo rose to conquer all,
In this, the last, and greatest,

To honor You, a sister true, each eve He
     prays and faces west,
The direction in which You died.
Tears do grace His handsome face as He
     looks up to the sky:

Your blood now stains the sunset with
     virgin red-rose hues,
Spilled across the battlefield of deep
     azures and crystal blues!

But I still don’t know the names of her dogs, to my disappointment. Seeing as these incredible Brindlekin Tales arise directly from the inspiration of my two canine companions, and that Artemis has come to me in visions in a former decade, discovering the names of her dogs seems an important thing for me to know. It hounds me no end, yet I keep barking up the wrong tree…even Yelp fails me! Oh, well, back into the doghouse I go…and me without a bone to pick!

Your punny sleuth who’s at times uncouth,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin-Holmes

PS: As for her brother, I wrote various pieces, including this one:

by Ezekiel Krahlin

Thou art fair as the green corn
   bending in the sky.
Thou art the blossom, the nectar,
   and the fruit of my eye.
Thou art gracious as a lamb
   born in spring.
Thou art the resurrection of dreams
   for which I joyfully sing.

Re: My solution: not do anything…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 18, 2021 11:20 PM

At this point, I think he might be amenable to walking back his threat that you must get rid of the dogs. Give him some wriggle room to do the right thing. I would send him the message below. Save the “addendum” paragraph to use if/when he responds negatively.

Yep, that’s exactly what I’ll do, and I’ll make the subject title, “Chillax, Dude!” The email goes out in a minute. Thanks! My god, it’s such a royal pain in the ass dealing with the pinheads of this world.

Subject: Killer Dogs!
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 19, 2021 11:28 AM

Took the pups out in a light rain this morning, then went to Rosenberg’s for coffee, where they waited outside, hitched to a parking meter. As I paid the clerk I suddenly heard Lucky & Flaco barking up a hurricane, so I looked towards them to see a feisty mofo trying to walk THROUGH them, as they snarled and nipped at his feet. He then came screeching into the shop: “Those are killer dogs! Get them outta here!” and other horrid nonsense. Apparently, he had just pulled up in his vehicle and, instead of walking AROUND the other end of his car, decided to set foot right between the dogs’ leashes.

IOW: he intentionally stirred up trouble. Otherwise, why on Lilith’s blue and green and brown earth, would anyone DO that? WHO intentionally walks into the middle of two leashed dogs, riling them up as a result, unless they’re looking to create trouble? They see a couple of adorable mutts and are jealous, because SO unhappy with their own lives. I think that’s an apt analysis, don’t you, my good Dr. Wattson?

He was awfully UGLY in the face, so I could see why he goes out of his way to stir up feces: the mirror he looks into every day when he arises, despises him. Anyway, I addressed the bastard:

“Sir, they are my dogs and they will be gone WITH me in a moment!”

He failed to respond, but barged on over to the canned malt liquor section for the morning brewski he so desperately craved. Typical, nasty alcoholic. One would think these bodhisattva pranks attempting to scare me over losing the pups should have ended by now…seeing as, these days, I very quickly overcome any consequential anxiety attacks, to resume a pacific demeanor. But no, they’re pushing the envelope to the max, EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN DAY! The challenge, of course, is that I learn to remain calm and assured through it all ASAP. Which I perfectly understand, and appreciate, for it gives me greater strength and courage than ever before.

But really, this is harassment in the highest degree: from the gods themselves! Now what kind of attorney, what kind of court, and what kind of judge would determine a resolution on my behalf? How on earth can a humble, queer earthling such as myself, EVER achieve justice with so little support in my favor? Makes me wonder if there are also poor people, homeless people, even on Mt. Olympus and its surrounding environs! To satirically paraphrase a portion of Matthew 6:10: “In heaven as it is on earth?”

So here is a pic of the upper left front of the envelope containing the building manager’s nasty “vicious animals” letter:

Notice the sloppy, unprofessional type, accompanied by an ink smear. Another hint, besides his childish rant therein, that he really did NOT send a cc to Ablahblah Realty…because, honestly, he should realize such a crazy screed would upset his employer, because it clearly opens them up to a lawsuit they’d obviously lose. But if he DID actually mail them a copy, it’s more likely a setup intended to gain me much moolah for my GoFundMe project, via an out-of-court settlement in my favor. Such a prank implies that Ablahblah itself is in on it!

Another interesting pic, this time of the “Astro Elevator” truck…but I shot this at 3:45 AM! What the heck is an elevator worker doing here at such an undeityly hour? Several days back, Flaco had to go urgently at around 4 AM, pacing the floor to get my attention. And as we descended into the lobby, there was that same worker diddling around in the elevator shaft. I wished him a good morning and moved on. I’m wondering if he’s presently homeless? Furthermore, I believe he is the same fellow who asked if I’m sure they don’t bite.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Kevin was discovered bludgeoned to death on a sidewalk, during his frequent 1 AM walk towards 9666 Market, from god only knows where he’s coming at that time of night? This is dark humor, but hear me out, Wattson:

By the following day his murder would be in all the city headlines. But get this: imagine what Myrtle and Adisa would think, in light of their false accusation one of my dogs bit her son, and my adamant and honest denial TO the manager that this NEVER happened! Would they think, “OMG, we’re next!” They might just up and evict themselves in a hurry.

Last night, for the first time, I danced before the brindlekin! To a song I stumbled upon, by a group called “Wonder Girls.” It’s a sweet little song that just made me up and dance!

The pups were startled awake from their slumber, sat straight up with tilted heads and a quizzical expression on their sweet faces. Flaco began leaping up to plant her paws on me and kiss me on the cheeks. Lucky joined in a few minutes later. So just moments ago I figured to video record this, and here is the result:

Certainly NOT as active and delightful as they were the first time around, but I’m sure a few more tries will get me that outstanding “Dancing with the Dogs” video. I see now, a chapter or two hence, will be a collection of dancing clips! Naturally, there are copyright issues, so I’ll probably have to use songs from a public domain repository. Oh, but here’s an even BETTER idea:

Take me and my dancing dogs to the streets! Imagine yours truly with a Bluetooth speaker playing catchy tunes, dancing with the pups on the corner of Market & Castro! With a collection jar for donations, that will be used for my doggy expenses! Imagine the reaction of my building’s residents, including Kevin himself! Then one day, I’ll call on Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods around the corner, telling them I want to say thank you for helping the pups eat again. And we have a little skit we’d like to do for you, so step outside and bring your smartphones to record it! In conclusion:

Brindlekin Tales is such a beautiful collection of stories that is ENHANCED by Deek’s abduction of the pooches, the building manager’s demand to evict them, along with all OTHER scary challenges so suddenly flung before me…that I can’t HELP but think this is all the work of bodhisattva spirits, to make me the hero, and skyrocket me to fame and success! IOW: all those who play my enemies are actually contributing to my tales, AND AWARE OF THAT! Including that wicked little bugger who called my darlings “killer dogs” this morning. As the Buddha once declared: “We have no enemies, only teachers.”

What think YOU, Dr. Wattson?

Yours as always and forever,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin-Holmes, Esq.

Subject: Dancing with the Doggies
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Kevin Bond (building manager)
Date: February 19, 2021 11:28 AM

This video will never appear on my Youtube or any other official site, due to copyright restrictions. Thus, it is destined to become one of my underground achievements. It’s the first, among what shall become many: my own Gay Bible Apocrypha. Enjoy!

Re: My solution: not do anything…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 19, 2021 1:55 PM

“Winning an argument with a smart person is hard; winning an argument with a stupid person is impossible.”

To that, I’d add “stupid and/or crazy.”

Of course, good doctor. But sometimes one is FORCED to argue with such klutzes, regardless. I’m thinking here of civil complaint issues, or when the idiot is your employer, manager, or any other person with some social power over you. This is why Mark Twain’s famous quote about stupidity is only HALF correct, as regards the “never” part:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

In my case, I am COERCED to argue on my behalf, else Kevin would step all over me. His nastiness is all the result of bringing my complaint about the loitering teenagers to the attention of Ablablah Realty. I’ve had wicked people who lived in this edifice BEFORE this, who’ve wound up DEAD after prolonged hostility against me. Such as a former manager, Ruth Harris, who gossiped to other residents that I’m friends with a tenant who’s been threatening her, and she doesn’t know why. But yes she did, as I TOLD her that I’m going to befriend him, in an attempt to persuade him to move…and that is exactly what happened a few weeks later! Ruth wound up dying of cancer while still manager.

Another example is Larry Thompson who lived across the hall from me, for many years. He was a queeny, skinny old fart with bleached hair and a pea for a brain. Who began harassing me because I kicked him out of a coffeehouse for HIV folks and their friends, where I was a volunteer serving up coffee and snacks. He was drunk as a skunk and pawing the young customers. He never forgave me for that (as if there were anything to forgive) and even gave a notorious drug dealer my name, address and phone number! Whenever we’d pass each other on the sidewalk, he’d murmur: “You’ll get yours!” He also turned a new friend of eight months against me, who lived right above, and had AIDS with dementia. And HE died a year later, after his constant threats and attacks upon yours truly.

Then, suddenly one day and thereafter, Miss Larry never spoke to me or anyone else…and sported a new accessory to his wardrobe: a colorful cravat tied about the neck. Turned out he had developed throat cancer and had his vocal chords removed! He died in the hospital two months later.

And I already told you about the two gay lovers on the third floor, one of whom started threatening my good friend, Peggy. They were evicted due to this harassment, and, possibly, for bringing drugs and dealers into 9666 Market Street. Less than a year later, one committed suicide, while the other perished from a drug overdose.

The building manager’s maliciousness is equally morbid to those examples, thus I expect a similar outcome. Likewise for Myrtle and her son. How this will play out is beyond me…though I HAVE conjectured one possible scenario regarding Kevin, to you in a previous email. And it couldn’t come soon enough as far as THIS beleaguered pilgrim is concerned. BTW, Mr. Thompson of the cravat, is the FIRST person I’ve ever wished death upon! But of course his demise is not my own telepathic doing, for no doubt others before me have been likewise hurt by him. It is just that, when I truly wish someone’s cessation, it is only because they ARE a wicked person in the first place…thus their dark end is already writ in stone.

Anyway, here’s the solution around copyright limitations to my dancing with the dogs (click on the video, then click on “Youtube” and read the description to find out):


Zeke K-Holmes

Subject: Changed my username from Zebra Ghost back to Zeke Krahlin…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 20, 2021 8:59 AM

…on I chose the handle “Zebra Ghost” for my username, when posting comments and reviews, as a privacy issue, since I didn’t want them using my real name to use in any promotionals. But now that I am about to become famous worldwide, it will benefit me immensely, to switch back to my REAL name. Seeing as companies and business owners will soon be crawling over each other to use my actual name to promote their products…and pay me handsomely!

So, emailing the building manager my little dance number was my way of showing him I have it all figured out now: that he, Myrtle and son (and their teenage loiterers), and Ablahblah Realty were all spoofing me. Or, to put this another way: as bodhisattva guides, pushing me forward to self-awakening through their challenges. The pups are NOT gonna be driven out, and things will now rapidly progress towards the New Renaissance, with yours truly at the helm.

A new day has dawned, My Osmium Empress!

Re: Changed my username from Zebra Ghost back to Zeke Krahlin…
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: My Dear Wattson
Date: February 20 2021 1:11 PM

Roger on all of that. I’m relieved!

Not that he’s told me it’s only a prank, but his rapacious letter pretty much makes that obvious. The ruse started with those loitering teenagers, and developed from there…very clever! The point was to keep disrupting me, so that the added stress in my life would accelerate my growth as a result of dealing with it as compassionately possible, while standing my ground. It worked! Even if, perchance, I’m wrong about this, and he IS serious (which I strongly doubt), my two email responses were the best solution either way you interpret the scenario. A resolution affirming my theory, would be that all hostile parties involved approach me in friendship…just like in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, when the demons that threaten to chop you to bits finally drop their masks to reveal themselves as angels…IF you’ve passed their tests by not giving in to negative emotions. Upon which victory you ascend to the NEXT level, perhaps to go through further challenges. Though I’m not sure every level is meant to be challenging in that manner, in order to ascend further. Perhaps there are other challenges, such as sharpening your mind, skills or virtuous qualities.

DID YOU SEE MY LITTLE DANCE NUMBER YET? Check out my shadow, it looks like a gorilla or a bear! I only paid attention to the shadow after watching the video a dozen or so times…and I was happily startled. I consider this video as marking the turning point into the Age of Aquarius…and it all starts in my hovel, then blossoms outward. It’s gonna go viral through the underground. Here’s the link again:

On my Youtube channel, the video is stripped of the audio track, in order to respect copyright limitations. Instead, in the description I provide the link to that song, so they can play both, simultaneously. This dance video then gave me the idea of doing further dance clips, not just with the pups, but by myself…and I’ll call it “I Dance with the Gods.” Which is exactly what I do in cycles separated by at least several years. I usually dance as a Greek deity (or TO them), but also as Native American totemic fauna, such as Coyote, Eagle, Bear or Buffalo. I once had an astounding vision of myself dancing in the sky as Apollo…sort of Ann-Margret-ish as she appeared in “Bye Bye Birdie,” only minus the audio. For reference, see:

In sum: by Carl Jung’s reckoning, I have mastered the pantheon of archetypes!

What will make these dance videos so unique, is the humble locale in which they’re staged, and the fact that I’m an old man (for awhile longer)! But one SUPERB hoofer! I will explain in these videos, that dancing is how I pray or meditate. Which is the absolute truth. It’s also my way of completely shedding my ego: showing no shame in my crummy hovel or advanced age, while making myself entirely vulnerable to the world, as a shamanic act of devotion to the Great Spirit.

My hovel (and by extension, this building) will soon become the most cherished landmark in all of LGBT history…as well as WORLD history! So the next step will be to VERY SOON move me and the pooches to a safe, lovely and comfortable sanctuary, whereby all these nasty stress factors in my difficult life shall cease. Whether I’ll remain here in San Franshitsco, or be transported elsewhere, I do not know. But I also have visions on a surprisingly frequent basis, of living in a jewel of a habitat floating in outer space! A huge colony of sorts, a traveling biosphere populated by reptilians and humans in brotherly communion. That would be awesome, to say the least. But I’ll be perfectly happy as well, in a decent studio apartment in a nice neighborhood, such as the Inner Sunset, somewhere around 9th and Irving. And hopefully, with access to a fenced-in backyard!

What say you, Wattson: am I insane or incredibly gifted? (And of course, Sherlock Holmes is yet aNOTHER variation on the archetype…in this case, the deity that uncloaks mysteries. Which makes Holmes’s own cloak a most apt metaphor.)

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